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Time running out for Musharraf & cronies

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    Time running out for Musharraf & cronies

    Instead of trying to seek legitimacy as a Military ruler, he should have achieved what's good for the people. He acted like a politician who won on a narrow vote, seeking legitimacy. If he had used the power of the government and military to weed out corruption, acceptance would have followed. Not just from his country, but the world around. Nothing newly bad would have been said about him, but he missed the chance. Anyhow time is running out... fast !

    The following is from a Paki newpaper called Nation, dated Ramazan 02, 1421 - Wednesday, November 29, 2000.

    'Honesty of intent' factor
    Zahid Kramet

    The military government is fast losing the war. With its failure to even partially deliver on any one of the seven points tagged as the agenda for reform and restitution, it has lost credibility in the eyes of the common man. From failing to espouse the just cause of joint electorates to the critical action of not signing the CTBT, it has demonstrated ineptness in handling the political equation, as far as the international community is concerned.
    By placing both retired and serving military personnel in almost every important position of authority that should have been earmarked for the professional content of civil society, it has alienated most of the intelligentsia. And, by choosing to pursue a policy of selective accountability, it has prejudiced its position of impartiality, in the overall context.
    What the military government might still have going for it is the fact that here is little sign, as yet, of the general public preparing to enthusiastically respond to the call for the restoration of democracy by the new and even grander alliance featuring the imprisoned Sharif brother's PML(N) and the absent Benazir's PPP.
    Neither does there appear to be a significant quotient visible on the scene readying to take up the cudgels on behalf of the 'Walikhawa' lobby, extraneous to the immediate and limited area of that body's influence. Similarly, if the Jeeye Sindh associations had earlier been singularly demonstrative of their antipathy to Punjabi Raj, with the advent of the Nawaz coterie joining their circle, much more than a small dimension of perplexity has surfaced. And, with the appearance of the MQM(A) on the same team, the confusion seems to be even worse confounded.
    Still, the strange merger of the hitherto mutually antagonistic political forces on a single platform speaks volumes. It now remains to be seen what course of action the estranged Hamid Nasir Chattha will take. Having elected to distance himself from the GDA, it is predicted that he will work towards making a new and separate alliance. This alliance of untested political parties, is likely to comprise Chattha's PML(J), Leghari's Millat Party, Imran Khan's Tehreek-e-Insaf, Qadri's Pakistan Awami Tehreek, Ajmal Khattak's NAPP, and possibly the MQM(H).
    The formation, should it materialize, is expected to come out tacitly in support of the army regime by accepting the two-year timeframe granted by the Supreme Court for the restoration of democracy. Its limitation, given its current composition, would primarily be that it would reflect the bias of the Punjab, leaving only minor space for the political perspectives of the Frontier and Sindh and, none for Balochistan.
    Obviously, if such an alliance were to emerge with the government's blessings, the rulers would expect it to rapidly cover lost ground and, in addition, look to envisaging a constitutionally defined role in governance for the military as an institution. That, any political organization would be hard put to accept. For, the basic dispute between the military Establishment and civil society in Pakistan, has been over the determination of national security, with the military staking claim to this obligation as its sole prerogative and, civil society contending that the right to determine national security falls exclusively within the purview of the elected representatives of the people.
    Moreover, Chattha and his support group will probably reiterate their demand for a timeframe for fresh elections and, also the right to commence political activity without further delay.
    Meantime, Musharraf's immediate reaction to the political pyrexia has been predictable. Referring to his devolution program, he has made an unqualified statement to the effect that former councilors classified corrupt will not be allowed to contest the local bodies elections. By implication this suggests that a list of corrupt politicians has been already compiled and that NAB will shortly be making the long overdue proclamation of disqualification. What remains a mystery is whether the list will include the names of other luminaries of the same ilk, but of higher status, or whether these last will be provided exemption on the basis of their relationships with the high command of yesteryear's armed forces.
    For instance, there is considerable suspicion over the role of the PML(N) dissident group associated with the Zia-ul-Haq era and, the fact that their wealth has not come into review has brought the 'honesty of intent' factor into consideration.
    Of course, the military government had its own constraints. For a start it had opened up too many fronts. As a consequence it had to pull in its horns. Especially with the question of legitimacy staring it in the face. The fundamental error at the very outset, from which there was no backing away subsequently, was in electing to go for the long haul, when the constitutional provision admitted for an interruption of only ninety days. The second error was in not declaring Martial Law to accelerate the cleansing process. And, the third error came by not taking into account the one dilemma that has continuously plagued the country since its inception: that of effecting judicial reforms.
    The ultimate instrument of the redress system, the judiciary has proven its greatest undoing and, the rude reality that nothing has been done to address this subject has caused more damage to the regime, than all else put together. Even today, if it does nothing more than focus its entire energy on this serious cause of complaint before returning to the barracks, the army will at least be acknowledged for having moved in the right direction.

