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indian sugar for pakistan

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    indian sugar for pakistan

    does it sweeten the atmosphere between the
    bitter rivals. would pakistan think of indian
    sugar every time they drink cofee or eat thier falooda. i know pakistani diabetic
    cant use our sugar but can import cheap
    anti-diabetic drugs from india. bothways
    we can help you. i know mallik will say our sugar is not sweet enough and mixed with sand

    India exports 150,000 tonnes sugar to Pakistan

    NEW DELHI: India exported 150,000 tonnes of sugar to Pakistan in September-December 2000, and volumes may rise to 600,000 tonnes for 2001, dealers said on Wednesday.

    "We are moving sugar to Pakistan in smaller quantities by trains but we expect that soon large shipments will start by sea," a leading exporter Yatin Wadhwana told Reuters. Dealers said trains carrying about 2,000 tonnes each were being moved to Pakistan which has an import demand of one million tonnes due to lower crop output.

    India began exporting sugar last August as it attempted to cut a sugar stockpile of nearly 10 million tonnes. The industry has been under pressure to trim stocks ahead of another expected bumper crop. India's sugar output hit a record 18.2 million tonnes in the crop year 1999/2000 (October-September) compared to 15.54 million tonnes a year earlier. Traders said sugar exports from India were expected to grow within a couple of months with fresh demand likely from Indonesia and Russia.


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    first you call us terrorist! Then you say we kill your children rape your woman! And now you sell us sugar! LOL~! Wont you call it a little hipocritical!

    My friend such simple transactions take place between both countried every day! Many good in the Indian market come from Pakistan too!

    If you dont like selling us sugar! Fine dont, I am sure many other nations will be willing to at a little higher price!


      well we want to make money it helps both ways.
      ofcourse realtionship between both are contradiction and imensly complex


        You trade with us is fine.
        But we won't give anything back in return.
        Plus i think we should buy sugar and sugar cane from BD to sweeten our ties with them.

        You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


          CM what about the trade route from BD to Pak?

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            Pak and BD don't have much trade.
            We don't do much, except for sending pakistani clothe through BD channels to Europe and the US.
            As our cotton has been under quota restrictions for some time now.
            I personally think that our stuff is so damn good that these countries don't want the pakistani cotton to flood the market.
            And since the US has its own cotton industry we are heavily restricted.
            What we could do with BD in trade, is provide military arms which they do need.
            And then we could provide food crops.
            Our industrial capacity is not strong enough to export yet.
            10 more years and we could start exporting tractors and other machinary to the third world mainly africa.

            You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


              Did someone say "export arms?"

              CHAKWAL, Jan 3: Pakistan is exporting arms and ammunition to more than 30 countries including the US, Great Britain, Turkey, Switzerland and earning billions of rupees in foreign exchange.

              The Pakistan Ordnance Factories, Wah, had provided arms and ammunition to the Pakistan Armed Forces amounting to over Rs6 billion.

              This was stated by Pakistan Ordnance Factories General Manager Naseem Raza in a briefing to a delegation of notables of Chakwal district on Tuesday at Wah.

              The delegation visited various departments of the factory.