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    According to an APP 15 December news item datelined Johurabad His Excellency the Chief Executive General Pervaiz Musharraf addressing a public gathering advised citizens to elect patriotic, bold and honest candidates in the forthcoming local bodies elections shedding all emotional, linguistic, cast and bradreism.

    Very renowned educated columnist in his 2nd December column in a foreign newspaper titled “HE” narrated, according to him, a 100% true story. Columnist says early 60s a 20 years young (HE) whose mode of earning was looting the innocent villagers in weekly ‘village animals bazars” through the modus ope***** of “doubling the money”. First some of HIS accomplinces would offer their small money for doubling. HE would mutterer some magic words and money would get doubled. Encouraged and allured seeing this some illiterate village businessmen will first put a small amount which would always get doubled. Later same village businessman hypnotised by this will put on stake all his money obtained by selling his animals and this time he would lost this. HE would run away. Villager would report to police but since HE regularly paid share to police station same evening hence all HIS crimes remained always hidden. HE became more active. HIS names came in category “B” of police station and in order to monitor his activities his daily attendance to police station was made mandatory. On next local elections He filed his nomination papers. Others from the area became afraid and withdrew contesting against him. HE was declared unopposed. Due to strength of his “name” HE then became chairman of municipality. Funds of millions on his “child scribbled lines called signature” were started being spent and released. Tenders under his signature were awarded. In files ghost bridges and roads were constructed which regularly got repaired similar to as thousands of ghost schools and teachers have recently been found. Now on his arrival in police station he was presented chair with “respect”. Midnight wearing a “Dhottee” he would go home of DC or SP advising them to release so and so arrested criminal. Then came 1985. Political parties were declared prohibited fruits and new faces (in fact same old ones now masked) under the brand name of “Independents” were brought. He contested for national assembly as “Independent”. When under doctrine of necessity a political party was “manufactured” he joined it. On patronising afghan war he put his hand on drugs and klashinkov. His brother who used to be a passenger of a “horse cart called Tonga” was now seen sitting in new cars model changed every six months. When next local bodies election came his son had then become adult. In city centre klashinkoves were burst fired and election seat was at his home. Son became chairman of municipality with Millions worth funds both from provincial and federal government in his hand. Came 12 October 1999. HE could not sleep all the night. Past “yesterdays” came in his dreams as snakes. He stopped his activities and confined himself at home.

    The very educated column writer who if I am not wrong is a professor in a foreign university at the end writes “now same HE is heard preparing himself to become a District Nazim and son as Tehsil Nazim under the new mohallah level system being introduced by present government how can a DC or any other area authority would have a courage in not issuing a “clean chit” of HIS character a requirement for election or selection of a Nazim. The columnist says he surely would become a District Nazim because he has by now got certificate of matriculation. His character has not so far been proved having any dark spot. He has not till today been punished. No court has till today awarded him any punishment. And no white collar of the city can dare think of contesting against him. Earlier DC or SP some time had on rare occasions had the courage to raise little argument but now they would not have even that little courage because word coming from HIS mouth under the proposed mazim system would be “Final”. There would only be a one single “Haakim (ruler)” of the city and that would be HE.

    Sometime in 1976-79 there was some problem of a friend of mine. He was abroad and there was no one who could attend to his problem in Karachi. He requested me but since I had not influence rather being a totally inexperienced person I wished to help him but my inability. He arranged himself some influence. I went to see this “influence” who turned out to be the owner of a night club. Night clubs in 70s were not an easy access those days. It was Karachi's famous night club at that time which only high elite could attend. I went to see this owner. In my life for the first and last time I entered a night club, having a feeling of depression or fear as I was going to see a big man. 2/3 glasses of wine were on the table before some visitors one of whom I could not believe as he was a journalist who every day in his daily column emphasised on Islamic tshariah. The owner very affectionately met me as I was seeing him with reference to some family member of his. He heard me and promised to extend me the help which I hesitated to accept for some reasons. Later when I talked about my this visit to some colleagues in my office I got more knowledge about this owner and his family. This owner & family also had transport business. People told me they were so cruel that these people had allegedly dragged alive people knotting them behind their transport. Then I came to know this owner/family was running the business which mid 1973-76 in Karachi frauded the poor people by issuing famous transport finance scheme. This family members both in Karachi and in Pumjab I see in each provincial & federal assemblies, even if my memories were not misguiding me also in Zia’s majlid-e-shurah. Some three four years back I learnt through newspaper that the gentleman the then owner whom I met mid 70s in his night club was summoned by a banking court against a non paid bank loan which he took some 3 decades back for construction of a rest house at Hawaksbay Beach Karachi. This gentleman owner came in the court and submitted his inability to repay saying he had no earnings, his only earning was Rs. 600/- which according to him his son pays him monthly as stipend. After the hearing the gentleman owner came out of court, sat in his (or in name of his family) chaeufer driven cheaverleut car and went away to his posh PECHS famous bungalow in Karachi.

    I came in Karachi in 1962. There used to be a one small single room building inside the then very beautiful Jehangir Park Karachi on Garden East Road side. This building housed an office having a Board “Consumers Chamber” {or something similar exact wording today not remembered). Till 1970 I used to pass twice a day from this road each time seeing this board. Later I passed this road twice thrice a week. I found this Board till perhaps 1985-88. But as far as I remembered I hardly ever found this office regularly opened. What this office did at least I never heard. However I found sometime till perhaps 1992-94 one single name and that of a General Secretary of this association of chamber. At least I never heard or read in newspaper any other name connected with this concern. I used to wonder is this organisation being run by one single person, when are elections (practically) held and how since long same person was holding the same public designation. Now perhaps for the last 4 or 5 years I have not heard this name.

    In first half of 90s sometime a citizens advisory committee was formed with a very good and nice motive for minimising ordinary man’s sufferings and this committee was formed in Federal Ombudsman Karachi to help assist the ombudsman office. I could not believe seeing names of above same –called general secretary protector of we the citizen consumers and that of a near dear of owner of night club and loans digested poor travelling in luxury car resident of posh PECHS in that committee.

    Reading Javed Iqbal’s column ending with that “no DC or any other authority will dare stopping a clean chit to HE for new District Nazim or Tehsildar Nazim posts” that ombudsman office committee came back in my memory and I can without any hesitation based on life experience of my now near reaching superannuation age, say Javed Iqbal is quite right. District Nazims and Tehsildar Naib Nazims would be the same old people with new masks; their sons or nephews and no body can stop them.

    [email protected]

    16 December 2000