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Nawaz might go into exile from Sunday

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    Nawaz might go into exile from Sunday

    Nawaz might go into exile from Sunday
    (Updated at 1445 PST)
    ISLAMABAD: Former PM Nawaz Sharif has made a deal with the government under which he will receive a pardon in exchange for going into exile for at least 10 years, senior sources in his party said on Saturday.

    A government spokesman said Nawaz Sharif, now serving a life sentence in the Attock military fortress, had requested permission to seek medical attention abroad. The spokesman said he did not know if a pardon was under consideration.

    Sharif's wife Kulsoom, who has taken over directing the Pakistan Muslim League in his absence, said Saudi officials had carried out extended negotiations on the jailed leader's future but she did not know the outcome. The party sources said Sharif would leave for Saudi Arabia as early as Sunday after receiving a presidential pardon for the series of crimes for which he is now serving multiple sentences.

    Sharif, his wife, his father-in-law and a brother who is also in prison on related charges would all accompany him into exile after the former prime minister promises not to re-enter Pakistan for 10 years, the sources said.

    The head of the state's information department, Anwar Mehmood, said the government was considering a request by Sharif, who reportedly suffers heart problems, to seek medical attention abroad.

    Hope this is not the case. Let him be treated in Pakistan. Has he and his clan returned all the money they looted from the country? Why should these cheats and thieves be allowed to be better off than the common man? Take away all their assets and give them a jhuggi and Rs 2000/month to live on. That would save the govt. prison expenses and let these criminals reap a bit of what they actually sowed. This obvoiusly goes for all politicians (eg. Bhuttos, etc), businessmen, bankers et al who have run the country down.


      If General Musharraf has got agreement on the following points then this is a good deal...and good riddance to NS!:-

      1) ALL of the Sharif family leave Pakistan.

      2) NS to remain out of politics for at least 10 years.

      3) His family forfeit all their property and holdings in Pakistan to the government.

      4) They make no comments against the government when outside Pakistan.


        Why cant he be treated in Pakistan just like t/ rest of t/ criminals?? Hasn't he had enough liberties as it is?? Let t/ jerk feel how it is to live in a country like Pakistan as an avge citizen. Where he infact is living bettr thn t/ avge. man evn now w/ all t/ amenities available to him as a political prisoner.

        NS & BB have left t/ country on t/ brink of bankruptcy. Now NS is conveniently planning to live In t/ UK / USA w/ all their priveliges available to him.

        He will now join BB & Altaf Hussain in mkaing stupid / ignorant statements about Pakistan & it's Govt. I say let him rot where he is right now & suffer like t/ rest of t/ country which is so desparately trying to mke both ends meet, Thannks to BB & NS.

        If he does manage to leave Pakistan make sure he does not enter Pakistan (hence it's politcs) anywhere from 20-25 yrs, just to mke sure these guys don't have t/ faintest of hope of EVER returning into Pakistani politics.


          It has been confirmed!!!!!!!!!
          The NEWS
          Govt. says Nawaz Sharif awarded clemency
          (Updated at 0105 PST)
          ISLAMABAD: Official sources said Saturday Nawaz Sharif has been pardoned and exiled to Saudi Arabia in the best interest of the country and the people of Pakistan.


            Agreed Malik73

            They are saying that NS has handed all the assets to the government and that there is some sort of agreement to payoff all outstanding bank loans.

            I hope they have a concrete agreement on point 3 Malik. The government has to be careful in that it doesn’t send a wrong message to its future leaders that they can rob the country blind and if they get caught they will be able to get exile agreement such as NS has.

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              I have mixed feelings about this. I wanted him to be punished......not that harshly though. On the one hand, the prosecution was going for a death penalty, and was appealing against the life sentence, and now this. Khair....i say, as long as he and his cohorts are not able to meddle in any affairs related to Pakistan, its ok. And i think they should draft something similar for Benazir.
              But frankly speaking, I think Nawaz Sharif is getting away with murder. He gets to live in a country of choice......with all the bars. Thats what he wanted anyway. Boy these politicians sure know how to manipulate the system. But good riddance anyway.


                Text of government confirmation about Nawaz's exile

                ISLAMABAD: Nawaz Sharif has been convicted in two cases by the courts in Pakistan. The punishments awarded are as follows:

                1: Aircraft Conspiracy Case

                Imprisonment for life
                Fine Rs. 500,000/-
                C. Forfeiture of property. Rs. 500,000,000/-
                2: Helicopter Case

                14 years RI
                Rs. 20,000,000/-

                Disqualification from seeking/being chosen or nominated for any public office for 21 years.

