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Hizb-ut-Tahrir flays agencies' attitude-Pakistan

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    Hizb-ut-Tahrir flays agencies' attitude-Pakistan

    Hizb-ut-Tahrir flays agencies' attitude

    KARACHI: The Hizb-ut-Tahrir Pakistan on Monday flayed official agencies for threatening its members and removing billboards displaying the message of Khilafah underlined with its web site address.

    Disheartened by the current attitude towards its rank and file, Hizb-ut-Tahrir Pakistan alleged that the employees of the intelligence agencies in the blessed month of Ramazan threatened its members and in some cities billboards were also removed.

    "A few days ago some of our members were arrested for distributing leaflets. These leaflets contained nothing more than a call to the Muslim Ummah to establish the Khilafah system, which is an obligation upon all Muslims indeed it is mother of all duties," said Naveed Butt, the Hizb's official spokesman.

    The Hizb also questioned the morality of actions taken against such a party, which was established to strive for the restoration of Khilafah without opting or supporting armed struggle. "Why is it that these preachers who are calling towards re-establishment of Khilafah system are treated as criminals, whereas Qaadiyanis, Bahais and Christians are completely free to
    publish and propagate their systems of life," Butt questioned.

    A communique faxed to The News office on Monday further said that in the name of freedom of belief and speech, variety of billboards were displayed for the propagation of Christianity besides exhibiting women in a vulgar and immoral manner. "Boards decreeing the re-establishment of Khilafah are thrown to the ground whereas the infidelity and immoral thoughts are tolerated in the name of freedom of speech," it added.

    Naveed Butt also stated that the Muslims of Pakistan would support infidels under no circumstances. Why ideas such as capitalism, communism and democracy are allowed to be propagated whereas the Carriers of Islam are looked upon with suspicion, he questioned.

    "We call Muslims to struggle relentlessly to re-establish the Khilafah which will make Islam dominant and in which there will be no restriction upon the call and propagation of Islam, rather the propagation of infidel thoughts and the systems extracted from these thoughts will be prohibited," Butt maintained.

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    This is disturbing news, and an action by the Pakistan agencies which is shameful and immoral. This action clearly shows where the loyality of the Paksitan government and its agencies lay. Verily it is not fitting for the believers to prevent and hinder any islamic work, particularly if the call is the highest call to resume the Islamic way of life.

    Let this be a message to the Pakistan and those sincere Muslims that Hizb ut Tahrir, is an islamic party, whose basis is islam and whose method is the one undertaken by the Prophet (blessing and peace be upon him). The struggle between the truth and the falsehood has begun and indeed in this struggle the light will eradicate the darkness.

    The greatest jihad is the to speak the truth before the tyrants and the greatest tyranny and oppression is the man-made systems that have plagued Pakistan.

    May Allah bless these brothers that have undertaken this work and keep them steadfast.


    Verily Allah swt revealed Islam so that it may take Mankind out of darkness into the light.