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Nawaz Sharif and Family Allowed to Leave Pakistan

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    Nawaz Sharif and Family Allowed to Leave Pakistan

    The morning newspapers screamed this headline....

    "President pardons Nawaz; entire Sharif family exiled"

    Hain...? What the heck is this.......

    It says that all fines, forfeiture of property and disqualification stay.

    So what has actually happened is that NS has BOUGHT his freedom. He ran away. Jail was too tough for him. To those who always said NS is spineless, it just proved their point. He just gave up politics to live a life of luxury, just as he was used to.

    Will a similar offer be made to Asif Z. too?
    Should be, right?
    There should be no discrimination when it comes to ignoring the rule of law, right?

    Saudis pleaded for NS. May be Sheikh Zayed will plead for AZ. Now that the precedence has been created, who is stopping this trend, haan?

    In a way, we can say....dirt is being cleaned.

    So hopefully the country will get lots of revenue by freeing these prisnors. It seems NS has agreed to forfeit his Pak bank balances, his homes in Lahore, and his hotel in London. Is it sufficient for years of corruption. We don't know. Not much, in my humble opinion. They have plundered this country and this nation for faaaaaar worse.

    What we do know is that this government has achieved several successes with one stroke.
    [list=1][*]It got loads of revenue (but it might have gotten it anyway).[*]It got rid of these nasty characters (but is the country rid of them forever?)[*]It gained a favor from the Arabs[*]It came out as the human-rights friendly folks who released a person suffering from heart condition (wah!)
    Etc etc[/list=a]

    So what if it lost a lot of face in the process... Who cares, right?

    That the government lost its credibility for across the board accountability is beyond doubt. The message now being sent is... come make a deal with us. And just leave and live the life of luxury you always wanted.

    News is that after 3-4 months, NS and Co will leave for and settle in London, the home of all exiled politicians rolling in dough. He'll join his old pal Altaf Hussain and they will play a cricket match, right?

    Once this military govt is out, who is gonna enforce this 21 years 'no politics' punishment on Mr NS? Wouldn't they just bring a son or a nephew forward...and the caravan will continue.

    This is the most hotly debated news in Pakistan today.

    You folks... opinions, criticism, ideas....?

    Come out...voice your opinion.

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    jaan bachi, laakho payen....

    jeeyenge to aur bhi kamayenge..


      To me, a politician, or in this case, former head of state, who plunders a countrys savings and income, is a hundred times worse than a thief, perhaps even worse than most of the murder convicts languishing in Pakistani jails with no court appearances even after years of agony in jail. So why does this mega-corrupt individual get to leave the jail cell and settle in a life of prosperity, thanks to the 'good willing' Saudi royal family and other jailed 'offenders', who havent even gotten a court appearance as yet are being made to languish in jail for an indefinite amount of time?
      A simple monetary judgement against him is good for the Pak govt., but doesnt put a dent in his bank balance. He still has access to millions, and regardless, since hes been provided asylum by Saudi Arabia, his welfare will now be their responsibility. I think Sharif and Co. got away with murder, and are thumbing their noses not only at Pakistan, but also at their own party members, who spent so many of their personal resources to keep the party going.

      I think Nawaz Sharif is a disgrace, and Begum Kalsoom Nawaz is an even bigger disgrace. But for politicians, disgrace is not a punishment. Its part of their daily life. They are used to it, and are immune to embarassment. I dont think they got their due the way they should have gotten. Nawaz Sharif outta have spent these 10 yrs in jail....or better yet...all of his sentence.

      When was the last time any law or ruling passed by a previous government was honored by the succeeding govt.? Chances are, if democracy comes back and somehow PML comes into power, they will enact some law nullifying Sharifs banishment from politics, thus opening the door for his return. Its not out of the question. Thats why part of me says he should have been hanged. But another part says he should have been stuffed in a regular jail. He should have paid in some way shape or form. With the current settlement, it doesnt feel like he paid at all.


        Musharaff should resign.He's lost whatever little credibility he had.This is so pathetic.A person who has been convicted by the courts has been allowed to go free by the govt.So much for the Judiciary.


          Who says the government got loads of revenues out of this?
          Reports are they abondoned model town,one factory and a hotel in britian.Is that all??
          Is this the price for one of the most corrupt family in pakistan.What about the billions stashed abroad?I would be quite happy if they had been made too pay hundreds of millions in dollar terms and government would not lose credibility in that case as they always said that bringing back wealth was their top priority.I would favour all such deals IF they conceded lots of money but news is that they didn't!

          If this is so I've lost all my trust in musharraf.

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            This is extremely stupid.
            I am still shocked!!

            You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


              Freedom the money can buy in Pakistan. No money, no freedom. Period!

              Sarfraz Khan


                military regime in pakistan has come a long way since zia-ul-haq. military junta is realy
                getting kinder and gentlar under international pressure


                  let nawaz shariff go to hell .get rid of such people and make sure that they donot ever return


                    Pristine sir you have hit the nail in the head! As unpalatable as it may be it should be considered for other politicians as well in BB's camp if need be. Its estimated that NS has handed over half his fortune - if BB does the same then Pakistan is looking at a financial boom!

