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pakistan closes taliban offices

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    pakistan closes taliban offices

    paksitan really have the desire to close the taliban offices or pakistan wants to implement un resoultion.

    Pakistan orders closure of Taliban offices

    Funds, financial assets of Osama frozen in
    compliance with UN sanctions on Afghanistan

    By Ismail Khan

    PESHAWAR: Pakistan has ordered immediate closure of all offices of Taliban and Ariana Airlines besides freezing of funds and other financial assets of Osama bin Laden in compliance with the new UN sanctions on Afghanistan, officials said.

    An official directive from Ministry of Interior addressed to Home and Tribal Affairs departments of all the four provinces said the Foreign Ministry has requested the immediate closure of all offices of Taliban and Ariana Afghan Airlines, within their respective territorial jurisdictions, in compliance with UN Resolution No 1333 regarding imposition of further sanctions on Afghanistan.

    "We have received instructions from the federal government and orders have been passed on to respective government departments to implement them," a senior government official confirmed.

    The letter, issued last week, said the measures were to be taken immediately after the UN thirty-days deadline to the Taliban to deliver alleged terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden expire on January 19, 2001.

    The US-sponsored new UN sanctions went into effect on Friday after Taliban, who rule 95 per cent of Afghanistan, refused to comply with the resolution demanding bin Laden's extradition, to stand trial for allegedly masterminding Nairobi and Dares Salam bombings, and closure of alleged terrorist training camps in Afghanistan.

    The United States has declared Osama as its public enemy number-one and placed a reward of $5 million for information leading to his arrest and conviction on terrorism-related charges. He has already been indicted by courts in the United States.

    The Taliban say Osama is a guest in Afghanistan, against whom Washington has failed to furnish evidence concerning his alleged involvement in terrorist activities. Afghan Foreign Minister, Mulla Wakil Ahmad Mutawakil last week said the Taliban would continue to host the Saudi dissident and would not hand him over to any non-muslim country. "This is against Islamic laws."

    Pakistan last week said it would comply with the international sanctions on Afghanistan and was considering to request the UN to depute observers to monitor the long and porous Pak-Afghan border to verify that it was abiding by the UN Security Council Resolution 1333.

    In compliance with the UN sanctions, the Pakistan government has also ordered freezing of funds and other assets of bin Laden, and individuals and entities associated with him including those of his Al-Qaida organisation.

    Pakistan has also ordered freezing of funds and assets derived or generated from property owned or controlled by bin Laden directly or indirectly. The federal government has also instructed the four provincial governments to ensure that no other funds or financial resources are made available by any person, directly or indirectly, to Osama or his organisation - Al-Qaida.

    The measures taken by Pakistan, however, will have little or no effect on Taliban in Pakistan since Ariana Afghan Airlines had stopped its flight operation to and from Pakistan long before the Taliban captured Kabul in September 1996. Ariana Airlines, at present, does not have its offices in Pakistan.

    Ariana with its aging fleet is now operating only on domestic route. It had to lay off many of its 1,200 employees, after the UN first imposed sanctions on Afghanistan in November 1999. Officials said there were no known funds or assets of bin Laden in Pakistan, which could be frozen under the UN resolution. The only likely impact of these measures would be on Taliban's political offices in Peshawar and Quetta, which face closure.


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    Well Rvikz The Taliban and Pak govt have had a lot of talks.
    And this is most likely with the ok of the Taliban.
    And We are still trading with them, a violation of the resolution i think.

    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


      rvikz however much we dislike UN resolutions we in Pakistan always enforce them. Which is more than can be said about the likes of India for instance which has still to abide by UN resolutions(it asked for) that go back 40 years!

      And don't count on the Taliban faliing out with Pakistan...that's just another Indian dream.


        I think the important thing here is that the offices are closed, not the Taleban Get it?


        *We are the Taleban-Resistance is Futile*
        Sin: Osama Bin Junior


          yes Mali! you have been licking UN ass but failed in all respects, be it taking to India to UN over Kashmir in the 90's (many times) but who has emerged as the winner "ONLY INDIA" be it the Kashmir issue or Nuclear Testing, India's aggressiveness has put Pakistan in such a position that it will not be able to come out of the mess it has created for another century.


            Saj before writing in a language you hardly understand, think first. It was none other than India which went running to the UN in 1949, thereby acknowledging Pakistan as a power broker in Kashmir.

            And it is India which is now entertaining American back-channel envoy's to get itself out of the Kashmir quagmire.

            As for having anyone on the run. Take India a country more than 7 times the size of Pakistan, yet half it's armed forces are pinned down like cowards by only 7000 freedom fighters in Kashmir.