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NS - good leader?

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    NS - good leader?

    Now i am a big fan of the CE after the mess NS created.
    But i have been and was a NS supporter from 1990 till when the he got kicked out.
    Meaning i was pissed with him after 1999.
    The guy was decent in the beginning in 1992.
    He just got surrounded by *******s.
    Like take the article from the news today:

    After a long affectionate embrace, Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz held Nawaz's hand in his hands and announced to the gathering: "Nawaz Sharif is a brother, a real brother and will always remain a real brother to me. We love him," A few moments later the crown price was seen beaming in excitement and surprise as Shahbaz Sharif responded on behalf of his elder brother in flawless Arabic. Shahbaz's outstanding ability to speak Arabic with almost perfect native accent has made him a favourite Pakistani politician for several Arab leaders.

    Arab leaders usually don't say that for most Pakistani leaders.
    NS has earned his love and respect from the Arab leaders.
    Read the above article for more info on how he got out, and how Saudi, Qatar, UAE and some other country were dicussing him leaving a week after the military coup.

    Then of course we got an excellent deal with NS leaving as follows:
    5 Industries worth around 1 billion dollars easily - total guess.
    50 acres of land maybe more.
    300 million rupees, which is around what less than a million dollars.

    Back to the topic, NO matter what a big dumb idiot NS was, he did a lot for Pakistan esp. in the arab countries.
    If we have elections, we will need a strong willed well linked leader.
    NS filled that void long ago.
    Who will fill it now?
    This guy could have been the one, if he was such a stupid idiot.

    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!

    CM...a couple issues
    Did we really get all the money that the papers are touting about?
    Not nearly.
    The cash total that they left behind is around $5mil. The industries left behind, were all running in immense losses, and arent worth nearly the $1 billion that they are being claimed as. And the property owned by just

    No matter how high a price u attach to the value of the property, we have to keep in mind that there is a difference between value and return. So their 'property' is worth $1.5 bil. But does that translate into $1.5 bil in cash? NO. The cash part is perhaps no more than a few million. And the rest....well, unless someone buys the property, it has nil value. And i doubt it that anyone out there will buy perenial loser industrys at face value. All these factories and mills, at best, will go at half their price, which will bring the total seizure down to half of whats being claimed now.

    And the part that bothers me the most is, that this doesnt affect that Sharif clan at all. 90% of what they own now is still money stolen from the pakistani public.

    And the arabs love anyone who licks their feet. The Sharifs did they love em. What else can i say


      CM simply put these Arab leaders like the Saudi's are like Nawaz - up to their necks in corruption, thoroughly immoral and American stooges! Have you noticed where all these Gulf Sheikhs have 2nd or 3rd homes? In the plush parts of Pakistan and Europe. Plus these Sheikhs have substantial PERSONAL financial holdings connected to the Ittefaq group. This "respect" is ALL based on financial corruption and nothing else. If thats Pakistan gaining respect then no thanks!

      EA - don't be such a cynic...CM's figures are checking out. The government is conducting massive raids and seizures as we speak.

      I trust the CE on this.


        #4 trying to be optimistic. But certain issues are tough to ignore.

        All the industries left behind by the Sharif family are really not worth that much. I know this pretty much first hand.
        And secondly..the issue that bothers me more than anything else....lets say for arguments sake, the government does get a trillion dollars out of this....what message does it send out to corrupt politicians? freedom for sale? This is a sad precedence that has been set because of blackmailing by the Saudis.

        I dont blame the CE on this, because it was not his decision to make. It wasnt the presidents desicion to make either. The CE tried to squeeze every penny out of the deal, and thats really all he could have done. But I dont think a couple of hard lined stances would have hurt the economy of Pakistan either.

        Provision of justice is the key. One phone call by Arab princes, and the biggest decision passed by the judge in the Sharif case is crossed out. What message does that send to the public? The judiciary is not free after all


          Once again i don't need to say a thing, but i will.

          You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!