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Indian minister’s statement condemned

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    Indian minister’s statement condemned

    ISLAMABAD (NNI) - Pakistan Thursday strongly condemned the statement madeby Ms. Uma Bharati, a minister in the Indian cabinet and a leading member of the ruling BJP party, threatening to wipe Pakistan off the work map.

    It is deeply regrettable that a highly placed member of the Indian government should respond with senseless bellicosity to Pakistans repeatedly expressed desire for the resumption of dialogue with India, Foreign Office spokesman said.

    This irrational statement is also a bizarre response to Pakistans expression of good wishes for the health and long life of Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee, the spokesman said in a statement.

    He called upon the international community to take cognizance of the Indian threat and to urge Indian leaders to desist from irresponsible statements and actions that can further vitiate the atmosphere between the two countries.

    Indian leaders should also bear in mind that Pakistan is fully capable of meeting any aggression and safeguarding its sovereignty and territorial integrity, he stressed.

    Hmmmmmmmmm he stressed some good things 8-)

    *We are the Taleban-Resistance is Futile*

    There's nothing new in this, infact Indira Gandhi had already warned Zia Ul-Haq in the early eighties when Zia was planning an invassion of Kashmir, with that fright in mind he called for resumption of talks.