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The Military Raj - Results and Teamwork...

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    The Military Raj - Results and Teamwork...

    Following on from another thread Sabah has asked me to open another topic to discuss the main players in the civilian-military setup that has ruled Pakistan in the last 7 months, since the day of salvation from Nawaz Sharif...

    The main civilian-governmental set-up is as follows:-
    THE PRSEIDENT - Mohammed Rafiq Tarrar (a survivor of the old setup).
    CHIEF EXECUTIVE - General Pervez Musharraf (long may he reign!).

    NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL - 8 members as follows:-

    General Pervez Musharraf
    (Chief Executive of Pakistan) Chairman

    Admiral Abdul Aziz Mirza
    (Chief of Naval Staff)

    Air Chief Marshal Parvaiz Mehdi Qureshi
    (Chief of Air Staff)

    Mr. Sharifuddin Pirzada - Senior Advisor to the C.E. and ex-officio member.

    Dr. Attiya Inayatullah

    Mr Imtiaz Sahibzada

    Dr. Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi

    Mr.Muhammad Shafi Niaz

    THE GOVERNMENT (CABINET)- 15 Members as follws:-

    Javed Jabbar - Advisor to the Chief Executive on National Affairs and Information/Chairman IPRI (Islamabad Policy Research Institute).

    Shaukat Aziz - Finance, Revenue, Economic Affairs, Planning & Development & Statistics.

    Abdus Sattar - Foreign Affairs

    Lt. Gen.(R) Moin-ud-din Haider - Interior, Narcotics Division, Control and Capital Administration and Development Divisions.

    Mr. Aziz A Munshi - Law Minister and Attorney General.

    Derick Cyprian - Sports, Culture and Minorities.

    Razak Daud - Commerce, Industries and Production

    Zubeda Jalal - Education, Women Development, Social Welfare and Special Education.

    Omar Asghar Khan - Environment, Local Government, Rural Development, Labour Manpower & Overseas Pakistanis.

    Mr. Shafqat Ali Shah Jamote - Food, Agriculture and Livestock

    Dr. Abdul Malik Kasi Health - Population Welfare, Religious Affairs, Zakat & Usher.

    Abbas Sarfraz Khan - Kashmir Affairs, Northern Areas, SAFRON and Housing and Works.

    Usman Aminuddin - Petroleum and Natural Resources.

    Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman - Science and Technology

    Lt. Gen. (R) Iftikhar Hussain Shah - Communication


    The Supreme Court - now upto its full stength of 17 members.
    What do you know about these people? (i.e background etc), what do you think they have achieved?, and are they the right set of people who should be involved in such a set-up??

    Also, considering that this civilan-military set-up is what he have at the moment(wheteher we like or not?), HOW WOULD YOU IMPROVE IT - WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE APPOINTED INSTEAD??

    Below are thoughts I expressed on some of the above in the other string:-

    Aziz A. Munshi, Attorney general - background is that he is of ethnic Gujerati descent (from Sindh), and nephew of the former Pakistani PM Ismail Chundrigar. He is a highly respected lawyer with almost 50 years experience, and was a close confident of Jinnah.

    Zubeida Jalal is the best appointment the CE has made - she comes from a small village near Mand (on the Iranian border) in the Makran division. She is in fact the first federal minister from Makran in Pakistan's history, and the first woman minister from Balochistan. 20 years ago only 4% of women were literate in Mand, now it is well over 60%, mainly due to her tireless efforts. A part of her life was spent in Kuwait, when her parents were expatriates there. Her father supported financially (from money they made in Kuwait)her litercay efforts for the women of Mand, and Makran as a whole.

    The other minister from Balochistan is Abdul Malik Kasi (no relation!) - a new name, but I don't know any information about him I'm afraid...BUT ITS A VERY GOOD SIGN THAT THE CE IS GIVING BALOCHISTAN ITS DUE SHARE - not just ministers but extra funds (150 million) to tackle rural poverty.

    Another great choice that I had initial doubts about (because he served as Governor of Sindh under Nawaz), but has proved a very able and firm minister is Moin Haider, the interior minister. He has take some very bold steps to tackle the law and order situation i.e deweaponistaion . The MQM (and its Indian backers) are in a fix over Moin and the CE, because they can no longer claim the Mohajirs are being persecuted by the federal government as the CE nad interior minister are Mohajirs!

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    [This message has been edited by kmailik (edited May 05, 2000).]

    I'm more interested in local governments.

