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'Saudi Arabia not to accept slur on Pak dignity'

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    'Saudi Arabia not to accept slur on Pak dignity'

    admin: dont know if it belongs here or politics

    from the News (top stories)

    'Saudi Arabia not to accept slur on Pak dignity'

    ISLAMABAD: Saudi Arabia will not accept any slur on the dignity of Pakistan, like alleged payment of millions of dollars by Arab countries to obtain the release of Nawaz Sharif.

    Quoting an official source of the Saudi Information Ministry, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said: "Pakistan is far above compromising on its values, dignity and magnanimity and the Kingdom does not underestimate the history and nobility of Pakistan and will not accept any slur on the dignity of Pakistan."

    The source said the Kingdom and its people under the leadership of the Custodian of the two
    Holy Mosques, King Fahd, distances itself from such mean practices involving a bargain on the honour of the brotherly people of Pakistan and its government under the leadership of General Pervaiz Musharraf.

    The SPA report, published in Saudi newspapers denying the foreign media reports in this behalf said: "The Kingdom has never needed to adopt a posture such as this to offer help to its Arab and Muslim brothers."

    It further said: "The bonds of blood, history and faith binding the people of the Kingdom and Pakistan are such greater inducement for each of them to extend a helping hand to the other when the need arises.

    The reports are devoid of any truth.

    The Kingdom has always responded without any hesitation to its humanitarian commitments toward the ex-Pakistani prime minister with a view to finding a solution to the crisis which in the end depicts the Islamic values and tolerance and attains the divine goals as manifested in the Holy Quranic verse: "The recompense for an injury equal thereto (in degree); but if a person forgives and makes reconciliation his reward is due; for God loves not those who do wrong."

    "The Kingdom will not do anything that will undermine the dignity of the brotherly people who derive their spirit from Islamic values that do not approve of such lies.

    The response of Pakistan to a demand by the Kingdom is only in conformity with the ideals of the Islamic and historic relations between the two countries," the source added. He said: "Islam does not accept under any circumstances such falsity uttered by poisonous tongues or written by suspicious pens simply because Pakistan is loftier than to bargain on its principles and spirit of forgiveness.

    "Furthermore, it is below the Kingdom's dignity to think of the Pakistani people who are known for their great history and tradition in this way or even accept such false claims against them.

    About the statements aired by some quarters that the Kingdom offered huge sums of money to Pakistan in the form of assistance against the release of Nawaz Sharif, he said: "The Kingdom does not need to resort to such actions to offer aid to its Arab and Muslim brothers because blood, history and faith linking the Saudi and Pakistani people serve as a greater motive for both to extend help to each other when the need arises."

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    Thanks for posting this Khawateen.

    It belongs in Pakistan Affairs where I am transferring it to.


      So!! What have Pakistanis to say about this.
      From what I have seen so far, they seem to want Nawaz hanged.
      Anyway why do these Islamic values of compassion only apply to the people at the top ?
      How about all the people arrested under accountability laws?
      Will they end up in Saudi ?