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Finally a Pakistani who admits his Govt. supports TERRORISM

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    Finally a Pakistani who admits his Govt. supports TERRORISM

    A letter to the editor in DAWN

    The menace of militancy

    LIKE many other sane and peace-loving Pakistanis, I am deeply anguished to read about the recent attack on the Red Fort by the Lashkar-i-Tayyaba as it may seriously dampen the hopes for a long-awaited peace in South Asia.

    Our country will get the blame at least indirectly since we all know that the Lashkar has its recruiting and such other facilities on our land. It does not go well with the general image and character of our country which needs peace and stability away from all kinds of self-inflictive pursuits.

    Of course, Pakistan has a genuine claim on the disputed region of Kashmir but, as we have seen time and again, sheer military ventures and such attacks are not only suicidal but have been eroding Pakistan both internally and externally.

    We need to engage India economically and diplomatically in the larger interests of the region and must discourage irresponsible elements in our society and around from further destroying our own humane traditions.

    Even for Kashmir and for the general peace and prosperity of South Asian Muslims we need a peaceful, progressive and forward looking Pakistan instead of turning it into an eternal battleground of zealots of any ilk. Before they could damage anyone else, they are going to destroy our homeland. Why can't these clerics and their patrons fight against poverty, illiteracy, feudalism, drugs, and exploitation of women, minorities and the underprivileged.

    For God's sake, let us save this land and redirect our energies towards peace and reconstruction. The Red Fort attack provides a unique opportunity to the Generals to ban such outfits sucking our blood and maligning our honour. I am sure except for a few solitary, lunatic and jingoistic elements, most of the Pakistanis will stand behind Islamabad in getting rid of all these militant outfits.


    Oxford, UK

    Unlike the Paki media this letter calls the Red-Fort attackers - militants and not "freedom fighters".I only hope more and more Pakistanis realise that these goons who butcher innocent people are nothing more than TERRORISTS, on the pay-rolls of vested interests, who wouldn't care less for what becomes of Kashmir and its real people.

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    no shortage of them, chilli, at least in english newspapers. you could read columns of mazdak in 'dawn' or cowasjee or ayaz ameer or thefridaytimes editorials at times.

    the point is what urdu newspapers say since they are the one that reach masses. anyway literacy in pak is much less than india so newspapers do not have much impact.


      Well, the writer of the "letter to the editor" might have viewed the news updates so he would have restored his satisfaction about the reality.

      It has been proved that the happening in Red Fort and its aftermath was simply a fake story purposly fabricated by Indian authorities.

      The habitants of that particular locality told BBC that they new the person for quite sometime who was killed in cold blood in the so called encounter. The parents of the victim came to the area from an other town called Amroha and it was understood by everyone concerned that how cruel the political stunts can be.

      The other "militant", in police custody, was told to be a Pakistani, from Abbotabad. Anyone who is familiar with the accent of Abbotabadi folks can easily judge that the man has no connection with Abbotabad. The funniest point is that Indian media to this day could not "reach" the family of captured militant in Pakistan! Normally, they reach prior to the happenings!! like they interviewed Hashim Qureshi in Holland!


        One little letter and these indians are jumping up and down.
        Why don't you guys deal with the fact that you 700,000 mercenaries in kashmir doing worse.
        Chilli shut the fact up.
        God this level of stupidity must be hard to maintain.
        Now lets discuss those bomb attacks in Pakistan WHICH WERE ON INNOCENT PEOPLE!!!!!

        You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


          What aare you trying to prove with this letter Chilli? I can quote you with many letters from Indian news papers where Indians themselves not from oxford or somewhere else but inside India have crticisized and ridiculed what the Indian Army is doing in Kashmir.

          Your famous director Mani Ratnam has sketched a good image of what the Indian army does in Kashmir in the movie DIl Se. Where a 12 year old girl is raped by an Indian soldier. If the attrocities are so fabricated by Pakistan then why is that movies like Dil se show whats going on in Kashmir.

          The attrocities commited in Kasmir are the reason such attack are launched in Laal Qilla. And if what is going on in Kashmir contimues, this is nothing and Insha Allah this is not the last you have heard of us! We will be surprising you alot with gurrilla attacks and leaving our visiting card!

          Long live the Kashmir liberation movment!


