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What is the true story about Md.Yusuf Ali??

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    What is the true story about Md.Yusuf Ali??

    A DEADLY CRISIS is simmering in South-East Asia region where religious
    extremism and an intolerant culture is fast escalating. A case in point
    is of a moderate Muslim scholar in Pakistan, Mr Muhemmed Yusuf Ali, an
    activist of Peace, religious tolerance and human excellence. He has been
    condemned to death and 35 years of rigorous imprisonment on 5th August
    2000 by a lower in Pakistan under the pressure of a local religious
    organization on the baseless allegations of blasphemy. Moreover, without
    any evidence and without any authority, the lower court has called him
    liar (kazzab), kafir (infidel), murtad (apostate) against all
    requirements of justice and Islamic Shari'ah.

    Religious zealots in Pakistan are highly abusing vaguely formulated Law
    of Blasphemy as a handy-tool to harass and prosecute those who
    challenge their power-base by calling for sectarian harmony and
    religious tolerance or hold divergent religious beliefs.

    Mr Muhemmed Yusuf Ali, a staunch Muslim of Ahl-e-Sunnah school of
    thought, has been actively working against growing religious extremism
    and human excellence for last two decades. He wrote columns and articles
    in Daily Pakistan for 5 years, and trained people around the world for
    more than 15 years. He openly spoke against extremist elements of
    religious clergy in Pakistan, and often said in his recorded interviews,
    today Islam portrayed in Muslim countries by religious clergy is a
    highly distorted version of real Islam  a way of living with love &
    peace, and serving the Creator and creation.

    In 1997, Mr Yusuf Ali stepped up his efforts to serve humanity and on
    28th February arranged the first assembly of an association founded by
    himself (World Assembly for Human Excellence) in a local mosque. In
    reaction, his opponents started a vilification campaign against him in
    the local press. He was accused of adultery, fraud, claiming
    prophet-hood, and blasphemy against Islam. He clarified his position
    through paid advertisements in the newspapers. But, a case was
    maliciously registered against him on 29th March 1997 by a local
    religious organisation. He was immediately detained and locked up in a
    prison in inhumanly conditions for a period of 2 years.

    Judiciary kept avoiding hearing his case to stay away from argument with
    religious extremists. After 2 years of detention he was released on bail
    on statutory grounds. A trial finally started in February 2000. However,
    against all hopes and (as Amnesty International reports) in
    contravention of international fair trial standards, the trial was
    conducted in the private chamber of the learned judge, in camera, and in
    an oppressive atmosphere. No independent observers or media
    representatives were allowed in. Most of the hearings were commenced at
    about 2:30pm and continued till as late as 7-8pm. The final arguments
    were heard on 28th July till 11:45pm, and the counsel for the defence
    were asked to conclude.

    Mr Muhemmed Yusuf Ali denied all allegations in their entirety. (Verdict
    available at
    According to the trial record the complainant, office bearer of a local
    religious organization, alleged that Mr Yusuf Ali 'indirectly committed
    blasphemy' by showing his resemblance with Prophet Muhemmad (peace be
    upon him) on an unknown date, during a Friday sermon, more than 2 years
    before registration of the case. The complainant also admitted that all
    his information were based on word of mouth and unfounded reports
    published in a local newspaper.

    The learned judge of Pakistan's lower court found no evidence of
    adultery, as the complainant could not produce any information to
    support false allegation. No proper evidence of blasphemy or fraud was
    produced in the court except a few peoples word against Mr Yusuf Alis,
    including a local newspaper reporter who reported the fabricated stories
    in the first place. The complainant produced video/audio pieces of
    several sermons copied onto two cassettes. Nothing objectionable or
    offensive was found in the sermons. The date of sermons and maker of
    cassette were unknown, which make the produced evidence highly
    unreliable and legally inadmissible.

    Honourable Judge acknowledges in his verdict that evidence in this case
    was oral in nature. In his verdict, Judge accepts the complainants word
    against Mr Yusuf Alis. He praises the complainants religious
    organization, on record, and gives them credit of bringing provisions of
    blasphemy law in the Pakistan Penal Code. However, he nullifies the
    statement of Mr Muhemmed Yusuf Ali in his defence by simply calling him
    a liar! Mr Muhemmed Yusuf Ali testified during the trial that according
    to Islamic beliefs all human beings are representative of God Almighty
    and all Muslims should also strive to be a representative of Prophet
    Muhemmed (peace be upon him). He advocated that to gain human excellence
    all human-being should respect each other and live life according to
    examples set by their great leaders such as Prophet Muhemmed, Prophet
    Jesus, Prophet Moses, Mahatama Buddha (peace be upon them). Mr Yusuf Ali
    admitted that he himself lives life according to teachings, examples and
    guidance of Last Prophet Muhemmed (peace be upon him), strives to fulfil
    his mission, and considers himself his humble and true representative.
    However, the judge deduced that the last statement amounts to indirectly
    committing blasphemy. He declared Mr Yusuf Ali an infidel, an apostate,
    liable to death, and 35 years of rigorous imprisonment on several

    A number of oft consulted Islamic scholars in juristic matters of
    international repute, have declared the verdict of Pakistani lower court
    unfounded, invalid and against all norms of dispensing justice. However,
    Mr Muhemmed Yusuf Ali is again languishing behind bars in a C class
    cell with fast deteriorating health, with no medical facilities, waiting
    for a fair trial. His family and his own life is in danger from
    religious extremists.


    *Negahe Marde Momin Se Badal Jate Hai Taqdeeren*