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Pakistan, Iran and India to form consortium for gas pipeline

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    Pakistan, Iran and India to form consortium for gas pipeline

    This news is still to be confirmed but it seems that despite Indian objections and delay tactics the multi-national pipeline through Pakistan is to go ahead!

    Pakistan will earn some $500 million a year in transit fees plus $200 million gas from Iran at discounted prices.

    If true this is brilliant news!


    ISLAMABAD, Dec 13, 2000 -- Pakistan, Iran and India have agreed to form a consortium for the gas pipeline from Iran to India via Pakistan, sources said.
    Because of security concerns of India, the Iranian government has suggested setting up a consortium comprising multi-national companies so that they can make the agreement for the pipeline.

    Secretary of Petroleum Abdullah Yousaf confirmed this suggestion and said that Pakistan has agreed to set-up the consortium for the gas pipeline. India is just working on only delaying tactics because on this project, Pakistan could earn financial benefit in form of cash and gas also, he said.

    The secretary of Petroleum said that this project is pretty good and it must be implemented, as it is the requirement of both India and Iran.

    Pakistan would get US$500 million a year as transit fee for passage of gas pipeline from Iran to India through Pakistan. While Iran would provide gas worth $200 million for our needs on a special discount, the secretary Petroleum added

    Good news indeed. Now India also needs to take a more mature attitude towards sports and other ties with Pakistan. if they can conduct mutually beneficial business deals, then it is pointless selectively boycotting Pakistan in other non-political arenas.


      this is a good news and new beginning
      for the people of southasia and iran
      when we can improve each others economic
      condtion instead unproductive competion
      in arms and nukes the problems that exist
      between us will slowly melt away
      mutually beneficial trade will create trust
      between south asian nations.


        Its particularly fantastic news for Pakistan! Hundreds of millions of dollars in transit fees very year, which inshallah will cut down our reliance on foreign aid. And muc cheaper gas from Iran.

        I agree with rivkz that it could be a vital move in the area of regional cooperation but as Xtreme said India has to drop its negativity in other area's as well. Even with this pipeline the Indians were dragging their feet even though it benefits them economically.

        True it enhances Pakistan's regional position immeasurably but Pakistan will use its regional power to move closer to West and Central Asia, rather than make any move against India.



          Pakistan may sell power to India

          Monitoring Desk

          NEW DELHI, Dec 13: Pakistan has confirmed the availability of 300MW of power for export to India, for 10 years, which could be further increased to 600 MW depending on the availability, the Rajya Sabha was informed today.

          Minister of State for Power, Jayawanti Mehta, told Brahmakumar Bhatt in a written reply that two rounds of discussions had been held on power supply from Pakistan.

          The methodology for arriving at tariff rates and operating agreements for the purchase of power was also discussed with the Pakistani officials, the minister said.


            Good rivkz more proof of India's reliance on Pakistan for its energy needs. Its good that India is finally recognising the growing economic and strategic importance of Pakistan in the region.



              I wonder if that spells the end of badly thought out "energy" related plans to dam the Indus.


                Don't talk about dams, the kalabagh dam is stupidity at its worse.
                But this is excellent news.
                Also is the chasma nuclear plant fully on line yet?
                If not then where did we get this extra power?

                CROIRE A L'INCROYABLE
                You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!