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    srict "conditions" for pakistan

    U.S. Attaches Strict Conditions For Economic ‘Cooperation’ With Pakistan, Islamabad Continues To Resist

    By A Special Correspondent

    Exclusive for Tribune International
    WASHINGTON – The Chief Executive of Pakistan has refused to bow down to an American pressure to ensure a firm date of “restoration of democracy” in Pakistan, diplomatic sources in Washington have reported. According to a reliable source despite severe economic pressure and more than thirty billion dollars foreign debt knocking the door, Pakistani leaders were strongly resisting American pressures and Islamabad has also rejected Washington’s assurance that it (Pakistan) would not go ahead with its fresh nuclear cold fusion experiments and laboratory tests.

    Unconfirmed reports also say that American top leadership also wanted that Islamabad should not only withdraw its support for Kashmiris militants but also back negotiated settlement between Indians and Kashmiris without being directly involved.

    According to a highly reliable source in Washington the American Administration had floated the following conditions for Pakistan to meet for an urgent monetary bail-out of that country:

    1)Pakistan should immediately put a “complete and comprehensive freeze” on all its nuclear projects that may lead to further explosions and laboratory tests. Pakistan should sign CTBT unilaterally and without linking it’s progress with India or any other state.

    2)akistan should stop working on long ranged (more than 2500 klm) missile that may, according to Americans, pose immediate threats to the security of Israel. In fact some Americans believe that such missiles can also threaten American bases and ships in the Gulf as well. This move came following recent missile test and further preparation for more tests.

    3)Pakistan should not move to transfer and share it’s nuclear and long-ranged missile technology with states considered as “irresponsible” or listed as “terrorism-sponsored countries”. The Americans are privately concerned about Pakistan’s alleged cooperation with Iran and Libya in particular and also raise ”eye-brows’ over Saudi Arabia “interest” in Pakistan’s missile and rocket technology.

    4)Pakistan should not only stop “support & encouraging” Kashmiri militants and other Islamic militants in the region but should also openly support a negotiated and amicable settlement between Indians and Kashmiri groups such as Hizbul Mujahideens. Any disturbance to such “peaceful settlement” may bring “disasterous” situation for the whole region. The United States will help at a later stage to seek an overall settlement of Kashmir and “adjoining areas” (This is a hint that Washington would seek an over all settlement of Pakistan controlled Jammu & Kashmir as well as Northern Areas).

    5)Pakistan should extend “more practical cooperation” with Washington and other Western nations to curb, control and arrest terrorism and narcotics trafficking.

    6)Pakistan should exert “solid pressure” on Talibans to hand over Osama bin Laden to either United States or to a West European state to stand trail on terrorism charges.

    7)Pakistan should put “adequate pressure” on Kabul to stop exporting Jehad and terrorism in southeast Asia in particular and other parts of the world in general. This was a clear hint that Kabul should stop all support to Kashmiri and anti-American Islamic militants. Earlier the United States had demanded an end to Islamic militancy in Central Asia but in its recent demands the Americans did not mention anything like that.

    8)American State Department officials made it clear during Chief Executive’s New York visit that Americans would encourage IMF, WB and EU to extend “immediate aid to Pakistan” if it can meet Western conditions.

    9)Washington also wants Pakistan to facilitate American and other American-backed NGOs to operate freely in Pakistan to “get involved in social and democratic works” in the region. Pakistan refused to “interfere” in internal affairs of China and made it clear that it cannot allow any local or foreign- backed NGOs to get involved in any unwanted activities. Washington was concerned about recent antipathy against Western-back Foundations and NGOs in northern areas, Dhir, Gilgit & Chitral as well as in North West Frontier near Afghan borders.

    10)Washington made it clear that military leadership in Pakistan should withdraw from politics and help restore democracy in Pakistan allowing all political parties and leaders to participate in a “FREE” and “FAIR” elections without any prejudice and discrimination. Pakistani officials refused to give any firm date or time-table under but pledged to restore step-by-step democracy by Marach 2001.

    11)All minorities (Christians in particular) and other citizens in general should be given adequate and proper protections to their lives and properties. Human rights and fundamental rights should be full protected and given Constitutional coverage.


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