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Pakistan Should Reconsider Its Ties with BD.

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    Pakistan Should Reconsider Its Ties with BD.

    Pakistan and Bangladesh relations have been strained ever since Bangladesh's PM Haseena Wajid( Vajpayee's lap-dancer) made deragatory remarks against Pakistan while speaking at the United Nations.

    The diplomatic ties have further deteriorated after torching of the Pakistani national flag ,and ongoing protests in front of the Pakistani High Commission, in Dacca.

    I don't have any problem with Bangladesh's seperation from Pakistan based upon cultural and ideological differences. The conflict arises when Bengali people continously demand for an unjustified apology, even-though, the atrocities were committed on both sides. Bengalis have been playing India's little puppet for the past 30 years, and still hold grudge against the Pakistani people even after gaining independence.

    Recent events call for a more stern action against Bangladesh, perhaps, fleetingly scaling back on the diplomatic ties. Pakistan must call back its ambassador in order to send a message that Pakistan doesn't owe any apology to the Bangladeshi people.

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    Naikoo, I really dunno know how it ended up in this forum, ...can you please move it to the Pakistan Forum. Thank you kindly


      Actually, due to propaganda on both sides, people believe one way or the other about the attrocities in East Pakistan. The fact of the matter is that the truth lies somewhere in the middle of those extremes. I think Pakistan did make some mistakes that by no means it should have. But on th eother hand, I think Bangalis made some mistakes as well, including the Benali militia, or what they called, Muktee Bahni.
      So, I do not understand if at this time it is even feasible for pak to apologize, until the ppl in Banglladesh also realize the mistakes made on their part.
      But I think it would be a very rash step to recall the ambassador, and cease the diplomatic ties. It will only make things worse. As far as Haseena Wajid is concerned, I really dont think its a big deal what she says. just like the pakistani governments, bangladeshi governments never have any significant public support.


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                Too much night time partying for you guys and then you guys are slepping on the job.
                Don't take it seriously i was and am joking.

                CROIRE A L'INCROYABLE
                You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


                  As Bangladesh seems to have better ties with the mosque demolishing Indians I have to agree that we need to distance ourselves from them. The BD govt is sponsoring demonstrations against Pakistan, and all efforts to draw a line under what happened in the past are being met by frenzied demands for reparation for 1971.

                  Just yesterday, a Bangla minister was praising India as 'friends' because of their opportunistic hostile move against Pakistan in 1971. Let us leave it to Bangladesh to make the next move for closer ties with Pakistan. In the meantime they are welcome to flood India with immigrants who are despised by their Indian 'friends'. What have we got to lose?


                    Hmmm......The simple answer to the topic is NO...

                    Cuz in PK we are taught that fall of dhaka was a very sad and unfortunate event.

                    While bangalis say it was a freedom won....

                    GOTTA GO.....brb


                      Look like its tit for tat time?


                      Dhaka expels Pakistani diplomat

                      By Moazzem Hossain in Dhaka and Susannah Price in Islamabad

                      Bangladesh has declared a Pakistani diplomat persona non grata and asked him to leave Dhaka immediately.

                      The Deputy High Commissioner to Bangladesh, Irfanur Rehman Raja, was withdrawn by the Pakistani Government on 30 November after his comments on the Bangladesh liberation war triggered a storm of protest in Dhaka.

                      But despite strong criticism from the Bangladesh government and protest from different political and civil rights groups, Mr Raja has remained in Dhaka.

                      Pakistan says it deeply regrets the decision, saying it was surprising and unjustified and not in keeping with the spirit of friendly relations between the two countries.

                      This is the first time a foreign diplomat has been declared an unwanted person by Bangladesh.

                      'Undiplomatic activities'

                      On Friday morning, the Pakistani High Commissioner, Iqbal Ahmad Khan, was summoned to the Bangladeshi Foreign Office.

                      He was told that the activities of his deputy were incompatible with his status as a diplomat in Bangladesh.

                      A statement from Pakistan's Foreign Ministry on Friday said the government rejected the allegation that the deputy high commissioner had behaved undiplomatically.

                      The statement said the government had already announced Mr Raja was being transferred and he was preparing to leave Bangladesh in the next few days.

                      Opening old wounds

                      Last month Mr Raja refused to apologise for alleged war crimes committed against Bangladesh by the Pakistani forces during the country's war of independence in 1971.

                      He also questioned the number of people killed in the war.

                      Bangladesh claims that nearly three million people were killed in the war but Mr Raja, quoting a recently published report, put the number at around 26,000.

                      Political and civil rights groups in Dhaka demanded his expulsion and the government lodged a strongly worded protest with the Pakistani Government, forcing it to withdraw him.

                      Record low in relations

                      But the Bangladeshi Home Minister, Mohammad Nasim, said that instead of leaving Dhaka Mr Raja had been engaged in anti-state activities.

                      The Bangladesh Government's action marks a record low in its relationship with Pakistan.

                      Bangladesh gained independence in 1971 from the rest of Pakistan after a nine-month-long war.

                      Bangladesh wants Pakistan to apologise for the alleged genocide it says Pakistani forces were guilty of during the war


                        No mailik, i think he deserved to get kicked out on his ass.
                        After such a stupid comment.
                        No he should not have apologised, but no need to say the stuff he did.
                        He should learn a bit of diplomacy.

                        CROIRE A L'INCROYABLE
                        You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


                          Diplomacy only works when other party is genuinely willing to bridge differences. After this act of provocation, Pakistan needs to send some Bengali diplomats packing.


                            The Bengali's need to be truthful about their past. What the diplomat did may not have been "diplomatic" but he was telling the truth about Bangla's lies about people killed in 1971. Lets not forget this is a country whicj killed its own founder a few years after independece - what does this show of Bangladesh? Does it not show that the Bengali's wanted to rid themseleves of the man who fooled them under Indian encouragment to separate form Pakistan?

                            Even after 25 years they cant bring themselves to convict the killers of Mujib. Why?


                              Hey because they are stupid.
                              I can bet in 15 years, BD will be in worse shape than Somalia.
                              At this population they can't feed themselves, it don't have money, they don't have a stable political system.
                              Nobody really cares about them.
                              And they are only working because of the appeal of being a new nation and that we have something to prove.
                              In 15 years when the population is more than 300 million, they will be willing to sign a deal with the devil to get the country working.

                              But i still think what the guy said was wrong knowing the attitude of the BD govt.
                              It is was adding fuel to already existing fire.
                              There was no reason to say stuff like that.
                              But yes we should retaliate, with force.
                              Meaning kick 2 out for our 1 person.
                              The High Commish, and the Charges d'affairs would do very nicely.

                              CROIRE A L'INCROYABLE
                              You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!