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pakistani cops are hacker of indian sites

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    pakistani cops are hacker of indian sites

    instead of catching criminals and keeping law and order situation under control why
    pakistani cops are doing this

    : Indian authorities and computer specialists have traced many cases of hacking of Indian Internet sites to Pakistan, the head of the country’s federal police said on Wednesday.
    “Quite a few of hackers can be traced to ISPs (Internet service providers) in Pakistan,” CBI director R K Raghavan told a seminar on Internet security in the Capital. Raghavan said it would be difficult to nail hackers who broke into computer systems without help from Pakistani law enforcers.

    “One wonders what kind of cooperation we will get...” he said, but did not elaborate. Indian industry officials say hackers broke into at least 635 Indian Internet sites last year.

    “GForce,” a group of anonymous hackers whose members write slogans critical of India and its claim over Kashmir, have owned up to several instances of hacking of Indian sites run by the Indian government, private companies or scientific organisations.

    Dewang Mehta, president of India’ National Association of Software and Service Companies, said the lack of uniform laws against cybercrimes involving abuse of computer systems made prosecution of cross-border hackers difficult.

    Last year, India passed a landmark digital law that makes hacking, spreading of viruses and illegal financial transactions over the Internet punishable. It became the 12th member in a small club of nations with digital laws.

    Meanwhile, government employees are astonished over a message that flashes across their monitors when ever they try to log on to a pornographic site on the Internet. “ This page is not worth viewing. Let us do something better. Jai hind.” The message started appearing a couple of days ago at some of the ministries of the government.

    The babus are more surprised than shocked. In a particular ministry, the officials called up colleagues as they discovered that their Internet had been “censored.” Calls are being made between ministries to find out more about it. Nobody seems to know who did it, or why.

    Fingers have been pointed at the National Informatics Centre, the Internet service provider to most government ministries. An NIC official handling the computer system of a particular ministry was aghast. He said there have been no written orders to block certain sites.

    “It seems that certain sites have been blocked or certain words have been filtered to block the sites,” he said.

    OK let me ask the question everyone else will, whats your source....

    not only that what about the indians who recently attempted to hack the official pak sight?

    No offense but atleast the pakis werent stupid enough to leave thier identities on the sight (the indians did), HECK they werent even in the real was the wrong site.

    Atleast we are good at hacking ! !
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      rvikz what is the source of your story? In future we would appreciate if you would attach the link to any articles you post.

      Thank you.


        What the hell is matter with you was this the following posting by you ..some indian hacked the pakistan gove site and now you are blaming pakistan.

        Orginally posted by
        rvikz on posted December 21, 2000 06:25 PM

        Official Pak website hacked by Indian pro
        Hyderabad, Dec. 21: In a tit-for-tat move, the Pakistan government website was hacked by a self-proclaimed but unidentified Indian IT professional on Thursday.
        This is believed to be the first case of hacking of a country’s official portal. The hacker destroyed all the information in the site and left a message to “send a message across to Pakistani hackers (if any) to keep their hands off Indian websites.”
        The hacking of some websites of Indian government departments is believed to have provoked the “patriotic Indian IT professional.”

        The hacker left a brief message: “Pakistan — the official website — hacked. Mera Bharat Mahan. I love India... This site has been hacked by a patriotic Indian IT professional with the sole objective of trying to get the message across to Pakistani hackers (if any) to keep their hands off Indian websites.” He said he did not mean any offence to any peace-loving human being.


        truce on the ground start of cyberwarfare?

        you were laughing at that time..what happened to you now...



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          where it says i support hacking.


            You are a real imposter.......
            I mean you are so frustated that at least Paksitan is good in hacking...and I don't think Hacking an indian site is a crime..and by the way what is your definition of course taking Kashmir into account......