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why pakistan nervous about india's relationship with islamic countries

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    why pakistan nervous about india's relationship with islamic countries

    what right pakistan to question india abot its relationship with islamic countries.
    do we have to get permission from pakistan
    to conduct diplomacy.

    following article examines the issue

    The statement attributed to a spokesman of the Pakistan Foreign Office on the visit to Saudi Arabia by the Indian Minister for External Affairs, Jaswant Singh, is illustrative of the naive view the country's policy-makers take of relations with the Muslim world. The statement questions the motives of Mr Singh's visit and suggests that this will undermine Pakistan's ties with Saudi Arabia. It contains a clear anxiety over Delhi's hobnobbing with Riyadh. It seems that we have not yet learnt the basic lesson of modern diplomacy--that countries at times pursue their interests independent of emotive intangibles like religion and ideology. This is not the first contact between Saudi Arabia and India, even though in terms of profile it is the most conspicuous. The two interact with each other on a wide range of subjects, business and commerce being two of the many others.

    India's expanding energy needs and its growing middle class market offer attractive incentives to business concerns all over the world, and members of the Muslim Ummah are not an exception. We have woken up to the inroads the Indians are making into the Middle East and the Gulf in a peculiar fashion obliquely suggesting to the Saudis that somehow they should keep Delhi at arms length. The response to any such plea cannot be other than an indifferent shrug because, as always, there is no such thing as permanent friends or enemies, only permanent interests.

    A more efficacious attempt to protect our interests from being hurt by the mounting tide of the Indian presence in the Muslim world would be to compete for the markets and important jobs in the region. Since the end of the eighties, Pakistan has lost out to the Indians in almost every field in each country of the region. It is this success that is the basis of Delhi's interaction with the Muslim states, carefully circumventing its twin problems of having a poor record of dealing with the Muslims and of being a close ally of Israel.

    Pakistan still has many things going for it provided the policy-makers seize these advantages. Its traditional bonds with Saudi Arabia and other states of the Middle East and the Gulf are very strong, made stronger by institutional structures like the OIC. Shared religion is the general glue which binds Islamabad to its Islamic friends. Our expatriate community is a recognisable force, even though not as pithy as it once used to be. These factors can work to our benefit if we leave the tendency of relying on the goodness of others to take care of our interests. One visit by Jaswant Singh is unlikely to dent our ties with Saudi Arabia. A couple of more might.

    Pakistan always gets hiccup when any islamic country supports India on any front. All the while Pakistan has managed to give its crap to the Islamic countries on Kashmir now the truth will see the light in SA and the gulf. Also the latest news is SA is willing to support India on fighting Terrorism and Drug trafficing so the nervousness, desperation and kinda sort of foolishness is seen on Pakis face.


      Originally posted by sajjadm:
      Pakistan always gets hiccup when any islamic country supports India on any front. All the while Pakistan has managed to give its crap to the Islamic countries on Kashmir now the truth will see the light in SA and the gulf.
      No wonder OIC and Gulf Cooperation council condemn India at every Islamic forum. What ever help that India get from the Muslim countries is because of the Muslims living in India. So get rid of any foolish ideas. No Islamic State does and will support India.

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        musalman just because pakistan is islamic
        does not mean islamic countries going to give you blank check.


          Rvikz link.
          I saw this in the Dawn, which did not blow it so much out of proportion.
          Every country sees another countries moves as alternative to their own.
          Firstly the press is going to hard on this.
          The Saudis and Pakistanis have had considerable ties.
          Allies would be too weak a word to describe how we feel for each other.
          Heck the next king, the present crown prince, says that Pakistan is his second home.
          Many Saudis feel like that.
          Now on to Dumb - Rvikz and Dumber - Sajjadm.

          Stupid : Also the latest news is SA is willing to support India on fighting Terrorism and Drug trafficing so the nervousness, desperation and kinda sort of foolishness is seen on Pakis face.

          Source please.
          Second the Saudis fund the kashmiri movement and they want to support India on terrorism??
          That is a laugh.

          And Rvikz blank check eh??
          Well then how are Saudi and UAE giving Pakistan oil on credit worth 300 million dollars for the next couple of years.
          That is not a blank check???
          And of course there is Iran which wants a land route through pakistan and giving us a revenue of 700 million per year.
          And not agreeing to the indian under water version.
          Those are not blank checks???

          You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


            rvikz could you please provide the source of this article. And I remind you yet again that any article you post must have the link with it!


