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India trying to isolate Pakistan: Musharraf

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    India trying to isolate Pakistan: Musharraf

    By Sugeeswara Senadhira
    ISLAMABAD - Pakistan's Chief Executive Pervez Musharraf has accused India of attempting to isolate and marginalise Pakistan, pointing out that he was prepared to visit New Delhi within 24 hours for bilateral talks if Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee invited him.

    "Even now, if Vajpayee invites me, I shall be in Delhi the next day. I will not stand on formalities," he told Janata Party President Dr Subramaniam Swamy, the first Indian leader to call on him.

    Dr Swamy was in Islamabad to participate in an international seminar titled 'Saarc in the New Millennium', organised by the Foundation for Research on International Environment, National Development and Security (Friends) on November 22 and 23.

    Former Indian foreign secretary Salman Haider and Professor Sandip Kumar Das of Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, also took part in the seminar.

    Dr Swamy, in an exclusive interview to this correspondent after his talks with Gen. Musharraf, said that a complete break in contacts between the two South Asian nuclear powers was dangerous.

    "The present situation of 'no-contact' with India is worse than a 'weak-contact' or 'argumentative-contact' or even 'hostile-contact'," Gen. Musharraf told the Janata Party leader during the 50-minute meeting.

    The Pakistani leader wanted Kashmir to be the main item on the agenda for any talks with India.

    "But we can discuss all other issues once India becomes serious to discuss Kashmir," he told Dr Swamy.

    "I would squarely blame India for her lack of sincerity. Being the largest country of the region, it should show more magnanimity. But one gets the impression that India does not want to use persuasion, but to bully," he added.

    When Dr Swamy said that the postponed Saarc Summit should be held as soon as possible, Gen. Musharraf replied: "I looked forward to meeting him (Mr Vajpayee) at the Saarc summit in Kathmandu. But India blocked it. Even in cricket, India has politisised it. India plays polo with Pakistan, but not cricket. Why?" When Dr Swamy said that if Pakistan was genuinely for peace, it should welcome the Indian offer of ceasefire, Gen. Musharraf said: "That was not a sincere ceasefire offer, but a ploy".

    CE Musharraf's statement that he is willing to visit India within 24 hours has shown that the pressure has started mounting on him from OIC & world at large to solve the POK issue with India. What a sad state musharraf is in?

    CE Musharrafs offer should not be taken seriously by the Indian Govt. we should frustrate this guy to the core. Since he has taken office (forceibly) he is desparate to talk to the Indian govt. Does he wants some hints from the Indian govt. how to run the country and tips on foreign policies OR is he desparate to go back to his birth place to take ashirwad from Sonia, Vajpayee, Advani etc etc. or has he included his agenda of visiting India on the expenses of country.

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    You are a complete idiot, and halfwit, and your not even worth a reply.

    How come you always run away, and then return some where else. Thanks for being on this forum and proving to us, you indees are obsessed with us.


      PJ, give it doesnt work
      all indians on this forum are let them be.


        PJ & HK don't show your frustrations on me. Get frustrated on your CE and kich him out of the post that he is not capable of handling and ask for a democratic government to be formed.

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