    God, these newbies can be so utterly facting stupid.
    Gajam i will say this once, the only newspaper in Pakistan which any pakistani takes objectively are the Dawn and News, as they show the sentiments of the people.
    If either of those papers post something like this, then there is a problem.
    Other wise the article is political bull****.
    And since it is from the nation - it is more than bull****, it is a waste of space.

    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


      Thanks for the input CM. I dunnow which newspaper carries wight with different sections of society. But I'll take your word that, atleast people like you don't regard Nation.

      I quoted from the Nation, coz it seems to spew the most rabid anti-India sentiments all the time. Which normally you guys would associate with paki patriotism.

      I've found the Dawn to be balanced in its approach. Maybe that's why it's hardly quoted here !


        Why I am surprised CM. I always thought If you read DAWN and Ayaz Amir in particular, regularly you will apply for Indian Citizenship


          So Army is not making any headways just like the civilian gov't didn't during their tenures. Surprise, surprise!! Army is no less corrupt than the politicians, agreed!! But I would choose a Jawaan sitting in a civilian post over a beaurucrat on any given day. Atleast he won't be jumping party lines, a la lota, to appease his pocket.

          POliticians are crying because their huqqa paani has been baand for over a year and it really ticks them off to ask for persmission even to hold rallies.


            Even if we rule out the relevance of Nation as a newspaper, is it not true that Mushy was running around the world trying to legitimize himself, instead of solving problems at home.

            He hasn't gained anything in the international arena personally or for pakistan... inspite so much frequent flier miles.

            The situation back home... well it's still the same situation.

            He has not shown so much interest and action in putting down a good system of governance as much he has done to try Nawaz sharief.

            Still internal security is a big problem. What with so many bombs going off !

            So how exactly is Pakistan becoming a better country, by his continued rule ? Or is it just a reprieve from more corrupt politicians. And nothing more should be expected from him or the army ?


              Gajam, interesting you have decided to be civil.
              Yes the nation is a waste of space and time, i don't think anybody with half a brain should read it.
              It just plays on the sentiments of the rural and uneducated folks.

              As for the dawn, not qouted here???
              You have not being paying attention.
              When ever myself or mailik posts an article, it is usually from the Dawn.
              heck 2 days ago i posted 7 articles from the dawn.

              Andhra, i will reserve my comments about Ayaz Amir, as then i would get banned for the profanity i would be using.

              Gajam once again, the CE is here to set the economy and stuff in order.
              Internal secuirty has always been a problem mainly due to the drug lords and stuff.
              But the country is better now, than it was before.
              Real growth is up.
              Income taxes are up.
              The NAB is doing a good job, but law as i have learnt in class this term, is a sticky business and takes a long time to get it all done.
              But is still say the NAB is doing a great job.
              Old military personnel are on the list and so are some present ones.
              Exports are up, and that is exculding the agri product which are based on the weather.
              Even though the agri products are also up.
              1 year is not enough to base anything on.
              If you have anything to say about the CE the best time would be after the 2001 budget in June.
              Then we can see how well has he handled the country and the economy.

