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Nawaz Sharif's Inventory of Greed-what was he thinking?

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    Nawaz Sharif's Inventory of Greed-what was he thinking?

    Rs 300 m in properties is Sharif’s price for freedom
    Islamabad, Dec. 11: Pakistan’s military government has confiscated
    assets worth millions of dollars and Rs 300 million in bank deposits
    belonging to deposed premier Nawaz Sharif and his family after exiling
    them to Saudi Arabia.
    An official announcement on Sunday night said liabilities and
    encumbrances of any of these assets and properties “will be cleared by
    the Sharif family before the take-over by the government.”

    The confiscated assets include industrial assets, Brother Steel Mills,
    Hudabiya Paper Mills Limited, Hudabiya Engineering Company while
    residential properties include houses at Lahore and Murree, besides
    agricultural property in different cities in Punjab.

    Sixty acres of agricultural land belonging to the Sharif’s family has
    also been confiscated.Large fines and disqualification of Sharif from
    public office for a period of 21 years would remain, the statement said.

    President Mohammed Rafiq Tarar had pardoned Sharif from serving the rest
    of his sentence on hijacking and tax evasion charges for which he was
    jailed earlier this year. Meanwhile, a government spoke-sman confirmed
    on Monday that Sharif will not return to Pakistan in the near future.

    “I do not think he is coming back,” the military regime’s public
    relations chief, Major General Rashid Qureshi, said. He said the
    decision to exile Sharif was based on compassion following appeals for

    The booty

    The following is the breakup of assets seized from Nawaz Sharif

    Industrial Property
    •Brother Steel Mills •Ilyas Enterprises •Hudaybia Paper Mill •Hudaybia
    Engineering Company •Hamza Spinning Mills

    Residential Property
    •Model Town bungalow •Three houses at Mall Road, Murree •Property at 135
    Upper Mall, Lahore •Plot at Model Town, Lahore •Plot at Upper Mall,

    Agricultural Property
    •10.2 kanals of land at Khanpur, Sheikhupura Road, Lahore •41 acre and 7
    kanal of land at Sheikhpura •14.2 kanals of land at Bhaipur •35 kanals
    of land at Bhaipur •88 kanals of land at Raiwind

    Not confiscated
    •Ramzan Sugar Mill, Chiniot •Chaudhry Sugar Mill, Gojra •Mehran Ramzan,
    Manga Road •Sharif Medical City and Educational Complex •Raiwind Palace
    •Sharif family residences in Jati Umra


    "The greatest trick that the devil played was to convince that he doesn't exist"movie-Usual Suspect

    Stupid-the poorest rich man

    300mrs roughly amounts to nothing compared to his imaan,izzat &waqar-shame to his peers who brought him thius wa