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    If one sees the face of General Pervaiz Musharraf minutely with concentration it will be observed he appears to be very serious, sincere and honest in his wishes to rebuild the economically crippled country. When he speaks he speaks from inside his heart. This is another matter as Ziaul Haq could not achieve in 11 years, General Musharraf has so far not achieved substantial and I do not treat it his failure but only that it is unfortunate same old faces are with him who actually had played a pivotal role in damaging the country in the first instant. The example is perforce he had to retain Dr. Yaboob as Governor SBP, the same Dr. Yaqoob before whose eyes huge loans were being written off and he remained tight lipped.

    On exile of Nawaz, General Musharraf's speech has cleared many confusions. He spoke realistically. I enjoyed the speech as follows:-


    US Chief Justice Robert Jackson stated "we the supreme court and its judges are thought we are above errors because we speak with reference of law and constitution but we are not final because we are infallible, we are not infallible only because we are final".

    The Chief Executive made the decision for exiling Nawaz Sharif as he felt it suitable. From the speech it appears he took the decision at his personal because he thought this action will benefit the country. So it was a one man decision for the whole nation. So one single man can decide the fate of the nation.

    I wonder how good it could had been had His Excellency the Chief Executive taken the nation into confidence before release. I am more than confident had he told the nation our dearest brothers Saudis desired so the silent majority must had hearing the name of "Saudis" shared with the Chief Executive.


    I do not remember the correct word used by HE the Chief Executive in his address to the nation but its meaning were "politics of revenge or victimization should end as other civilised countries do not look at it with some good eyes and such policies become a obstacle towards inflow of foreign investment.

    He was quite right and he actually did a good thing avoiding revenge/victimisation (or whatever is the correct word) politics.

    When high jacking case of Nawaz Sharif was under process in Karachi a lot of guesses, speculations, disinformation and propaganda was going on both at home and abroad. Even begum Kulsoon Nawaz was also sharing and saying the same viz "the judge is allegedly under pressure from government to award death penalty". Another disinformation was this case was all drama and World Policeman wants Nawaz to be freed honourably.

    The Judge neither gave death penalty nor freed the accused thus showing clearly he had no pressure and he made a decision based on his conscious and on merits. It must be remembered editorials both at home and abroad were written on this sentence showing satisfaction on the outcome. Some foreign newspapers stated this showed judge was under no pressure and courts in Pakistan were generally free.

    {Sometime judges find themselves in very awkward position. They find very hard which side to decide. Some years back in a small city of NWFP a case came before a very young judge. The petitioner who was a "Haji Sahib" complained that area SHO had taken Rs. 5000 as bribe from him. "Haji Sahib" sworn in this in the Court on solemn affirmation holding Quran in his hands. SHO who also happened to be a "Haji Sahib" sworn in holding Quran "I did not take and petitioner was telling lies" Now the judge was in a very awkward position. If he accepts version of Petitioner it means he was not taking true the wording of SHO who was saying holding Quran. It was a very sensitive position because question was "statement over holding Quran". I must salute the wisdom of young judge he called both petitioner and defendant in his champer and explained them "see if I declare one wrong that means I am not respecting Quran and it is very difficult for me to declare ..... Both understood the sensitivity. Judge gave them one hour outside court. After one hour when court reconvened the Petitioner Haji Sahib told the court he had got back his money and now he had no complaint. Thus a young judge averted a very serious potential situation by his wise action".

    Government of General Musharraf filed a review petition pleading for "death" penalty to Nawaz Sharif. I am a man of street and not of "Files". I know how I saw the reaction. Even those who did not like Nawaz termed this "an unnecessary revision petition, an unwise step". General Musharraf rightly believing "politics of revenge etc is not good and appreciable" then he should seriously investigate who were his advisers, who were the bureaucrats who adopted this un-wise step of revision appeal seeking death penalty, which demand of death penalty in other words was "politics of revenge" otherwise honouring the first court verdict there should had not been any revision appeal. The day General realised the government advisers, bureaucrats are the real culprits and they had been rendering similar advices to previous governments and previous rulers, and he removed them from seen for ever, all our national ills will automatically vanish.


    One the exile of Nawaz country's senior serious journalist Irshad Ahmed Haqqani says that recently US, the Policeman of Word, asked Yemen to hand it over suspected bombers of its navy ship. Yemeni President refused. Later US desired to send its own team for investigation. Yemeni President refused saying incident happened in his country his own people will investigate. US later APPEALED his FBI agents be inducted in this team, Yemen refused. US later re-appealed that his FBI agents be given permission to ask certain questions to suspected persons. Yemen refused and only agreed FBI agents can come, they will not directly ask questions to suspects but give in written from their questions to Yemeni investigators, who will put these questions and FBI agents could hear answers (not record them).

    Yemen is a small country much poorer than Pakistan.


    Political Secretary to HE the Chief Executive Major General Rashid Mahmood stated and it appeared in press, even in foreign press "if someone wants to see or read the mercy petition/document allegedly signed by Nawaz Sharif he can come and see".

    The country's very bold journalist Abbas Athar, who usually speaks such bold things that sometime I wonder why so far he has not been arrested in any crime like stealing a goat, made the best comment and suggestion. He states almost every one in Pakistan wishes to see this "document" and he suggested that government should place this alleged mercy petition document at Marghala Hills in Islamabad and affix an entry fee to see this. Thus Government will earn a colossal revenue to off load the loans.

    This is really a marvelous suggestion. A similar marvelous suggestion is said to have been given by someone to Ziaul Haq saying "advise your customs to turn around their eyes for a week from that someone's export consignments and in return he would settle all the loans". He very frankly, and in my opinion very wisely and correctly, said to Zia that this west was destroying poor nations by exporting unproved medicines, old pesticides, weapons, west destroyed china by supplying opium, let us now export our heroin to them under the same principle.


    Nawaz Sharif as we told has been released or he has gone or perhaps Saudia offered to afford him medical treatment. But I having worked in middle east for a long time know well even for minor ailments these Saudis themselves immediately run towards London or USA so what treatment they would give to Nawaz.

    [email protected]

    30TH DECEMBER 2000