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    to save punjab

    To save Punjab

    Saving Punjab is as much India’s responsibility as it is Pakistan’s. India cannot let these invading forces cross the Indus and turn West Punjab into a wasteland. The only way for Punjab to survive is to let the frontier be frontier and rejoin India— its natural home. But is the Punjabi ruling elite capable of such vision? As one Pakistani (Punjabi) journalist told Kaplan, "We have never defined ourselves in our own right — only in relation to India. That is our tragedy." This attitude represents a historic truth: Punjab is India or it is happy hunting ground for the frontier tribes. If the Punjabis do not cure themselves of their hatred, it may soon lead to an even greater tragedy— of Afghanistan consuming Pakistan itself. Punjabis should see for themselves that Pakistan is a fantasy that died the day Bangladesh broke away. They should also recognize that the Punjabis never asked for Pakistan; the people who planted that poison seed remained in India. And the same people — of the Deoband School of Lucknow — planted also the poison seed that grew to be Taliban.

    The choice for the Punjabis of Pakistan is clear. Forces of history and geography are against them. They can return to their natural home in India as the proud citizens of a great power or continue their sordid existence as a client state that can be hired by a patron whenever a dirty job needs to be done. But even this is precarious and short-lived existence. For all its bombast, Pakistan — its Punjabi core at least — is today little more than a buffer state between India and the violent frontier. Once they become part of India, they will have a great power to defend them against the hordes. One hopes they recognize the inexorability of the logic: it is India or oblivion, there is no middle ground.

    For India the option is clear. Pakistan as it exists today is facing a meltdown. Changes of government and leaders will not turn back the elemental forces now in play. And negotiations and treaties with a melting state are meaningless. As India becomes a great power, the Pakistani Punjab and the land east of the Indus River will inexorably be drawn into India. And the Indus River will again be its natural boundary. There will be many challenges, but the goal is clear: to minimize the damage and destruction during this historic reunion, which I now feel is inevitable. In summary, India can no longer afford the luxury of being a soft state, continuing to avoid hard decisions and actions. A soft state at this critical juncture in history may also face a meltdown like Pakistan.


    Look, I just want to be able to go from my home city of Amritsar to Lahore without there being a single border crossing checkpoint with armed guards stopping me from doing so.


      Oh, sure, let us know when you want the keys to Punjab.
      Hahahah, what a joke.
      Who writes these articles, don't they know that they are coming across as terminally DUMB and STUPID, instead of intellectual, as that is what they are trying to sound like?
      Do the writers think that anybody takes them seriously?
      Don’t they know that everyone laughs behind their backs after reading such articles?


        Pakistan is a great country, punjabis (i am one) are happy as part of Pakistan.

        What a DUMB article, totally bizarre.


          You must be dumb to think that pakistani punjabi want to be part of India...NO WAY
          We aRe PROUD PAKISTANI and we Will never be part of india.. We will rather go with afghanistan, They are muslim and our brothers and sisters, Taliban of pakistan Might soon come someday and it is a big step to save PAKISTAN from becoming Like India, a hindu state. Talibanism has already happened in parts of Pakistan like NWFP and soon into punjabi that will be the best thing that will happen to pakistan. We will not be mixed with Indians like yourself. We have Diginity modesty and Pride. we will not let India take it from us.





              I don't see any Pakistan Punjabi, or Indian Punjabi claim to be wanting to be part of any other country. They're fine the way they are.

              One thing I am left to ask is.

              Why are Pakistani Punjabi's so embarassed of their mother tongue Punjabi, and always resort to speaking Urdu. Yes, modern Punjabi may not be as poetic or literatical sounding, but it is a language of fantastic history. Urdu is almost like Hindi, with a few arabic words for a twist. Punjabi is your language, be proud.. And really, if you ever hear Old Punjabi, you will find it to be the most poetic language in South Asia. And if you need proof of that, just read the Guru Granth Sahib (of the Sikhs) which is composed mainly in Old Punjabi, with Persian and Sanskrit. Every verse is poetic.

              I am tired, of Pakistani Punjabi's speaking Urdu all the time.