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target killing of shias

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    target killing of shias

    this kind of incidents tearing apart pakistan
    majority of both shias and sunnis want to live in peace but the small well armed groups
    want bloodshed to contnue

    the article below explains the power of
    armed groups

    Target killing of the Shias in Pakistan

    By Ali Abbas

    December 27, 2000

    Shias are being killed in Pakistan every day with increased brutality by Sipha-e-Sahaba and its military wing Laskar-e-Jangvi. Shia doctors, lawyers, civil servants, politicians and religious leaders are all legitimate targets for these organizations. Successive governments have tried but failed to control this menace including your army government. This proves that there are certain forces in Pakistan, which are even more powerful than the government and the army. The killing of the Shias is not random but its actually extremely well planned. The targets are very carefully selected and the attackers are true professionals who would rarely miss. The aim is to eliminate the Shias from every decision making level in Pakistan and force them to become second-class citizens in their own country.

    Here is a brief look back at the recent Shia killings in Pakistan

    Anwar Ali Akunzada Shot Dead on 23ndNov 2000 Akunzada was the general-secretary of Tehrik-e-Jaferria, Pakistan. He belonged to one of the most well known Shia families in Peshawar. He had served the Shia community of Peshawar for the past twenty years. Akunzada was very influential in local politics and had tirelessly worked for the Shia cause. He was a multitalented man. He was a lawyer, an advocate and a good businessman. He was killed as he was coming out of his internet cafe in Peshawar. He was hit by twelve bullets in the chest and neck area. He left behind a widow, two sons and three daughters. The eldest is aged 17 and the youngest aged 4.Syed Nayyar Hussain Shot Dead on 2ndDec 2000 He was a doctor and a former army captain. He had his clinic in Malir Karachi where he was very popularamong his patients. He was well known for his simple way of life and his humble personality. Dr Nayyar was not involved in any religious party and was only killed because he was a Shia doctor. He was shot as he was going home for the day after closing his clinic. He was killed with a single bullet to the neck. He was the sole bread earner and left behind a very young family.

    Syed Zakir Hussain Shah Shot on 4ndDec 2000 He was hit by five bullets but miraculously survived the attack. Two of the bullets hit him in the spinal cord, which has left him paralysed from waist down. He is a zakir, an alim and a brilliant orator. He is also a former MPA of the Punjab assembly where he was elected on the People's Party ticket. Zakir Hussain is a member of the Islamic Ideological Council of Pakistan. He also ran a human rights organisation there. He was attacked in front of his house as he came back after dropping his children at the school. He has five children and is currently recovering in an intensive care unit at a Pindi hospital.

    Tariq Kamboh Shot Dead on 16thDec 2000 He was the Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) in Lahore. He was a devoted police officer who became famous after solving the Momenpure massacre in which 25 Shias were massacred. He had arrested the culprits of the Momenpure massacre and brought them to justice. As a result he was promoted to the DSP position in Punjab police. He was hit by seventeen bullets and died on the spot. He was only 38 and left behind a widow, two sons and two daughters.

    The killing of all these individuals was only motivated by the hatred for the Shia on the part of Sipha-e-Sahaba. They were all innocent and law abiding citizens of Pakistan who just happen to be Shia muslims. Sipha-e-Sahaba is very cleverly using the sensitive name of Sahaba Kram to wage war against the Shias. Sipha-e-Sahaba has formed a military wing which calls itself Lashkar-e-Jangvi. This militant outfit of Sipha-e-Sahaba is based in Afghanistan where it has set-up military style training camps for its members. These camps are actively training and arming poor and uneducated youngsters to fight and kill the Shias in Pakistan. The existence of these camps in Afghanistan have been proved beyond any doubt by various intelligence reports and the recent confessions of the captured terrorists. Lashkar-e-Jangvi is highly organized and has a sophisticated command and control structure. Its members are armed to the teeth and fully trained in warfare. As a result Shias have just become sitting targets for them. The aim of Lashkar-e-Jangvi is pretty simple and that is to silence every Shia voice and declare Pakistan a Sunni state where there would be no room for the Shias.

    There are confirmed reports that Riaz Basra and other top leaders of Lashkar-e-Jangvi armed with sophisticated weapons attended the Tableeghi Ijtima which was held in Raiwind from Nov 3rd to Nov 6th. This is unprecedented since the Tableeghi Ijtima was manned by thousands of police officers and army personnel. The secret agencies knew about the presence of Lashkar-e-Jangvi militants in the crowd but still the police or the army did nothing to arrest them. Lashkar-e-Jangvi activists must have been assured that they could attend the Tableeghi Ijtima without getting arrested. This shows that Lashkar-e-Jangvi has the backing of some very influential people both in Pakistan and Afghanistan otherwise the organisation would not be able to survive or operate with such impunity.

    After stating the above facts I urge the government of Pakistan to find a solution to this complex and monumental problem before its too late.

    In my opinion the following two steps would help in tackling this problem.


    The government of Pakistan must force the Taleban to immediately close all the training camps of Lashkar-e-Jangvi in Afghanistan. All the members of Lashkar-e-Jangvi must be extradited to face charges in the Pakistani courts for the heinous crimes that they have committed here. Pakistan has enormous influence over Taleban. They are a brainchild of Pakistan ISI. If there is any government in the world that could force the hand of the taleban then it is surely the Pakistani government.