                Over the past few months Nawaz Sharif and his family had been appealing to the Chief Executive and the President of Pakistan requesting for clemency. They had also filed a petition requesting for waiver of punishment awarded by the Sindh High Court in the Aircraft Case and the Accountability Court in the Helicopter Case.

                Nawaz Sharif and his family had pleaded his failing health and need of specialist medical care urgently requesting that he may be allowed to proceed abroad for treatment. The Sharif family had also submitted that they be allowed to accompany him.

                Recently Pakistan's closest friend Saudi Arabia offered the Government of Pakistan to accept the Sharif family for medical treatment on humanitarian grounds if exiled to their country.

                On advice of the Chief Executive, the President of Pakistan according to law has pardoned Nawaz Sharif's remaining jail sentence while the rest of the punishment awarded by the honorable courts which includes fine, forfeiture of property and disqualification from public office would remain in place.

                Nawaz Sharif and family have been exiled to Saudi Arabia. This decision has been taken in the best interest of the country and the people of Pakistan.


                Saudi plane at Islamabad airport tarmac to take Nawaz abroad

                ISLAMABAD: An executive jet belonging to the Saudi royal family had arrived and was on the tarmac at the military airport on the outskirts of Islamabad, sources said.

                A Saudi prince was in the capital in connection with the case had circulated throughout the day. The plan would carry Nawaz and his family abroad, the sources added.

                Meanwhile, another report said former Punjab chief minister Shahbaz Sharif has been shifted to Marri from a Karachi Jail.



                  Thus is utterly stupid.
                  DUMB DUMB DUMB.
                  I will wait till tomorrow to figure out what exactly is happening as there is not much damn confusion at this time.
                  Also mailik according to CNN and The Dawn, NS is banned for life from politics and not just for 10 years.
                  Also where id you get those 4 points, as i can't find then any where on the net.

                  CROIRE A L'INCROYABLE
                  You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!



                    Yes too many stories floating about.We have wait for the dust to settle.


                      I don't have mixed feelings on this at all. On balance its a good thing...with one stroke of the pen all major political opposition to the government has been wiped out!

                      Look at in perspective. NS swore that he would challenge the CE to the last and would NEVER give up and fight for years if need be for "the sake of the Pakistani people". If he had carried out his promise he would have been an irritant (at best) to the government and a diversion to tackling the real problems of our country.

                      Well now the CE has masterfully proved that NS and his family along with the PML are a worthless bunch of money grabbers and nothing else. Whatever residual support the PML had after 12 October 1999 will now completly evaporate.


                      Pakistani politics has now been cleansed of the three evils that have dogged it for the last 12 years - Benazir, Altaf and Nawaz.

                      * According to the government statement he has ONLY be pardoned for the hijacking prison sentances and NOTHING ELSE.

                      * ALL his properties and financial holdings (acquired through corruption) have been seized by the government.

                      * ALL memebers of his ROTTEN family have been kicked out of Pakistan - father, sons, daughters, husbands/wives, and grandchildren - GOOD RIDDANCE!

                      * NS has been BANNED FOR LIFE FROM POLITICS according to this statement.

                      * And they will not be aloud (by the Saudi's) to make any statements against the Pakistani government.

                      ** By making this deal NS has in effect acknowledged that GENERAL PERVEZ MUSHARRAF IS THE LEGITIMATE AND UNDISPUTED LEADER OF PAKISTAN.

                      Yes, its disappointing that he will not suffer for all the corruption and mismanagement he brought to the country. But that would have been a long and drawn out process that would have been bad for Pakistani democracy and progress in the future.

                      On top of all this we must remember a couple of things -

                      * The CE has now finally won LEGITIMACY as ruler of Pakistan.

                      ** Foreign pressure on the government will decrease and our ties with the likes of Saudi Arabia will be improved.

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                        if they r lettin NS off y not benizer husband he was arrested 4 similar reasons and i believe he has also got health probs but then i agian i think he deserves to be in he was a lot worser


                          Boley the chances of Zardari getting the same pardon are ZERO! He was not a national leader like NS or BB.

                          According to this ruling NS will have to accpet his disqualification from pilitics for 21 years and pay the 8.3 million dollar fine.

                          Plus ALL his property in Pakistan is now the property of the Pak government!


                            If NS wants to leave, then it is kindda
                            " good riddance.." but thn why 10 yrs?? why not mke it 20-25? 10 yrs is nothing, they'll pass like a blink of any eye and how old will he be thn? Apparently not old enough to cease negotiating w/ t/ enemy. But yeah I do believe this guy has goten away w/ murder!


                              Well apparently he has life-threatening heart trouble and can't even walk to the toliet on his own. He may not be around in 10 years tome?