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    MUMMY & ME

    An eminent French archaeologist Professor Roland Besenval has revealed evidence of the existence of an ancient human civilization in Kach-Makran region of Baluchistan dating back to 4000 years B.C. Professor Besenval who is Director of Research at the Centre Nationale de Recherches Scientifiques (National Centre for Scientific Research) and working with the Musee Guimet in Paris presented his evidence at a lecture here. The lecture on the subject of “The reappearance of the forgotten past : Recent archaeological research on the ancient people o kach-Makran” was presented at a special function held at the Pakistan Embassy. Prof.Besenval presented his revelation with the help of maps, charts and colour slides of artifacts and objects discovered by his archaeological mission in the Kach-Makran region Prof. Besenval pointed out that traces of human civilization had attained a greater degree of development in the fields of art and aesthetics than the populace of neighbouring countries like India, Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan at that time.

    Professor Besenval said that the discovery of human skeletons and remains of buildings, ceramics, pottery, metal implements, gold jewellery, cotton fabrics in the Kach-Makran region showed a considerable concentration of population in that region in pre-historic times. Colour slides of exquisite designs, motifs, floral patterns made on vases, pottery, mats and fabrics demonstrated the high artistic standards of the people of this region. Professor Besenval said his findings about the existence of a pre-historic civilization in Kach-Makran was based on intensive research and excavations carried out by his team on visits to Baluchistan over the last fifteen years. He said that the French archaeological missions to Baluchistan are being carried out within the framework of Franco-Pakistan Cultural Cooperation and sponsored by the Archaeological Excavation Commission of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He said his team would continue to carry out archaeological explorations in various parts of Baluchistan including Makran, Turbat, Gwadar, Miri Qalat, Shahi Tump for determining the archaeological history of the region.

    That's great news. I wish the Pakistanis themselves would take more interest than the foriegners.

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