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Pakistan's "RAW Agents"

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    Pakistan's "RAW Agents"

    Excerpts from an article in the DAWN
    All may be fair, as they say, in love and war, but what about the kind of cold war that has over the years underlined Pakistan's ties with neighbouring India? Getting hold of rival 'secret agents' - India's Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) - is just a case in point. These arrests follow a sinisterly identical pattern and reek of vindictiveness, with more madness than method behind them. An example will illustrate the point.

    On Oct 9, Pakistan law-enforcement agencies arrested two alleged RAW agents in Gulistan-i-Jauher. On their tip-off, five operators were also arrested in Thatta (Jatti coastal area). Pakistan Television trumpeted the arrest, reporting that the RAW agents had set up an office by the name of 'Deep-sea Fisheries' in Room 211, on the second floor of the Europa Centre located on I.I. Chundrigar Road. It added that the RAW agents had been found in possession of explosive material, arms and ammunition. They had worked as carriers, providing other RAW agents with arms and ammunition required to carry out terrorist activities, it added.
    News reports said the agents had admitted that the gang, headed by Zafar, had been controlled directly by RAW's Delhi office in Basant Gunj. They confessed that explosive material and ammunition had been dispatched to Thatta from the Indian shore, Butt Bandar. They further confessed that they had been trained at various camps in Haryana, Nainital and Jodhpur.

    The police booked these alleged RAW agents under the Explosive Act, the Anti-Terrorism Act and the National Activities Act (FIR 248/2000 dated Oct 9). It is, however, intriguing that they are being labelled RAW agents merely on the basis of confessions they made while in police custody, the veracity of which is too well known to be questioned. Those arrested may well actually turn out to be what they are being taken as, but the point is that a court of law should be the one to declare them so if it finds a fit enough case for such a judgment.

    The actual worth of confessions made in police custody is well represented by the proceedings in the famed Bhoja case. On March 19, 1999, Asif Bhoja, son of airline chief Farooq Bhoja, was kidnapped at gunpoint in Lines Area. A day later, the boy was shot dead. The then prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, being a friend of Farooq Bhoja's, visited the bereaved family, and ordered the police to arrest the kidnappers within four days. The then inspector-general of police, Rana Maqbool, had to oblige.

    Accordingly, four people were arrested who confessed that they had kidnapped the boy and killed him afterwards. It was when the chief of the Citizens-Police Liaison Committee, Jamil Yousuf, interrogated the accused that it came to light that they had been tortured and made to confess. If confessions could be manipulated in such a high-profile case, what cannot be done in cases where the sitting head of government has no personal interest!

    Back to the case of the alleged RAW agents. Talking to CIA SSP Manzoor Ahmad Mughal, who handled the case in question, one gets the impression that the law, as enshrined in the Constitution, at present in abeyance, and the Pakistan Penal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code is too perfect and foolproof to be sidestepped. When asked if the accused had been tortured in custody, he looked as though butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, saying: "They were not tortured at all. They were not even slapped. The gave all the information voluntarily because they were suffering from compunction." Going by his words, the accused were, indeed, very God-fearing RAW agents!

    The SSP made it all look solemn by adding that the accused had been produced before a judicial magistrate who had asked them whether they had been tortured or not. The magistrate also informed them that under the Section 164 of the CrPC their confession could be used as evidence against them in a court of law.

    A senior police official, however, admitted that what happens in practice is a far cry from what is written in the tomes of the law. He said that under the law the judicial magistrate was supposed to talk to the accused in person, but usually a law-enforcement officer sits within earshot, and the accused knows that if he did not admit to having made voluntary confession, he would be given a thrashing back in custody.

    How lightly our police treat such routine happenings was underlined by the flippant attitude shown by DIG Karachi when he was approached for his comments on the issue. "Forget it. Write on cricket, instead" were his less-than-thought-provoking words. It was obvious he was not willing to play ball with the press!

    A very senior police official, however, said the reason why police resort to torture is that they do not have advanced technology at their disposal to properly investigate crimes.
    The police should be asked to produce more tenable evidence against people who are arrested for being RAW agents. Insiders say that more often than not the police arrest 'RAW agents' merely to establish their efficiency. Since the press in Pakistan has shown little tendency to do follow-up stories on such arrests, the fate of such 'RAW agents', who have been arrested over the last several decades, can never be fully known.

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    Hmmm so what did you want to discuss?


      Nothing, he just wants to show how dumb pakistanis are that they blame RAW for every thing.

      You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


        okay! call me dumb! Lekin like Sabah, I have no idea what to discuss here!


 could ask the same question to Malik73/CM/cronies when they copy-paste stuff from Indian Newspapers/sites........but u wouldn't be comfortable......

          However, this above article was not so much to generate discussion but to serve as a reading material for guppies(especially the Pakis) who equate RAW with ISI and to open their eyes to the fact that most "alleged RAW agents" are arrested in Pak on fake grounds , to malign India and provide a convenient excuse for any terrorist activity in Pakistan.


            What's the point!



              I dont think you want a database of reports from Indian Newspapers that mention ISI.

              Or do you ?

              Lets face it, RAW is to MQM columnists as good a scapegoat as ISI is to RSS.

              It does not take a genius to figure out where some political parties get their lights.

              Do you want to do some home work ?
              I would recommend it.

              Check a dawn article. "Is Islam in a Relic ?".
              Interesting article that was.

              And they say the press is muzzled

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