              Ghalib, the politicians are corrupt, but i believe that the military is far less.
              The military does not have experience in running a country and thus they are doing the best they can.
              As for most beaucracts in the govt, they do it as they are paid very little.
              Did you know that a grade 15 - like a clerk - in the indian govt gets paid more than a level 19 pakistan career officer?
              And the highest grade is that of 22.

              You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


                >>Did you know that a grade 15 - like a clerk - in the indian govt gets paid more than a level 19 pakistan career officer?<<

                I didn't know this. Let me tell you one thing though.The salaries for all government employees have gone up. THough public sector companies are getting shut down left and right, it still pays well to be a part of Indian bureaucracy.


                  CM, being civil is function of the persons involved in the discussion and their credibility. It's not just me that makes me civil.

                  The problems Mushy faces like the low wges for govt. employees and the resulting corruption are not just unique to pak.

                  Just as you have nawaz and bhutto clan, there are load of lallus and jayalalithas in our side of the fence as well. We are a democratic setup and we can't do anything outside our rules- even if it's dealing with the unruly and unholy.

                  But your CE has sweeping powers in dealing with thugs at your end. Ther may not be a single paki who believes that nawaz and bhutto are honest. So what does mushy face by attaching all (yes ALL) the property belonging to nawaz & bhutto clan. This is what the common man on a paki street wouold have expected, when he came in. That is not happening and it's emboldening the corrupt guys to come out and shout.

                  Let's face it. There's nothing legal in paki or any other constitution about the army taking over power. When mushy could do it, why not cut at the source of corruption. Where do you think the average corrupt clerk & bureaucrat draw their strenght and justifications from- the corruption of their bosses. And on and on from the corruption of the top dog.

                  Unless your mushy makes an example of these corrupt clans, everybody is going to justify corruption.

                  Whichever camp mushy belongs to, it should be absolute. Either sincerely worry about human rights, spirit of the law, etc. Or go out and do what's right for the people. Trying to please everybody won't please anyone.

                  The politicians who have come out to shout will soon make it a trickle and then a stampede.

                  So take the high horse or the low road. You'll reach your destination. Try to do both and you just fall down.


                    gajam I think you are wrong.
                    Going after individuals will get you nowhere.
                    It is hard to recover money.Did India ever manage to lay hands on Bofors money ?
                    Corruption is institutionalized in the sub-continent.
                    That is what has to be tackled.
                    The thing to do is try and make sure there will be less corruption from this point on rather than chasing your tail trying to recover money.

                    In all honesty I have to say Pakistani Politicians are as corrupt as Indian ones
                    But I always thought they are more brazen.
                    Look at that mansion Nawaz Sharif built for himself.
                    An Indian Prime Minister will hesitate to do such things.I figure it has got to do with the fact that


                      There is no arguing the fact that corruption is all-prevalent in the sub-continent. If there was a medal for corrupt politicians, it'd end in a tie between India and Pak.

                      But somewhere, you gotta start with surgery and chemotherapy. Take away all the assets, impose shariat law and hang them, if required. Or enact a rule/law that whoever comes into the top office, their family wealth will be capped to a minimum for a period of 20 years; income legit or otherwise. If you're not interested, you could vacate the place. Do soemthing... instead of giving excuses like whining politicians.

                      Now that the Pakis talk so much about deterrence, they will understand that this will be a deterrent to all future nawaz mians and bhutto bibis. If politicians can't be corrupt, they won't let the bureaucrats be corrupt either.

                      Now that Mushy is all powerful, he has to do something drastic. Otherwise, his will be a wasted force.

                      Even though military rule is bad in a lot of ways in general, it has one advantage over other forms of government. He can enforce his will on the government. He need not wait for all the other politicians to agree on anti-corruption moves.