    The government must find a strategy to change the ideology of Sipha-e-Sahaba. This indeed is a very difficult task. But this issue must be addressed and has to be at the core of any government policy against sectarianism. Since all the sectarian hatred and terrorism stem from this ideology. The ideology of Sipha-e-Sahaba is to regard Shias as kafirs which is the prime reason for the present mayhem. The madressas run by Sipha-e-Sahaba are openly teaching the young and innocent children to call Shias kafirs and regard them as an enemy of Islam.

    No civilized society can survive if hatred for one community is so blatantly advocated. This must be stopped. One suggestion is to change the syllabus of the madressas and teach them something which promotes love in the society rather than hatred. Sectarianism is one of the many challenges facing the present day Pakistani society and it is destroying the very fabric of our society. The government of Pakistan should look into this matter with a sense of urgency and resolve. We as Pakistanis also have to decide whether we should allow such brutality and narrow minded views to prevail or make Pakistan a more tolerant society.

    You have psycho's every where.
    Like the RSS.
    And your point is???
    Yes pakistan has to deal with it.
    We have covered this so many times before.
    But if you want to discuss it here, post your opinion and lets start.

    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


      CM the problem is goverment should not allow armed groups to run aroun the country.
      i know pakistani goverment trying to deweponize these groups. i am sure people
      of both groups want to live in peace.
      all the problems are caused by external forces. funding comes from outside sources.
      i dont see shia-sunni problems outside of pakistan. rss i agree is facist group but they are not armed group . shias and sunnis
      in india live in peace except for few incidents

      [This message has been edited by rvikz (edited December 31, 2000).]


        Well you don't see Sunni Shia problems outside of Pakistan because almost all Muslim countries are either Sunni or Shia.
        Iran - Shia
        Saudi Arabia - Sunni
        Indonesia - Sunni.
        Pakistan is the only country with an equal amount of Sunni Shia population.
        And then you have pyscho's on both sides.
        Sunni's say Shia's are not muslims and stuff.
        Shia's retaliate with some comment about something or the other.
        As for Sunni Shia problems in India i don't think India has a significant Shia population.
        As for many of these psycho's - i can easily say a majority are former taliban people who have come illegally to Pakistan.
        The taliban have f uped alot of things in pakistan.

        You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


          Agree w/ CM. Specially on Talibans (I thought I was t/ only one here!)

          It's been a true crime against minorities by these Psychos, all in t/ name of Islam. Both Shias & Sunnis want to live in peace & do thr own thing. I see a lot of inter marriages b/w t/ 2 groups now more than ever, where both t/ bride & groom & thr familes live happily in peace w/ each ithr. Howevr, incidents like these are no help & bring not only misery to t/ family of t/ deceased but also a bad name to t/ Pakistan.



            sunni/shia are brothers, no scum from where ever is gonna get between us.


              Just for everyones information. The government of Pakistan has outlawed both (SS)Sipha-e-Sahaba and its military wing (LeJ) Laskar-e-Jangvi. The SS is known to kill even police officers trying to stop them. The Govt has done a good job of providing security to the Shias. About a few years ago, in lahore, about 12 Shias were killed. Luckily the ppl who killed them were found and the govt took them to the Shia leaders. The terrorists were not from SS or LeJ... They were RAW agents. One might say that the govt made the "RAW" story up but my point is that it is not very hard to start sectarian violence. Luckily at that time the Shia leaders were convinced that it was not the SS or LeJ who did the deads. And lastly..... currently the LeJ leadership is in exile in Afghanistan. The govt is trying to get an extradition treaty with Afghanistan to get those terrorists back and punish them.


                This hatred between us (ahle sunnah wal jamaat) and shias had been created by the Saudi paid Wahabi mullahs (talibans). We need to get rid of these talibanis(afghanis) who only brought more poverty, drugs, sectarianism and klashankof culture to already poverty hit Pakistan.

                Lets get rid of Afhanis (talibanis/wahabis)!!!!!!!!

                Go back to Afghanistan!!!! or we will kick you hard!!!!!!


                  Sad Azam, very sad.

                  Most of the folks here are themselves sitting in the mideast or the west, and when our host countries adopt some kind of a racist attitude against us, we are all full of spite and hate for them. The damn saudis, the damn british, the damn americans. And yet you wish to do the same with the Afghanis.

                  True, a lot of problems currently plaguing Pakistan have been created by the Taliban(Saudi paid Wahabbi Mullahs? I dont think so). But our very own Pakistani only contribute to that mayhem. We do not fight off their hatred filled ignorant attitudes. We aid and abet it.
                  Blaming it on Saudi Arabia is easy, because , well because its easy. It provides us with a way out. On the one hand youre proclaiming that the hatred between you-perfect sunnis and them-perfect-shias has been created by them-kaafir-wahaabis, and on the other hand, youre trying to quash that hatred by inciting hatred against the wahhabis/talibans.

                  Sometimes, for a change, just for the heck of it, just to kill some time, do a self check and see if you personally are doing whats needed to be done to maintain harmony amongst the muslim ummah...and then we will talk about others.


                    Battain karalo baree baree...action mian action. Kick them out, as simple!!!!!!!!!!