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Pakistani Reform & Development

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    Pakistani Reform & Development

    I've seen many posts about the under-development of Pakistan and it's various causes.

    Many people have criticised Pakistan's leaders, the people and so on . . . There is a joke/saying that a Maulvi once saw a boy urinating in the middle of the road. On seeing this he became very annoyed and took the boy to see his father. When the maulvia came to the boy's house and courtyard, there was the father himself urinating all around!!!!

    I've studied 3rd world development before, and my thoughts on this are as follows:

    Help can only start from within.
    Corruption would need to be removed. Beuracracy would have to be abolished.
    Every person in Pakistan should have recourse to the legal system. The landed gentry in Sindh and Punjab should be "encouraged" to be more active in their choice on investment - i.e. opening business' rather than swiss accounts. Financial as well as political stability would then attract inward investment.

    Pakistani's in the west can only provide the support in help if they are encouraged by Pakistani's in Pakistan, and are not reviled or hated.

    What do other's think?!?

    the problem isent just corruption its those god damn jamaat walaas who mess any form of development up.whenever any one makes a step forward,you have these so called religious leaders who think they know more about being a true muslim than the rest of us, complaining and whining about so and so being unislamic.and unfortunately all our govts have been run either by fools(musharaff) or corrupt politicians(both the bhuttos,ziaul haq and his adopted gana nawaz sharif) who bow down to the religious parties out of fear that the jammat walaas would tell the country about their illgeal activities.

    pakistan has all the potential to become an economic giant.all we need is honest and gutsy leadership.

    therefore,keeping all that in mind,wait for 3 years and watch me turn this country around after i graduate.


      I suggest you put away the toy solders!!

      My thinking on this is around development. Take one of the biggest mobile equipment companies around - Nokia - we all carry one don't we?? It started off in Scandanavia as a tree-felling company. The TATA company in India is following along similar lines.

      Can't some people get together and invest at home??


        Alas! We CANNOT go beyond our wishes and desires. LOL

        Sarfraz Khan