    Sarfraz Khan


      Aziz Munshi is not from Sindh but Gujarat, India. Here is a brief bio of Mr. Munshi.
      General Pervez Musharraf's appointment of Aziz Munshi as Attorney-General was yet another development to be watched and weighed. In Saudagar Pole, in the Jamalpur locality of Ahmedabad, Amirunnisha Kureishi was unabashedly overjoyed. Munshi, after all, is her favourite brother, who left India to settle down in Pakistan in 1956.

      Now a prominent lawyer, Aziz Munshi (68) was born and brought up in Ahmedabad in Gujarat State, India. He did his Bachelor of Law from the local L A Shah Law College and practised here for some time before moving to Pakistan. Among his colleagues at the bar were A M Ahmedi, later Chief Justice of India.

      ``Aziz had a very bright academic career right from his school days. He valued education for women. But for his total support, I could not have studied beyond senior school'', recalls a nostalgic Kureishi (63), who retired as professor of English literature from the local H L Commerce College three years ago.

      Munshi was born into a highly educated and cultured family of Jamalpur. His father Abdulla Munshi, popularly known as Abdulla Master (he started out as a school teacher), was a judge in the local small causes court and a driving force behind Baitulmal, the charitable institution that looks after widows and destitutes.

      The family was also well-connected. Abdulla Munshi's sister was married to I I Chunnarigar, a leading light of the Muslim League, who became Prime Minister of Pakistan for a brief period in 1955. This matrimonial link later saw the entire family -- except Amirunnisha -- moving to Pakistan.

      It so happened that in 1954, on his way back after completing his Masters in Technology in London, Aziz's eldest brother Allauddin stopped over at Karachi to meet Chundrigar, then a leading lawyer in the port city. Allauddin was offered a well-paying job and decided to settle down there.

      A couple of years later, he called Aziz Munshi over to Karachi, where he started practising under Chundrigar. After Abdulla Munshi retired in 1957, the entire family -- including Aziz's younger brother Rashid (now a dentist settled in Australia) and youngest sister Iqbalunnisha -- followed.

      Incidentally, Pervez Musharraf's special adviser Sharifuddin Peerzada hails from Godhra (Gujarat, India) and is related to Aziz Munshi. The United States-settled Iqbalunnisha's son is married to Peerzada's daughter, while her (Iqbalunnisha's) daughter is married to Peerzada's son.

      Munshi's big break came in 1966, when international arbiters intervened in the dispute over the Rann of Kutch. The Pakistani authorities were looking for someone who could interpret old documents written in Gujarati, when Chundrigar suggested his nephew's name. Munshi flew to Geneva with the Pakistani legal team in Geneva, researching Gujarati documents to prepare the Pakistani brief. In the final award, Chhad Bet, the grasslands second only to Banni in size, were given to Pakistan.

      Apart from becoming a sought-after legal counsel, Munshi went on to become the attorney-general in the Junejo Government. ``He was very intelligent, had a magnetic physical presence and excellent debating skills'', says his friend S F Kadri, adding that if he had stayed on in India, he would have certainly made it to the Supreme Court of India.

      According to Aziz's childhood friend Nizamuddin Faruqi, who met him in Pakistan a few years ago, Munshi enjoyed catching up with the latest on his alma mater Gujarat College, the Law Gardens, Kankaria Lake and common friends, Hindus as well as Muslims. ``His doors are open to any Ahmedabadis, even those with whom he has only a nodding acquaintance'', he adds.

      Known for his hospitality, Munshi lives in a `little Gujarat' in Karachi today: the Jinnah Cooperative Housing Society, where he lives with his wife Rukiah Begum -- a grand-daughter of Chunnarigar -- is home only to Muslims from Gujarat. Bilal (19), his eldest son, studies political science at the University of Boston, while Abdullah (17) is a freshman at the University of California.


        Mohabbat - what I meant is he LIVES in Sindh province. I know like his relative, the former Pakistan PM, that he is from Indian Gujrat...Jinnah, Abdul Sattar Edhi are among other famous Pakistani Gujerati's.

        Good article by the way..

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          It's so surprising how family members move from one country to the other and their loyalty changes. Some family members remain in India and staunchly support India and those who moved to Pakistan supoort Pakistan. And the new generation will be American, Australian and British citizens. But does the loyalty change just by moving. There are many Pakistanis who were Indian till they were 25-30 and then moved (like Nisar Bazmi, Aziz Munshi..)

          I know many couple where a husband would support India , for Sachin Tendulkar in an India-Pakistan match while his wife supports Wasim Akram.


            so whats happening? have these guys produced any reults as yet?