                      But in the end, the results will be only as good as the guy's mettle. If he is weak, his reforms will also be weak and won't have a lasting effect. If he is strong, and puts in a good system that prevents and punishes corruption suitably, it will prevail.


                        >>Even though military rule is bad in a lot of ways in general, it has one advantage
                        over other forms of government. He can enforce his will on the government.<<

                        Mushy is an appropriate name for Mushraaf.
                        That is all he seems to have done, talking mushy
                        1.He went back on that blashemy law after the mullahs went into a rage.

                        2.He publicly declared he had no control over Afghanistan and he can't stop the smuggling that goes on.

                        3.He went back on taxes after traders striked.

                        4.He has been running around the whole world trying to trash India but then that is standard for Pakistanis.

                        5.He repeatedly offered to talk to India and India tells him to kiss off
                        So much for Kashmir!

                        6.The sanctions get lifted over India but not Pakistan.IMF and World Bank are giving them lectures on economics!

                        What else do you expect from somebody who planned Kargil without an exit strategy !
                        The Economic Post(I think) called him a uselesss General.


                          But Andhra, the point I'm trying to emphasize here is a little different.

                          I don't wanna gloat about the past shortcomings of Mushy (no disrespect; just a short way of addressing !) Once time runs out for him, the people of Pakistan will go to polls.

                          There is no grassroots movement for change. So it'll be the same parties with muscle, who'll get back- nawaz mian or bhutto bibi. And after 3 months to cover-up for their corrupt acts, they'll start India bashing and brawin-washing the public. Only this time they will be spending foreign aid on themselves. It's the same vicious cycle again.

                          Does anyone think the pakis will be into jeehads if they were as well of as Saudi or Malaysia ? So a better pakistan is in everybody's interest !

                          So it's now or never for mushy and his cronies.

                          [This message has been edited by gajam (edited November 30, 2000).]


                            Gajam all your points are valid.
                            But you have to know the simple fact that:
                            The CE is not taking control as a despot.
                            All three Military's leaders have not been despots.
                            Yes the military controls and the politicians are kicked out.
                            But by just cause.
                            Bhutto was a *******.
                            He deserved to be hanged.
                            Same with NS.

                            So he does not have sweeping powers, as he wants the institutions to do the work.
                            Otherwise these people could come out as soon as he leaves, saying that they were put in at the whims of a military leader.
                            Which is not true.
                            These corrupt *******s deserve prision.
                            Thus when the NAB puts them away, the future PM can't get them out.
                            This is a very good thing to do.
                            And this is what the CE is after.
                            He is here to institue reforms and let the institutions do their work.
                            Thus he can't send who ever he wishes to prision.
                            All of them will go to prision.
                            BUT by due process, and legally.
                            Rules are rules, and you can't run over them to put corrupt people in prision.

                            Andhra is being hypocritical come naturally to you???

                            5.He repeatedly offered to talk to India and India tells him to kiss off
                            So much for Kashmir!

                            Yet in the Kashmir forum, you ask, more like tell us that the CE should come to india to discuss the kashmir issue.
                            Could you please this hypocracy???

                            CROIRE A L'INCROYABLE
                            You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


                              >>5.He repeatedly offered to talk to India and India tells him to kiss off
                              So much for Kashmir!
                              Yet in the Kashmir forum, you ask, more like tell us that the CE should come to
                              india to discuss the kashmir issue. Could you please this hypocracy???<<

                              CM I am not being a hypocrite.If you read my posting in Kashmir forum again I was talking about 'INFORMAL' talks.
                              He wants to talk with India and he goes evrywhere but India !!
                              India's turn is over with Vajpayee visit.
                              If you think India is being immature, let me point out it was India who made the first gesture.
                              Let me tell you what a surprise it was to some Indians, that a BJP prime minister will go into Pakistan and talk.