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****Potential Threat to PK National Security****

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    ****Potential Threat to PK National Security****

    Now I'm not one to play the soothsayer, but with an idiologically dogmatic and bankrupt regime appointed to the W House, we can expect at least one major world conflict within the next four years.
    GB Senior failed to inspire politics at home and resorted to authoring one of the biggest conflicts of the last decade, where hundreds upon thousands lost thier lives on all sides to support and propell the political persona of that one man.
    Junior dosn't impress, and judging by the team he is surrounding himself, the peace of the world does not stand a chance.
    I would urge the Chief Executive - General Musharraf to take extreme caution, as Pakistan is the main target of conservative anxiety and animosity.
    In the early eighties, Premier Thatcher of the UK followed similiar lines with the War in the Falklands which propelled her to another term in office.

    We need to build our political and diplomatic strength to face this extreme threat.

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    Lagta hai laok seraf porane bate dil mein rakte hai.
    Who cares who is currupt or not, lets focus on what is now.


      This has been discussed and will continue to be discussed in various posts.
      Look up posts in the search thing and you will find all the info you need.

      You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


        kia faida discussion ka!

        jis ne jana tha WH mein to chala gaya!

        hon mojan kero te QulfiYan khao!..:yum:y