              Mohabbat - if a certain group of people decide tp move to another country, they should then be patriotic about their new country - THATS COMMON SENSE! WHATS WRONG WITH THAT? ARE YOU SAYING THAT ALL ETHNIC GUJERATI'S WHO MOVED TO PAKISTAN, SHOULD CONTINUE TO BELIEVE IN INDIA (AFTER THEY HAVE ABANDONED IT!).Of what I know about ethnic Gujerati's in Pakistan, particularly Karachi, (and other parts of Sindh) they are still very proud of their Gujerati culture, and fiercely Islamic and patriotic Pakistani's!

              Lysis - yes (in my view) this team of people has achieved great (revolutionary) things. Examples include:

              MOIN HAIDER - the interior secretary, who has bravely started a camapign for deweaponisation - a first step to getting rid of the mess Zia left for Pakistan. On orders from the CE he is looking at changing the blasphemy laws to better protect minorities and women. Despite recent secterian violence, the Interior secretary has successfully reduced ethnic and sectarian violence across Pakistan, by taking pre-emptive measures (such as deployment of interior ministry troops) at sensitive locations during key religious festivals. He has also moved to deflect criticism of the Pakistan Rangers actions in Sindh i.e set up an internet site to explain the activities of the Rangers, and complaint procedures should anyone want to complain.

              Omar Asghar Khan - the Local government minister is working on an ambitous and detailed plan for local bodies elections to be held later this year. A careful look at the plans, will highlight the huge difference with Ayub or Zia's plans - the bureaucray's powers are severely curtailed, women are give an equal number of seats, minorities are given reserved seats, elected mayors and district assemblies (who will appoint DC's - not the bureacrats!), and a fairer distribution of monies form the provincial governments and special women's courts and rural conciliation courts (to solve land and access disputes in villages etc). CRUCIALLY IT WILL BE THE DISTRICT GOVERNMENTS THAT WILL APPOINT AND CONTROL THE POLICE, NOT THE PROVINCES OR FEDERAL BUREAUCRATS.


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                So you think all Pakistanis who settle in US, Canada or UK abandon Pakistan because they have adopted their new country and abandoned Pakistan. Even if they become US citizens take allegience during oath ceremony they are not loyal toward US/UK/Canada.

                I suppose u are in US/Canada/UK. Have you abandoned Pakistan?


                  what about the economic situation..the imposition of GST and privatisation..why hasn't PTCL been privatised? What about HBL? and WAPDA?




                      Sabah CM and I thought that we should discuss Musharraf's team and what they have achieved in one year - do some need replacing?

                      Here is an updated list:


                       President of the Republic Mohammed Rafique Tarrar

                       Chief Executive General Pervaiz Musharraf


                      NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL - 7 Members

                       General Pervez Musharraf Chief Executive, (Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee) - Chairman

                       Admiral Abdul Aziz Mirza (Chief of Naval Staff) - ex-officio Member

                       Air Chief Marshal Parvaiz Mehdi Qureshi (Chief of Air Staff) ex-officio

                       Minister of Commerce - Member

                       Minister of Foreign Affairs - Member

                       Minister of Finance - Member

                       Minister of Interior - Member


                      FEDERAL CABINET - 20 Members

                       Mr. Razak Daud - Commerce, Industries and Production

                       Mrs. Zubeda Jalal - Education

                       Mr.Omar Asghar Khan - Environment, Local Government, Rural Development, Labour Manpower & Overseas Pakistanis

                       Mr. Shaukat Aziz - Finance, Revenue, Economic Affairs, Planning & Development & Statistics

                       Mr. Abdus Sattar - Foreign Affairs

                       Dr. Abdul Malik Kasi - Health

                       Lt. Gen.(R) Moin-ud-din Haider - Interior, Narcotics Division, Control and Capital Administration and Development Divisions.

                       Mr.Abbas Sarfraz Khan - Kashmir Affairs, Northern Areas, SAFRON and Housing and Works

                       Mr. Aziz A Munshi - Law Minister and Attorney General of Pakistan

                       Col. (R) S.K. Tressler Sports, Culture, Minority Affairs and Youth -

                       Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman - Science and Technology

                       Lt. Gen. (R) Javed Ashraf - Communication and Railway

                       Dr. Attiya Inayatullah - Women Development, Social Welfare, Special Education and Population Welfare

                       Dr. Mehmood Ghazi Religious Affairs, Zakat & Usher

                       Syed Sharifuddin Pirzada - Honrary Advisor to the Chief Executive for Foreign Affairs. Law Justice and Human Rights

                       M. Shafi Niaz - Advisor to the Chief Executive for Food, Agriculture and Livestock

                       Imtiaz Ahamd Sahibzada - Chairman Federal Land Commission

                       Dr. Shahid Amjad Chaudhry - Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission/Minister of State

                       Khair Mohammed Junejo Food and Agriculture


                        Update on this topis as the CE makes some welcome additions to his government.

