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Saudi Arabia, a political blackhole for Sharif?

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    Saudi Arabia, a political blackhole for Sharif?

    For those believing that Nawaz will continue his political career in Saudi Arabia, they should consider the nature of the Saudi regime and other exiles. Idi Amin of Uganda also in exile in Saudi, has not been allowed to pursue any political activity in the 20 years or so he has been resident there.

    And it is unlikely that Nawaz will as well. Saudi Arabia's long term commitment is to Pakistan and not to any particular leader.

    Saudi Arabia, a political blackhole for Sharif?

    By Kesava Menon

    MANAMA (BAHRAIN), DEC. 10. Irrespective of any deals that Pakistan's former Prime Minister, Mr. Nawaz Sharif, might have struck with the military, and irrespective of his sincerity about keeping his end of the bargain, one thing is virtually certain. Once Mr. Sharif reaches the Kingdom and begins his exile he will enter a political black-hole with neither sight nor sound of him likely to emanate for a long time. The Saudis prefer that asylum- seekers follow the rules that have been laid down and they do not tolerate people who abuse their hospitality.

    Ask Dr. Idi Amin Dada, former President for Life of Uganda and one-time possessor of a host of other titles. Occasionally - the last was three or four years ago - some bored reporter files a copy about how the former Ugandan strong-man was spotted in a super-market in Jeddah. But till date, as the Hindi- saying goes, no one has been able to get a ``choo'' out of him. The man remains completely incommunicado as per the terms on which the Saudis allowed him to enter their country. Dr. Amin is presumably contemplating higher spiritual matters now that he has no further need for flashy uniforms or the freedom to propound on global matters.

    According to the reports published in the Gulf papers Mr. Sharif has agreed that he will not undertake any political activity or propagate against Pakistan's military Government while he is in exile. The Kingdom is not exactly at the other end of the world from Pakistan and it is one place where Pakistanis of different hues and wearing different uniforms visit on a very regular basis. That plus the efficiency of modern communications should theoretically enable Mr. Sharif to run the affairs of the Pakistan Muslim League, and perhaps those of the Alliance for Restoration of Democracy, by remote-control. What makes it virtually certain that he will not be able to do so is that his new hosts take a very dim view of such activities.

    There can be little doubt about Saudi Arabia's deep and abiding commitment to Pakistan. But that commitment is to Pakistan and not any particular leader.

    The Kingdom was one of the first to signal its acceptance of the advent of Gen. Pervez Musharraf as Chief Executive of Pakistan and they will not have the slightest qualms whether it is a military, religious or democratic leader who calls the shots in Islamabad. Pakistan has always followed the Saudi will on all international matters and this sort of loyalty is too precious to be jeopardised by unwonted sympathy for any one individual or his family.

    Will the Saudis use Mr. Sharif ? Why will they need to do so when they can always get Pakistan to do their bidding. Nevertheless a former Prime Minister can always be an asset especially since the Saudis have a multitude of interests in the area he hails from. Still, one thing is certain.

    If the Saudis do use Mr. Sharif's talents there will be little trace of it. In such matters the Saudis can be very subtle and secretive.

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    Who says t/ NS clan is going to stay in Saudi Arabia 4ever?? I believe they're already planning their journey to t/ land of t/ corrupt & famous i.e. England (No Offense!).

    After being greeted by t/ Saudi Royals so warm heartedly, (a slap in our present Pakistani regime) where t/ whole clan is performing Umraa & making a mockery of our religion they are well on their way to England, where all 3 shaitans i.e. Altaf, NS & BB (or maybe not considering t/ latest update on HER status!) will jointly condemn Pakistan & plan their return to Pkaistan as soon as this regime is over.

    I'm truly dismayed @ t/ outcome of this whole NS saga. Couldn't t/ Govt. have confiscated all thier assets while t/ jerk was still in prison. NS bought his freedom from t/ CE. Indeed a slap in our face.


      Yes he may wee go to England to join Ghog and Maggog (BB and Altaf) and if he continues his political campaign from there good.

      That will not only discredit him in the eyes of his new royal patrons but it will further discredit him in the eyes of the Pakistani people. This whole exercise is about finsishing off the present political elite in Pakistan i.e. the three Shaitans. And if we can get much needed hundreds of millions dollars back in exchange for these 'unsavoury' deals then even better.

      Lets cut this cancer out of Pakistan once and for all...and get soem of our looted money back. Then we can start afresh and build a new political class in Pakistan.

      And I don't think we should be to troubled by the equally corrupt Saudi's welcoming this crook in their country. Saudi rulers have had exceptionally close personal relations with ALL of Pakistan's rulers.
      In fact if they seem pals with NS then one should look back to the time of ZAB whom they adored and practically swooned over like some kind of "messiah".

      To the Saudi's Pakistan is more important in the long term than any single political figure. Pakistan is Saudi Arabia's insurance-policy.

      We have the most professional and most powerful armed forces in the entire Islamic world. Allah bring them continued glory!

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        Nobody seems to be pointing at the irony of the situation.
        Was Nawaz guilty or not ?
        Did the military consult anybody before doing this ?
        What exactly is the deal ?
        And finally does the miltary have moral right to keep other people it arrested in jail anylonger ?
        After all the big fish got away with it.Clan and all in Arabia.