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Rightsizing plan being implemented, WB told

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    Rightsizing plan being implemented, WB told

    Rightsizing plan being implemented, WB told

    Bureau Report

    ISLAMABAD, Nov 24: The World Bank has been told that the government was implementing a
    detailed downsizing and rightsizing plan to cut non-developmental expenses of the federal and
    provincial governments.

    Informed sources told Dawn that the senior government officials including the finance minister and the
    State Bank governor held a meeting with the visiting World Bank delegation led by Vice President for
    South Asian Region, Ms Mieko Nishimizu, here on Friday and discussed with them various issues
    specially cut in non-developmental expenditures by shedding extra weight in the ministries, divisions
    and provinces.

    Finance Minister Shaukat Aziz told the World Bank delegation that the government was trying to bring
    financial discipline in the entire system by implementing a home-grown programme. This programme,
    he said, was aimed at removing all kinds of distortions.

    Secretary Establishment Division, Tariq Saeed Haroon gave a briefing about the downsizing and
    rightsizing in the government organisations. The sources said that the World Bank officials were
    informed that those appointed on political basis during the period of PML and PPP governments were
    being removed from their services. A number of them had already been sent home and that those who
    had indulged in corruption were facing criminal investigations by NAB and other agencies.

    The sources said that the World Bank vice president informed the government officials that the Bank
    was interested to provide $363 million to undertake three projects including $300 million for Structural
    Adjustment Loan (SAL) in 2000-2001.

    More talks will be held between the two sides on new loan for Pakistan. The government was
    expecting $300 million for SAL to carry out power, taxation and banking sectors reforms, beside
    certain funding for the restructuring of the CBR.

    Also, the World Bank was interested in extending $25 million each for On-Farm Water Management
    projects in Sindh and NWFP. Similarly, $10 million will be extended for Environmental Fund along
    with $3 million technical support for trade and transport assistance programme.

    Pakistan wanted to have a single tranche of $300 million for Structural Adjustment Loan (SAL) for
    which it has assured to implement necessary reforms in banking, taxation and power sectors.

    Sources said that Bank has made it clear to the government that in case reforms for various sectors
    were not carried out adequately, the Bank will not continue assistance for Pakistan.


    Another good idea to cut govt spending and lay off people who are wasting time.
    But what of the other complications of Unemployment and strikes??

    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!