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Nawaz freed to please Vajpayee, says Benazir

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    Nawaz freed to please Vajpayee, says Benazir


    Former prime minister Benazir Bhutto has expressed concern over the proposed price hike by the Musharraf regime. "POL prices in Pakistan are already higher than the international prices," Ms Bhutto said.

    According to PPP media cell Benazir Bhutto recalled the PPP brought POL prices down, but now the they are going up and up.

    She said there was resource crunch but it should be dealt with, "first to create business confidence, second, do away with the concurrent list, and third, to rationalize defence expenditure".

    The former premier said that the rationalization of defence expenditure could begin with putting military pension back under the military head, cutting out waste, and having a transparent procurement policy.

    She demanded of the regime to clarify whether the men in uniform were allowed two-year leave in the middle of their careers. "If so this practice should be stopped."

    Noting that income tax assesses had fallen under the Musharraf regime, she said, "The PPP doubled national revenues without coercion. The Musharraf regime could stop being tax lax and concentrate on revenues instead of revenge".

    She called upon the rulers to ask forgiveness of the PPP and others whom it had oppressed, tortured, imprisoned and maligned.

    Ms Bhutto noted that the military regime had told Gulf News, "Nawaz Sharif was freed to please prime minister Vajpayee to facilitate the Kashmir dialogue." She called upon the rulers to explain, whether the national interest today was pleasing the Indian PM by showing favouritism to a convicted political leader who had not appealed his conviction.

    She asked the rulers to respect the rule of law and due process by freeing political prisoners and inviting the United Nations Rapporteur to investigate a handful of judges accused of judicial abuse.

    Benazir Bhuttoo is NO MORE NEWS



      Why your burning my mouth with iunsgnificant persons insignificant theories of insignificant calibre!!


        Typical Chilli rubbish.

        One did you know that BB is more dicredited in Pakistan than NS?

        Two what is she complaining about? She can now take a local Emirates flight and within an hour she can meet up with her plundering partner?


          Indian always want they're name to be mentioned in every pakistan affair!


            Typical fro BBB.
            Why does anyone care what she says.
            If say someone from the Jamaat or another strong group said so, then it would be something to discuss.

            You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


              ns was released under pressure from us
              why all civillian leaders are eliminated
              zb,bb,ns and altaf hussain.

              bb is saying that to embarass musharuff
              or is he really cheif minister of one of the
              indian states?

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                CE warns against electing wrong people
                JAUHARABAD, Khushab: Terming the devolution plan a revolutionary step, Chief Executive General Pervaiz Musharraf on Thursday urged the people to elect honest candidates during the local bodies polls and not let "Bradrism" (favour based on caste) influence their choice.


                  Is it Bill Clinton whose active role in the release of Nawaz Sharif has been officially acknowledged by the White House? But what interest did he have in the ousted prime minister of a country that is no longer a cornerstone in the framework of American global policies? Some think it to be a quid pro quo for Nawaz Sharif's loyalty to Clinton whose orders to hand over the strategic heights of Kargil to India on a plate were faithfully obeyed by Nawaz Sharif who thus created a soft corner for America in the Indian hearts

                  It has now been revealed that as part of the mediation effort, the Americans were also involved in the affair. President Clinton is said to have discussed the issue of Nawaz' treatment when he visited Pakistan earlier this year. The US government is reported to have remained in touch with the military government on the issue. It is in character for the Saudis to act on American prodding. The lever used is said to have been the threat of cutting off Pakistan's sorely needed oil import credits.

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