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is this purge of anti-indian military generals

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    is this purge of anti-indian military generals

    Seven major generals superseded, three promoted

    ISLAMABAD: Seven senior most major generals have been superseded in the new phase of promotions of three major generals, who would take up key command and staff positions.

    Quoting a senior official, daily The News reported on Wednesday that three major generals--Ahsan Salim Hayat, Qadir Baloch and Tariq Waseem Ghazi--were promoted to lieutenant generals and they have been posted as Quarter-Master General (QMG) and Corps Commander Gujranwala on the dates when their predecessors retire from the Army, respectively. The posting of Lt-Gen Ghazi will be announced within this week.

    Those who have been superseded in the new phase of promotion of general officers are Maj-Gen Zafar Abbas (Armored), who was on the top of the senior list, Maj-Gen Rizwan Qureshi (Infantry), Deputy QMG Maj-Gen. Sarfraz Ahmed, Maj-Gen. Tariq Kiyani, Director-General Ordnance Maj-Gen Tasneem Ahmed, DG IB, Maj-Gen Rafiullah Niazi and Maj-Gen Haider Javed.

    "It's a new trend to inject new blood, though in Army the superseded officers would continue to work till their retirement in a normal course," said the senior officer. Recently, in Pakistan Air Force Air Marshal Mushaf Ali Mir was appointed as new Air Chief by superseding five senior air marshals who were all sent on pre-mature retirement.

    Though it would purely be a personal decision of the superseded major generals to continue working or seek pre-mature retirement from the Army, it is often a case that superseded officers continue. There are examples when the superseded officers like Ali Quli Khan and many others sought premature retirement. But there are also examples like Lt-Gen Farrukh Khan and many others who not only continued but given extension by the government as lieutenant generals in the past.

    A highly-place source said that Maj-Gen Ashfaq Kiyani would soon assume the charge of Director-General Military Operations (DG MO), as Maj Gen Shahid Aziz, the present DG MO, would be sent to Murree as GOC. Maj-Gen Aziz was appointed DG MO on promotion of the then Maj-Gen Tauqir Zia in October 1999 and was appointed corps commander, Mangla.

    Tauqir was brought as DG MO after he had served as GOC, but in the case of Maj-Gen Aziz he was appointed DG MO. Now he is being sent to a command posting as a requirement before he is promoted to the next rank. In a related development the promotion board for brigadier would meet in the third week of January next year as the board, to be chaired by Chief Executive General Pervaiz Musharraf, would finalize cases of several officers for their promotion to the next rank.

    Lt-Gen Naeem Akbar will retire in March next year, while Lt-Gen Tahir Ali Qureshi would be retiring in April next year. So the cases of promotions would be decided much in advance of the retirement of these two lieutenant generals in a bid not to keep the matter pending for appointing their successors.

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    And from where do you get this idea rivkz?


      everything that happens in pakistan doesn't relate to India.

      could be a million reasons why some generals were superseded, and its not a new thing. its been happening for a long time. i should know cuz my father and grandfather were in the airforce and i always got to hear such things..


        An officer is superseded based on certain departmental requirements...not based on how much pro or anti indian he is. Promotions at the higher ranks are made based on several different factors, which include # of years in service, no. of courses completed, kinds of courses completed, their placement in those courses, their performance manifestos dating back to the date of their commission, among others.
        So it could be any one of these reasons....and I happen to know a few generals from the above names, and this is something that they had been expecting a long time back. So its not as if its been sprung on to them in the matter of a day. Through the course of his service, an officer knows what his status is, and knows where he stands.

        And as for your topic....honestly, if promotions were to be made based on who is the most anti-indian, then the whole Pakistan Army would be full of Field Marshals


          i meant to say are they trying to fill the post with more secular people to united states liking. the beneficiary may be india
          and stable pakistan



            rikviks military matters are not decided arbitarily, and in a professional army like Pakistans, politics ie being secular or no-secular does not come into it.

            It is strictly on merit, that is why our army is recognised as highly disciplined and organised, a fully profesional force.


              rivkz you mean people like General Musharraf huh who you guys think is the "architect of the Kargil war"?


                i dont know i heard zia-ul-haq planned?
                bhutto says kargil plan was presented to her she refused. i dont know why karmat was made
                to resign by sheriff. may be nusharuff inherited the kargil plan he inteligently used to get into power .shariff also too despotic alieanting lot of people.
                us has lot of influence on pakistani army
                they know everthing what is going on



                  How much do you know about the military in Pakistan ?

                  I think you know very little about the Pak Armed Forces. In another thread you implied about Punjab's dominance and now you are trying to comment about the character and general demeaner of certain personnel. I wonder how much of the extensive intelligence gathering structure do you have on these people personaly ?

                  By the way, a glance of the papers and military journals for a few years would give you some idea regarding what Ghazi and Hayat have as opinions regarding India.

                  Research my friend, research. Unmistakeably important when judging people.

                  I think you need to take some time and look into the information widely available on the armed forces.
                  Like notice how many of the newly appointed personnel have little to do with liasion and admin control. Also that almost all are previously decorated field soldiers (generally they spend little time in admin and are siphoned off to support depts. in order to act as advisors during hostilities).
                  This is a very new concept and might be seen to be a move towards a more front line role for "good soldiers" rather than good administrators.

                  The military may be getting a little more "focused" on their "core skills".
                  It gives an indication that they intend not to stay around for long and are filling posts with people who would be beneficial for mil-ops but not for administrative duties alongside civilian depts.
                  Admin groups are being kept at liason grades. Interesting.

                  It is a clear indication that the military is not here to stay.



                    ##US has lot of influence on pakistani army
                    they know everthing what is going on##

                    Take a valid statement from 1989 and repeat it till 2000.

                    Of course it has to be true......... because we have been saying it for the past 10 years, so it must be true.

                    Unfortunately, the matter is not that simple.

                    If the US was so much in control, they managed not to be able to stop the transfer of nuclear and ballistic know how from Pakistan to Itran (see the CIA fact book on Iran's nuclear prograam).

                    The US was not able to stop Pakistan from shifting its military dependancy from US based equipment to Chinese and collaborated.

                    US was not able to stop the Kargil crisis from esculating and had to use all its political strength to come to Vajpayee's call when it was made.

                    The US strong armed Sharif into signing a treaty that they were aware the military would not approve.

                    great influence


                      i dont know i heard zia-ul-haq planned?
                      you dont know.....and u heard. U have to be a lil more reliable than that rvikz.

                      bhutto says kargil plan was presented to her she refused.
                      this isnt the joke forum....bhutto didnt know what her husband and father in law were doing....she was the biggest numbskull to hit Pakistan.

                      i dont know why karmat was made
                      to resign by sheriff.

                      because he had integrity...and sharif feared he would be made to look stupid

                      may be nusharuff inherited the kargil plan he inteligently used to get into power
                      u think? u just find it hard to swallow that a handful of mujahideen can kick the butt of close to a million of the indian forces.

                      shariff also too despotic alieanting lot of people.
                      not his posse.....meaning, the only people he had alienated were the common public and the army.

                      us has lot of influence on pakistani army
                      they know everthing what is going on

                      again, this is not the jokes forum.