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"Extremists fanatics eating Pakistan"...Daily Dawn Breaking News

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    "Extremists fanatics eating Pakistan"...Daily Dawn Breaking News

    "Islamists' influence rising, says report"

    By Our Staff Correspondent

    WASHINGTON, Dec 22: Conservative Islamic influence is steadily creeping into daily life in Pakistan, and clerics emboldened by the political vacuum created during 14 months of military rule are flexing their muscles with increasing success.

    This is the view of a Washington Post correspondent expressed in a despatch from Karachi and published in the paper on Friday.

    The peg for the story is the campaign launched by some orthodox Muslims against women conductors employed by a bus company in the port city. It points out that despite the pressure, the bus company has refused to change its policy and the women conductors say they have encountered no difficulties in their job.

    However, the correspondent says many Pakistanis under their breath admit they fear "the increasing stridency and street power of radical Muslims, whom the military government under General Pervez Musharraf seems unwilling to challenge and who appear to be gathering strength at a time when political parties are banned".

    Already, the correspondent emphasizes, the government has backed off plans to modernize the curriculum of religious academies and to change the law to make it more difficult to accuse someone of blasphemy. It has allowed religious groups to hold public rallies while prohibiting those by political groups, and "gives free rein to guerrillas" fighting in Kashmir.

    The correspondent also quotes the view of some analysts who believe that fears of Islamists are exaggerated. Only a handful of groups espouse religious revolution, and only one relatively moderate group, the Jamaat-i-Islami, has the organizational and financial strength to mount a political challenge.

    Nawaz's release: Chief Executive Gen Pervez Musharraf made no mention in his Wednesday's broadcast speech to any possible Ammerican role in the Nawaz Sharif exile deal. He said merely that the subject had been brought up in discussions with the Saudi Crown Prince in Qatar.

    The general also said that the arrangement had been welcomed by the Islamic bloc and the developed world. However, reports have persisted that the US was in some way involved with the negotiations that led to the freeing of the former prime minister. Here's an excerpt from the transcript of Monday's White House news briefing:

    Q: Nawaz Sharif is a free man in Saudi Arabia. If and what role the (US) President may have played in his release and also, the UK have opened the door for him to come there - if the US doors are open for him to come to the United States?

    A (by the President's spokeman): Well, the President obviously pressed General Musharraf when we were in Pakistan about the importance of doing something to alleviate the situation that Mr Sharif was in. And that was something that we've pressed at all levels. So in the sense -in that sense,

    we welcome the move by them to provide him with a new place to go. I don't know of any statements we've made about the United States as a haven for Mr Sharif.

    Q: Did the President -in his case directly or indirectly with Pakistan.....

    A: Oh, certainly indirectly through Ambassador (Karl) Inderfurth and others, we have been pressing the case that it is important to find a resolution to that dilemma. We raised our objections to the way in which his trial went forward, and obviously we welcome the move to resolve this now.

    Very True and scary, May God bless Pakistan ... otherwise the Mullahs who were aganist it FROM THE BEGINNING, will surely "destruct" it more than it already is.
    I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.
    - Robert McCloskey


      Pakistan will never change from its corrupted state until it brings the law of allah swt into its place,then the muslims shall fell peace,happiness far from that we see today.


        Look we need the Khilafah, which is far from a backward and fanatical state. It will be the best state the world has ever seen.