                    Ahmed - if you are thinking about it in pure FINANCIAL terms then I suggest you look at the actual figures? I paste you something I posted in the other post:-

                    >>> Ahmed you call the 100 million dollars that Hudabaiaya(sic)industries is worth peanuts? Thats quite a pretty sum I think?
                    Then there is his sprawling model town residence - some 10 kanals plus and the houses in one of the best parts of Lahore. And their 4 star hotel in London - worth many many millions I'm sure. And then of course the 8.3 million dollar fine he has from the hijacking case and all bank accounts in Pakistan. These are the things I have read about so far.

                    I would estimate that at least half his fortune has been taken from him - of the figures I have seen so far.<<<

                    CM - it is to early to condemn this decision...I can gurantee this decision will have immeasurable benefit for Pakistan domestically and internationally.


                      Domestically u might be right Malik, it might prove benefitial for the country and the govt, not only monetarily, but also mentally. But internationally, I dont think so. I dont think a 'humane' end to Nawaz Sharif saga will ensure anything for Pakistan.
                      Whats saddening is that the Saudi govt has sponsored the family, and will support them will all the finances they have got. What does that say? 1, that the saudis dont exactly favor the current setup..and 2, we shipped off our junk to another muslim country. So its not about getting rid of the scum...its just about moving it around within our system.

                      How about sending the thousands of innocent jailees in Pakistan to Europe and US? There are thousands such detainees in Pakistani jails who have been sitting there for years without even being charged. Its not always about personal satisfaction. Its about justice as well. And showing justice in case of someone affluent is what makes a mark on the common man more than anything else.

                      Nawaz Sharifs departure means the Sharifs got what they wanted....and then some. They not only retained all their money, they also get to live in another country, under saudi protection.

                      Now u will see Kulsoom Nawaz, the hypocrite, sitting in masjid-e-nabvi with a taveez in her hand, eating dates bought either by haram money, or that granted by the royal family.

                      Fairness is what solves problems. Taking the easy way out is not the solution here. I wouldnt say Musharraf sold out, but he should definitely have done something more worthwhile with this family, and hit them where it hurts. And money is not where they will be hurt. Regardless of how much the govt will get from the Sharif family....whether its acres of land, hudaibiya mills (that have perenially run in the minus column, hence they are nowhere near being worth $100 mil, Malik)or any hotel anywhere in the world, it still doesnt put a dent in their holdings worldwide....and even in Pakistan.


                        excellent points eastern analogue! welcome to gupshup.


                          Yes good points Eastern Analog, but i think like mailik - surprise surprise - that it s way to earlu to judge anything.
                          I will wait till the end of the week to say anything.

                          CROIRE A L'INCROYABLE
                          You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


                            Good thing he is allowed to leave.
                            He did not deserve life punishment and good it is off. He is a good man.
                            The real culprits are the PPP with benazir she is the one who took the money of pakistan and lives outta of pakistan too.
                            She is still liveing the life. She should be put in jail.


                              CM...I understand Maliks points..and i agree with them to a certain extent as well. People who know me, know that im a die hard fan of this military setup, and will be the first one to defend their role.

                              The long term implications of this decision might be fruitful. But that long term will come after 20 -30 years, when we have a generation of politicians in Pakistan that doesnt know who Nawaz Sharif was, or what he did to this country. But for those who have directly suffered under his brand of corruption, they need some closure on this case....not by jetting him off to some princely setting. But by making him pay for his crimes. He let the country down for a long time...and with this extremely selfish action, he has let his own party down.

                              Money, to these people, is like a river running down the himalaya. The govt only managed to carve out and seperate one tiny stream from that river. The rivers still belong to them. All their mills and businesses in Pakistan were running in extreme losses.....and they are not worth much on the market.
                              Sharifs son, who lives in England, is a big mastermind, who has controlled all their outside holdings and has also played a huge part in getting Sharif out of the country. Realistically speaking, this is a loss for the Musharraf government, because this was really not their decision. They gave into external pressure, something that we thought would not happen. Yet it did. This was dictated by the Saudis...and i wouldnt be surprised if certain restrictions were threatened in case of non-compliance.

                              Once again, Nawaz Sharif and the whole Sharif clan got away with murder. They plundered the country.....and what the govt is said to have confiscated property and money worth upwards of $300 mill, is the value that it had when it was in its prime. At this time, other than the $8.3 mil in hard cash, its really hard to say how much the govt. got. And lets say for arguments sake, the govt got enough. But does that mean that this hurts the Sharif clan? not the least bit. They are rejoicing, i can bet u that.
                              Other jailees in Pakistan dont even get to see a doctor, and end up dying in their jail cells. Pregnant women give birth to babies on their own in jail cells. And Sharif gets to go abroad for medical treatment for heart ailment, which probably is nothing more than a headache.

                              When all is said and done, I think this will be classified as a victory for Sharif. Not for the govt.