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muslim brotherhood remains undelivered

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    muslim brotherhood remains undelivered

    for an outsider with preconceived notions of Islam as monolith, the fault lines are easy to miss. In Lahore, for instance, one notices that the very poor -- the menial servants, the homeless, the beggars -- are physically smaller and darker than most Punjabis. They are low-caste Punjabi Muslims, whose prior position in the Hindu social ladder still haunts them in what they can do, who they can marry or where they are buried. This is sub-continental Islam's dirty little secret -- for all its claims, the promise of Muslim brotherhood remains largely undelivered.

    Yes it's true, in Pakistan we still suffer from the leftover caste system practised in Hinduism.


      >>Yes it's true, in Pakistan we still suffer from the leftover caste system practised in Hinduism. <<
      well if that is true, it is ironic because Hindus themseleves are getting less and less caste oriented by day.


        Really rivkz??
        That is my you have a religious party in power.
        That is why the caste system is basis on which you get an education up to college level.
        That is how you get jobs.
        Also what was all the bull**** in your first post?
        This is not Islam's dirty secret.
        This is leftover system of Hinduism.
        So call it what it is Hinduism dark hidden secret.

        You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


          what caste are you rivkz?

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            i accept islam in pakistan still tainted by bad element of hindu caste system.


              No rivkz Islam in Pakistan is not tainted by Hinduism, it is aspects of Pakistani culture. Yes its true that there is some Casteism in Punjab and Sindh - what we call Zats. This is an evil going back to Hindu times and before, and seems to be concentrated more in the rural parts of our country.

              Remember though ven if there is some casteism in Pakistan it is nowhere near the epic and genocidal proportions of India. In India people are clearly segragated into castes and people are judged accordingly, especially the likes of the Dalits.

              But one of the most positive aspects of Islamic Pakistan is that increasingly people are leaving behind these Zat/Biradri tags and intermarrying across such boundaries. So in fact a greater awareness of Islam has made more and more people aware of the evil basis of this system and I am confident in a generation or so it will matter very little if you are a Rajput, Jat, Sheikh, Arain, Syed or Malik etc.


                malik i accept your opinion except
                genocidal. if it is genocidal brahmins would
                be 70% of the population but they are only 3%
                i think.



                  muslim brotherhood exists.

                  If that were not the case than the feeling of resentment towards Israel that is in every muslim population(if not stooge leaders) would not exist.

                  The question that is being asked should be,

                  Why does this brotherhood not material into a political force ?

                  With regrds to ZATS, well,

                  The existance of a difference of bloodline is not something that is frowned upon in Islam.

                  Actually one is to be proud of one's lineage as of one's family. It is this pride that makes them stick together.

                  What is wrong is teh UnIslamic attitude of one's blood being superior to all others.

                  The caste system was a way of differentiating an elite from the masses and that purpose was served then and is being served now.

                  5 % of teh Indian population still holds prestigeous positions and has to struggle very little, if at all, to get the same recognition and fascilities as the other 30 %.

                  The difference is not money or profession, but of caste.

                  It is a system that was Ok for the time when an elite group of outsiders had to devise a system to rule the masses, but does not cut profits in teh modern age. Sadly, in teh ages that followed its inception, this tradition became part of the Hindu relegion, like so much else.

                  Now it is hard to curb.

                  It is being tackled, but not at the rate that it needs to be.


                    root of the caste system is color (varna)
                    when aryan outsiders encountred the native indian population caste system was introduced
                    and given a religous twist


                      So you now know that Islam is not tainted.
                      But it is pakistani culture.
                      Now that is cleared up.
                      I agree we have a problem, but it is not a caste system.
                      It is bloodline, which is very different from a caste system.
                      As both Afridi and Mailik explained.

                      CROIRE A L'INCROYABLE
                      You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!