              Musalman, OIC is a toothless committee which has got no value for what it says. During the time of OIC meeting they all get up condemning India and when the real times comes to support Pakistan in UN they are sleeping because they know supporting pakistan means like pouring oil in a deafs ear.


                Saj name the two VERY RICH MUSLIM countries in the Gulf that have given billions of dollars to support the Taliban? The very Taliban which gives India nightmares? Jaswant is in one of those countries now.

                Then tell us why Iran said point blank NO to India's desire to have an undersea gas pipeline to India (avoiding Pakistan). Instead Iran sided with Pakistan, and FORCED India to accept an overland gas pipeline via Pakistan.

                And I have more on the way....


                  And what is exactly is wrong with Pakistan being wary of India's ties with muslim countries rvikz?
                  India' even jealous of pakistan's ties with it's neighbours(Saarc countries and Afghanistan)let alone with someother country.
                  So whose paranoid and naive?HA!!!
                  Does pakistan need permission from India to run it's policy?
                  And do we need India's permission before we raise our voice and give our opinion of India's ties with our allies?


                    Ahmed bhai you forgot one country India is so obsessively jealous about beacuse of it's very close relations with Pakistan. Great China of course!


                      China, Saudi and Iran, all back Pakistan and Indian wants ties with them.
                      I wish them good luck, but it won't happen.

                      CROIRE A L'INCROYABLE
                      You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


                        That's why when it comes to supporting Pakistan over Kashmir in UN they all back out. hahaha. In the 1991, China blindly refused to back Pakistan in UN, Iran abstained from it. Only saudi supported Pakistan cause unsuccessfully. Iran is a good pal of India, when it comes for Pakistan supporting Taleban.


                          Saj Iran is such a good pal of India's that it forced down your neck's an overland gas pipeline via Pakiatn the other month, against Indian objections?

                          Let's not forget Indonesia where Vajpayee was hopping about the other week. Our pals in Jakarta sent India home saying Pakistan comes first on Kashmir, and revive SAARC.


                            Stupid proof please.
                            And yeah right, iran a better friend to india than pakistan??

                            CROIRE A L'INCROYABLE
                            You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


                              IN THE largest industrial city in eastern Saudi Arabia, Ahmed H. Khonaini proudly states that 80 per cent of the staff, including key personnel he employs in his business empire, are Indians.

                              “They are sincere, hardworking and skilled people. They are better than any other nationality here,” emphasises Khonaini, whose business interests range from construction and engineering to petroleum, pharmaceuticals, medical, travel and real estate with an annual turnover at $125 million and an employee strength of 2,000.

                              As a tribute to his Indian employees, Khonaini has funded the establishment of an Indian school with over 1,600 students on its rolls. “They deserve it,” he says, matter-of-factly “in Saudi Arabia, most employers prefer Indians.”

                              While Indians have played a major role in the economic and social life of this country for 30-40 years, the oil boom of the 1970s resulted in an exponential growth. From a mere 15,000 in 1975, it grew to 270,000 by 1983 and by 1990 the number of Indians had risen to 650,000.

                              Indians were preferred for their high technical skills, their reputation of being loyal and disciplined workers, for the genuineness of their certificates — a problem often faced with Pakistanis, who earned a bad reputation for forging documents — and for providing value for money for employers as against Western recruits at the supervisory or management level.

                              Indians are largely seen as a peaceful and law-abiding community, a fact testified often by the Crime File, published frequently by the Riyadh Daily, an English language newspaper, documenting the criminal record of expatriate labour. Indians figure in the rogues’ gallery only rarely with the honour largely going to Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and others from 150 nationalities, who comprise the six million strong expatriate residents.

                              Raza Khan, of Hyderabad, a chauffeur for a multinational travel company, attributes the large Indian presence to the local employers’ preference for Indians and their ability to build their savings in the absence of recreational avenues to spend their money as compared to other Gulf countries.

                              “Since liquor is not available, one is forced to save here, which helps bolster the remittances they send back home,” he says.

                              About 50 per cent of Indians come from Kerala while the rest are mainly from Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Half the population is concentrated in the eastern and central regions, including Riyadh and Dammam, while the rest are in the western region, in Jeddah and the west coast.

                              Most Indians are employed in the semi-skilled or skilled category in construction, commercial and industrial establishments and agricultural farms as these jobs are not likely to be taken up by the Saudis.

                              Private employers often ignore official guidelines not to source expatriate workers from one country by seeking visas for a majority of Indian workers for their company or plant.