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GDA falls apart after alliance with PML (Kulsoom)

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    GDA falls apart after alliance with PML (Kulsoom)

    As predicted after the split of the PML into two groups we now have the falling apart of that not so Grand Democratic Allinace (GDA). After the GDA leader Nawabzada Nasrullah concluded an agreement with the Kulsoom league 8 of the 19 parties of the GDA have walked out in protest.

    Good! Hopefully this chaos will allow new and genuine political parties to emerge and fill the void?

    Split in GDA as PML joins

    Chattha's PML, seven other GDA component parties reject induction; meeting with PML soon to discuss working relationship, struggle for democracy, new name for alliance

    By Muhammad Akram

    LAHORE: The Grand Democratic Alliance on Sunday split after a majority decision of its working Committee approved an alliance with the PML-N. "Led by Hamid Nasir Chattha's PML, eight out of the 19 component parties rejected the PML-N's induction," sources said.

    After a four-hour meeting of the alliance at his Nicolson Road residence, GDA President Nawabzada Nasrullah Khan announced at a press briefing that the majority of the components had supported the alliance with the PML-N, led by ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif.

    This emergency meeting of the alliance has in fact endorsed the PML-N Central Working Committee's decision of November 20, for an alliance with the GDA, the Nawabzada said. Asked whether the GDA would be renamed following an understanding with PML-N or a new alliance would emerge since the GDA appears to be non-existent now, Nawabzada said: "We are following our objective of the restoration of democracy and keeping along all the political parties which want to struggle for the cause."

    Renaming of the alliance or the emergence of a new alliance is irrelevant, he said to a question about the present status of the GDA. About the beginning of working relationship with the PML-N and the struggle for the restoration of democracy, Nawabzada said a meeting would shortly be held between the two to chalk out the future strategy. Giving a new name to the new political combination would also come under discussion in the meeting, he said.

    Hamid Nasir Chattha, who succeeded in achieving a massive split in the alliance with the help of small political parties, consisting of a handful of workers, was of the view that "GDA stands dissolved today." "The parties on his side of the divide were of the view that they can't work alongside the Kulsoom League," Chattha added.

    Sources said six of the total eight renegade parties were PML (Chattha), Pakistan Christian National Party, Hizb-e-Jehad, two factions of Jamiat Ahle-Hadith, led by Qazi Abdul Qadeer Khamoosh and Hafiz Zubair Ahmed Zaheer and Mazdoor Kissan Party.

    When asked about the departure from the policy that no party would be included in the alliance except under a consensus decision, Nawabzada Nasrullah said this policy has been changed with a majority decision for a just cause.

    However, to the same query, Hamid Nasir Chattha said this policy has been sacrificed for an alliance with "Kulsoom League". He said his party would strive for the revival of the GDA or enter into some other political combination with like-minded political parties.

    Nawabzada Nasrullah said three political parties from Balochistan -- Jamhoori Watan Party, Balochistan National Party and Balochistan National Movement -- are already in contact with the GDA for joining a broad-based alliance for the restoration of democracy.

    He termed as incorrect the assertion of a questioner that the departure of today's renegade groups had any similarity with the parties earlier shown the door like PTI and PAT. "We chose different path then and even now," said Nawabzada Nasrullah while commenting on the large-scale dissent on the all-important question of alliance with the PML-N.

    "We still have the highest regard for those who chose to disagree with us since there is always a difference of opinion even within the political parties, let alone a grand alliance of 19 parties," Nawabzada said about those who would no more be his political allies in the struggle for democracy.

    About the mode of struggle for democracy, Nawabzada said it would be discussed with the PML-N. However, he added, the political parties have to exercise their right to mobilise public opinion since they do not raise private armies for guerilla war.

    Later on, talking to newsmen, Hamid Nasir Chattha said the decision about PML's inclusion was pre-planned so the policy of consensus decision for inclusion of one political party or the other into GDA had to be sacrificed. In his view, the GDA was in a transition period. Only the time could tell whether it would remain intact or it stand dissolved. "However, one thing is certain that we have parted ways with the GDA," Chattha said. In view of the political observers, the GDA would no more exist after this massive split on the question of alliance with the PML-N.

    A few of those who parted ways with the GDA might rejoin the alliance, commented a political observer, keeping in view the individualistic approach on one national issue or the other.

    Some of the renegade parties, the sources said, are likely to reconsider their decision following meetings with pro-alliance components like the PPP, the ANP and the PDP. The majority of the renegades, sources in the alliance revealed, were uncertain about Nawaz Sharif's future political strategy as they were confident he would betray the alliance when his personal purpose of getting out of the jail was served. This opinion, said the head of a party opposing PML's induction into the alliance, is not new but is based on the track-record of Nawaz Sharif and his family. "We need certain sureties from the PML, which is apparently imposing its alliance with on with money power," he added.

    The participants of the meeting included Nawabzada Nasrullah Khan, Makhdoom Amin Fahim, Asfandyar Wali, Mustafa Kamal, Hamid Nasir Chattha, Munir Hussain Gillani, Saif Ali Saif, Haider Osman, Naveed Malik, Joseph Francis, Ferozuddin Hazarvi, Ain Ghian Kararvi,Zubair Ahmed Zaheer, Malik Hakmeen Khan, Rao Sikandar Iqbal, Khurshid Shah, Nawaz Gondal, Saeed Manais and Zahid Khan.

    please i feel sorry for the people of pakistan how the politicions have been fooling them please grow up and come out of the shackels of ppp and pml
    get rid of nawaz benazir and huh this kulsoom
    look out for some new party maybe jamat this time just for a change



      The way the political restructuring is being undertaken , these political parties would have imense trouble getting their representatives elected.

      Actually, and I know it sounds BIZZARE, but the most powerful and widely elected party after the coming elections would be Jamaat.

      I know, I know, they never get any sizeable representation but Imran's Tehrik and Jamaat have a real bright future in these coming elections I think.

      I know it sounds very bizzare, but that IS my opinion.

      The way the system is being structured, they would have a great advantage.

      I KNOW many might disagree but that is what I forsee.

      Actually I want to know what other people think, I am going to start a thread on it.

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        Great news, finally a break.
        I just hope the PPP breaks next.

        As for PM, it is Imran Khan all the way!!!

        You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


          CM there's not much of the PPP left to break anyway? So that leaves the field open for Imran and others to move in and lead a united political party to the centre of Pakistani politics.