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KHILAFA IS FARD?hey im a open mindid guy

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    KHILAFA IS FARD?hey im a open mindid guy

    see as far as i knew i thoght khilafa was a thing of the past .so if some one can prove to me that khilafa is fard. either by clear proof or anywere where it may indicate that khilafa is fard.


    You may find the above link useful. It is somewhat long in parts and is heavy going. There is a complete rebuttal to the idea that it is obligatory upon every muslim to establish a universal Islamic State which was in the reply posted on December 26th. You will find that a number of people could not accept the rebuttal and instead they launched personal verbal attacks upon myself. Nobody can refute the rebuttal because it is impossible to - otherwise contradictions arise which the proponents of this idea cannot handle. Consequently, you will see these people going into denial. In fact, I have been called a Kafir in that post quite a few times. Although they deny it, they went further and said that I had created a Kafir sect. Which is interesting to say the least. Needless to say, such emotional and paranoid remarks were not deserving of any response.

    They shoot partypoopers, don't they?


      Hello does the same person post these posts or what???

      You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!



        The reply to the above question is one that has recieved much attention. A discussion was intiated in the "Religion" forum as to whether KHILAFAH was an obligation.

        Mr Partypooper expressly and clearly denied that the re-establishment of Khilafah was not an obligation. A view built upon the understanding of an internet scholar and Mr Partypooper own understanding of Islam and the principles of fiqh.

        However, considerable efforts were made by individuals, such as Jalal-ud-deen, Musalman and Slayer to explain and clarify the position that KHILAFAH WAS OBLIGATORY, a position reaffirmed by the writings of classical scholars.

        Hence, on one spectrum there existed the understanding of Mr. PartyPooper and the internet Scholar and on the other hand was the understanding of Classical and renowed Scholars.

        However, despite this Mr Partpooper continued to express the view that Khilafah was not an obligation.

        Indeed, it can be said without doubt that no qulaified and sincere scholar would reach the conclusion that Khilafah and the work to re-establish it is an obligation. This position is now a unanimous one.

        Mr Partypooper is entitled to his opinion regardless of its incorrectness. However, to stipulate that the stance of Khilafah not being not an obligation is islamic, is a dangerous one that may take him outside the domains of Islam.

        It may be claimed by some that this article is prejudiced and biased, however, I have reached this conclusion after attempting to understand the arguments presented by both sides. I have come to the conclusion that KHILAFAH IS INDEED AN OBLIGATION.
        However, to those that seek the answer to this question sincerely, the advise is to read and research the subject-matter and not to be swayed by the opinions of internet scholars.

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          As salamu aly kum wa rahma tullah la hi wabarkatuhuu,

          Indeed we r present here again to see muslims who r going about and denying that to work for to re-establish Allah's deen upon this earth.Like i said b4 in the prevoius posts and i will say it again to relief myself and to exhuast my upmost efforts that AL-khilafah is fard and none of the predessors of the prophet(saw) have denied one ounce of this.

          These were the people who knew the best coz they were the ones who were the most knowledgable.

          People who say this that'Khilafah is not fard because ONE internet scholar said so'r being clearly misleaded,the people who work for this noble cause brothers and sisters r putting there lifes on the lines over this issue just like the prophet (saw) did so.

          It not up to us to define and make laws from thin air oh muslims,its upto Allah (swt).
          Think about it urself,no-one would put their life and their familys life on the line for a issue that wasnt even 'FARD'.

          Maybe the brothers and sisters who work for this cause have just gone loony and love to die and sacrifice for the sake of it(Subanallah).Dont u understand?Cant u see?This is no game oh muslim.People r dying out there for this issue u say thats not fard,theres efforts being spent on this issue that u denie being part of ur Aqeeda.
          Like Travellor said'to deny something that is fard in islam,takes u out of the realms of the deen'.

          This not my defination,nor any one elses,its the shari'ahs.