            Originally posted by Capt Gulsher Khan:
            What aare you trying to prove with this letter Chilli? I can quote you with many letters from Indian news papers where Indians themselves not from oxford or somewhere else but inside India have crticisized and ridiculed what the Indian Army is doing in Kashmir.

            I would love to hear from you Captain !!

            ZZ, you make an interesting point about a vast majority of Pakis being misled by the hawkish vernacular press but how do you explain the opinions of supposedly english-speaking guppies like Malik73/CM & co.They do read the DAWNs& Friday Times , don't seems to me that they are just being patriotic in a hollow sense....


              Ok is it me or your Former Prime Minister I.K Gujral was the one who critisized the role the Indian army in Kashmir and especailly Kargil? He also protested the ban of PTV in India?


                Gulsher, I.K. Gujral was a toothless prime minister of India, his action had no effect on any lay person.


                  Mr "Kargil syndrome" Sajjadam read the following:-


                  Unabated HR abuses

                  While New Delhi’s universally hailed decision in directing its security forces to suspend offensive against the militants till January 26 next is being enforced effectively it is unfortunate that some of the militant groups have not responded to such a gesture. Their unabated attacks on the security forces or killing of innocent persons by them is indeed condemnable. The latest car bomb explosion at the main gate of the 15 Corp headquarter in Srinagar which caused death to nine persons including four civilians, for which one of the militant groups has owned responsibility, is obviously aimed at subverting the peace process. One of the objectives of such attacks is to provoke the Indian authorities to rescind order for ceasefire. Happily New Delhi has refused to be provoked by such condemnable acts and has reiterated its resolve to pursue the peace process. Unfortunately some sections of the security forces particularly the State police and its dreaded Special Operation Group, functioning directly under the State government, too have not positively responded to the Union Government’s ceasefire announcement. The State police chief has gone to the extent of claiming that the ceasefire decision is not applicable to the State police. Even on the ground the State police, particularly SOG, have not put an end to their excesses on the citizens and complaints of human rights abuses resorted to be them continue to pour in. Such abuses must stop if the ceasefire announced by New Delhi has to be meaningful. A large number of arrested persons are still untraced and several of them are still being tortured in the interrogation centres or in police custody. A large number of prisoners are still languishing in jails though there are no charges against them. Even in such cases where the courts have ordered their release these detenues have not been set free. That clearly shows that the State government too is making every effort to sabotage the current peace process.

                  A galring case of unabated human rights abuses pertains to a young girl who continues to be tortured in SOG custody. The 18-year girl, Salima Rasool, a student of class 12th was arrested on March 7 last year after a party of SOG raided their village Ratnipora, and killed one of the civilians, Imtiaz Ahamed. Frightened by the police action the girl tried to escape but was nabbed by the police. Since then she is in police custody and continues to be tortured. She has been repeatedly interrogated by different officers and tortured. A human rights organisation has quoted the girl to allege that she was stripped by SHO Pritam Singh who forced her to remain in cold water tub for several hours. Even cigarrete buuts were aplied to her body. The young girl has fallen on several diseases during her 10 month long incareceration. Though even the minister of state for home had directed her release on parole the girl has still not been set free. Such condemnable acts can only further alienate the people and make a farce of the ceasefire announcement. Such cases need to be looked into and appropriate action taken against the guilty to ensure an end to the human rights abuses and to create a conducive climate for pursuing the proposed process of dialogue.

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                    I think you are a good gay Mr. Malik73.

                    But your ambivalent nature
                    "Live and let live" and at the other hand
                    "Kill and get killed" is that what i am worried about.

                    I as a Hindu, I have no Problem to say
                    "Allah ho Akbar","My God","Jay Sri Ram"
                    But you do have some Problem,don't you?

                    I have 6 bn brothers and sisters but you have only 1.4 bn.


                      Bijay .. plz subtract 1.4b from 6b first. I don't think muslims and hindus are BROTHERS.
                      Take another 1b cuz china isn't a big fan of india.
                      also, subtract a lot more, cuz the gora people won't be caught dead calling desi people brothers.

                      If you looked at world religions, most (the big ones atleast) believe in one God, not in 100s of idols)

                      also, why are you borrowing the notion of brotherhood from Islam and suiting it to your needs. We've seen what sorta brotherhood hindus believe in (How fast can you say RSS?)

                      [b]Written in a bathroom Stall:[b]
                      Everybody pisses on the floor. Be a hero and **** on the ceiling.

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