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What should be done of this perverted indians?

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    What should be done of this perverted indians?

    The other day I was heading to my office and I saw this bunch of indians sitting and chatting(their most famous more is scratching balls in the public),on the political scenario.One of them said in hindi"Pakistan,what pakistan?I dont consider it as a country.we are waiting for time to get it back.Let them struggle more in poverty and terrorism and a day will come when they will long to rejoin the indian state".Another replied"you know I heard this analysis that if all the indians go to border and piss,it will be enough to drown pakistan due to the floods that will ensue as a result of pissing".they enjoyed the joke.I wanted to go to them and give a strong reply but I did not have the balls as I was only alone.But someday I will, by the time I leave the place.
    These are the educated goons that are filled with hatred and I dont know what they have learnt over the years.I believe there are these type of people on both sides of the border.These educated fools should first understand the value of life and then it will be easy to intiate peace processes.Until then peace will only be on papers and people will keep dying.Some times I feel like I should hang these idiots on the edge of a mountain and see them crying for life.until then they will sit in their A/C rooms and give idiotic statements.

    Salem bhai. relax. Only the time will tell who joins who. indian is going to expolied like a time bomb and these indians are not gonna know what hit them.

    these people are all cheap talk. they can't even keep those hand full Kashmiree freedom fighters in controll, what the hell they are going do when Pakistan army starts replying.

    Just remember these people are just a cutpulties of American jews, and Inshallah one day will come when the those strings will be cut and they will fall to the ground.

    Islam doesn't teach us to hate any one, it teaches the patience and love for each other. Just pray to GOD that they people realized the truth about Islam and come on the straight path of GOD.

    Take care


      salem why you got scared, All you had to do was Chooooo.


        Saleem_online you are spending half your time posting rubbish about Pakistan and screaming to be heard. The rest of your time you are trying to make up for it by posting even more rubbish about Indians such as this filth.

        Either way consider yourself warned of the consequences of your actions!

        This thread is closed!