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nawaz relese surprises india

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    nawaz relese surprises india

    HE developments in Pakistan that culminated in the exile of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif to Saudi Arabia appear to have caught the Indian government and its intelligence agencies by surprise.

    "We had no inkling of it," a senior intelligence source admitted, but noted that even the Pakistanis seemed to have been surprised by the developments till the day before the departure of Sharif and his family members.

    But the sources said the departure of Sharif from Pakistan was unlikely to have any impact on the domestic politics in Pakistan, leave alone Islamabad's ties with India.

    "We don't have that kind of attachment to Nawaz Sharif which can come in the way of our assessment of the present regime ( of Gen. Pervez Musharraf) on its own merits" said Muchkund Dubey, former foreign secretary and a key figure in the Track II diplomacy efforts to normalize ties between India and Pakistan.

    He said Sharif had been "written off" in Pakistan and even his Pakistan Muslim League (PML) had begun to consider him a political liability and been trying to project a new image for the party without him.

    Analysts said history could have been different for Sharif had he followed his hunch and pursued the policy of normalization of ties with India, particularly since Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee had gone more than half way when he traveled to Lahore by bus and signed with Sharif the Lahore Declaration.

    Continuing with that policy could have added to Sharif's international stature and the military would have thought twice before overthrowing his government, they said.

    But Sharif, like his predecessor Benazir Bhutto, gave in to pressure from the military, particularly the Inter-Services Intelligence(ISI), reversed that policy, adopted strident rhetoric on Kashmir and chose to acquiesce in the Kargil intrusion.

    Analysts said while Sharif has fled Pakistan as a "coward," the episode would also badly dent the image of Musharraf and his regime, which had seized power on the promise of eradication of corruption through the accountability process.

    "That could have an impact on the present peace moves that have been initiated in New Delhi and responded to by Islamabad," said an analyst, adding that if the military regime realizes that the pardon given to Sharif is unpopular with the public, it may try to make up for the damage by upping the ante in Kashmir.

    Developments in the next few weeks would reveal whether the Musharraf regime has emerged from the Sharif episode stronger or weaker, the analyst added.

    My you're on a cut and paste roll today aren't you rivkz?

    The Indians surprised huh? Well maybe they are shocked that their good old friend Nawaz has fled like a coward in the dead of night. Hence no more hatching of conspiracies by India to get Nawaz back in power - that puts hald of RAW out of a job!

    Now you have to deal with the increasingly powerful Musharraf - the one and only undisputed leader of Pakistan!


      whoever makes peace or tries to make peace with india cant be called traitor.
      minimum requiremnt to stay in power in pakistan should not be directly proportional
      to anti-indian hostility.
      pakistan does not have sophisticated political culture where civlilain goverment
      controls army.


        Frankly rivkz at this present moment the last thing on the minds of people in Pakistan is your blessed India.

        In fact India is probably not in the top 10 of things people in Pakistan think about on a regular basis. From the sort of posts we see we from your compatriots I am sure Pakistan figures somewhere at the top of Indian thoughts.