                        -- Ms Shahida Jamil - is the minister for law, justice and parliamentary affairs.

                        -- Altaf Saleem - becomes minister for privatisation.

                        * Aziz Munshi reatains the portfolio of Attornrney-Generalof Pakistan.

                        ** Ms Shahida Jamil is an ethnic Bengali from Karachi and granddaughter of our late prime minister Hussain Shaheed Suharwardi.

                        She is now the 3rd woman in General Musharraf's government - an all-time record for a Pakistani government.

                        Munshi quits, Shahida new law minister

                        By Shakil Shaikh

                        ISLAMABAD: Two more ministers were inducted in the federal cabinet
                        on Tuesday with Karachi-based prominent lawyer Shahida Jameel
                        replacing Aziz A Munshi after he resigned as the law minister.

                        Aziz A Munshi tendered his resignation on Tuesday as the minister for
                        law, justice, human rights and parliamentary affairs, it was officially
                        stated here. The president, under Article 9 of the appointment of
                        Federal Ministers & Oath of Office Order (Order No 7 of 1999),
                        accepted the resignation, the official handout said.

                        He would however continue to perform his duties and functions in his
                        capacity as the attorney general of Pakistan, it added. The
                        newly-appointed ministers, Ms Shahida Jamil (minister for law, justice
                        and parliamentary affairs), and Altaf Saleem (minister for privatisation),
                        took oath at a simple ceremony held a the Aiwan-e-Sadr. President
                        Rafiq Tarar administered the oath, an official announcement said. The
                        fresh inductions raised the cabinet strength to 17.

                        "Shahida, who is granddaughter of late prime minister Hussain Shaheed
                        Suharwardi, will be dealing with law making," a senior official said. The
                        work of the attorney-general and the law minister has been bifurcated
                        with this move to allow Munshi concentrate on work, the official said.

                        "Munshi drafted with his own hands more than 90 ordinances and
                        amendments and changes in the PCO," the official added. The new law
                        minister, Shahida, was lecture in the S M Law College Karachi before
                        she was appointed its principal almost a year. Later she was inducted
                        in the Sindh cabinet. When asked about this new development in which
                        renowned lawyer Munshi was allegedly sidelined as the law minister, the
                        official said the work at the ministry had suffered a great deal because
                        of his dual role.

                        He said Munshi is the third cabinet minister who lost his job following
                        unceremonial ouster of Javed Jabbar and Shafqat Jamote as ministers.
                        Shahida is the third woman in the Federal Cabinet and it is the biggest
                        ever strength of women in the any cabinet so far. The other two are
                        Zubaida Jalal and Attiya Inayatullah.

                        "We rate Shahida very high as a professional lawyer and now the work
                        on the constitutional reforms would kick off, as both Munshi and
                        Shahida will be giving more time to their jobs," the official said.

                        He said in the coming weeks, the attorney general would be busy in
                        dealing with the Nawaz Sharif case, the reference against Benazir
                        Bhutto, and the review petition filed by Wasim Sajjad against validation
                        of the October 12 action by the Supreme Court.

                        Altaf Saleem was previously chairman Privatisation Commission. After
                        taking oath, Altaf said his appointment as a minister reflected the
                        emphasis the government was giving to the privatisation programme.

                        He hoped that in the months to come, the process would accelerate.
                        He said the government intended to privatise the remaining units of the
                        LPG and remaining shares of the Muslim Commercial Bank and Allied
                        Bank up to March next year. He said some fertilizer units would also be
                        disinvested.Shahida Jameel said people have great expectations from
                        the government and she would try her level best to play her part to
                        resolve their problems.


                          I don't get all this changing.
                          I read the article and was like what the heck is wrong with these people.
                          You don't change people just becuase you feel like it.
                          I don't think all this changing is good.
                          Even though i agree with who was appointed.

                          CROIRE A L'INCROYABLE
                          You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


                            In 13 months there have been only a few changes and I think there should be more changes. The CE should bring in more people from NWFP for present there seems to be a Karachi/Sindh bias (about 1/3rd of the cabinet).

                            He has appointed some good women for the cabinet - Zubeda, Attiya and Shahida and maybe some more talented women will be welcome?

                            And if he is thinking of some more changes he could bring in some experienced and well-respected politicians - Imran, Mian Azhar, Chaudhury Shujaat ?