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Pakistan sitting on an oil and gas 'bonanza'?

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    Pakistan sitting on an oil and gas 'bonanza'?

    All across Pakistan - in Punjab, Sindh, Sarhad and Balochistan it seems that there are vast resources of oil and gas deposits waiting to be explored.

    Is Pakistan sitting on a potential oil and gas bonanza?

    Pakistan rich in oil, gas reserves: expert

    RAWALPINDI, Nov 19: Pakistan is situated in a zone which has abundant oil and gas reserves, said Dr Wasim Piracha, Geophysical Consultant. Talking to a group of journalists here on Sunday, Dr Wasim Piracha, who had been associated with the field of geophysics for the last 20 years in Copenhagen and Stolkhom, said Pakistan was located in a zone where they have tectonism, subduction and plain area full of oil and gas reserves.

    However, he said, professional and internationally reputed experts should be hired for gas and oil exploration. Besides modern equipment and trained manpower were also needed to make progress in that vital field.

    "We should train people who are not aware of oil exploration technologies being used by the major oil companies in Western countries and US," he said, adding the Pakistani companies engaged in oil and gas exploration and the ministry concerned should make structural geological maps of Pakistan for both on land and offshore exploration.

    The maps should be drawn by using satellite imaging techniques and geophysical interpretation of lower part of the earth.

    In this connection, Dr Wasim Piracha cited the example of Kohat and Potohar areas, which according to him were full of oil reserves but due to non-availability of related maps, no drilling could be done there.

    He said Makran was the third offshore subduction zone in the world and had huge oil reserves. Similarly, he said, Himalayan mountainous ranges also have oil reserves. He said in both the areas high quality of oil could be explored by deep drilling.

    Dr Wasim Piracha said oil resources could also be explored in Northern Himalayan zone and glaciers as Norway had oil field in snow-covered areas in the North of the country while in Greenland too Geological Survey of Denmark had found hydrocarbon prospects.

    He said there were two types of offshore basins in Pakistan one is Indus offshore zone

    and other is Makran offshore zone. These basins were divided by a ridge called Murray Ridge, which played an important role for hydrocarbon analysis and research due to its geo-dynamics and tectonic movement.

    He said Murray range and surrounding areas should be used for oil and gas exploration. He said Northern and Southern parts of the country should be considered more seriously than the other parts of the country for oil and gas exploration.

    He said Makran offshore have lot of gas hydrates and volcanic activity which needs to be studied. If Oman has number of offshore oil fields then why Pakistan should not consider Makran offshore areas for oil exploration, he added.

    Dr Wasim Piracha said in Western countries the oil companies sought help of university students for data collection for oil exploration and this healthy example should be followed in Pakistan.

    Moreover, he said, there are no official oil and gas exploration website of Pakistan which was hindering country's exposure at international level. Websites should be developed to inform the foreign investors and oil companies of the oil and gas potential of the country.-APP

    The article certainly seems to be well-oiled.


      Yes, and chilli nice one.

      You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


        Lets pray that Blochiís wont eat beans !


          all through school we read about how pakistan is full of potential and natural resources, how pakistani products are so superior and other crap that sounds similar.

          then we grow up and see how messed up things are in pakistan.

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            Nomaan I understand your sentimenst but is that any reason to lose hope or indeed recognise our economic potential? The fact is that all over Pakistan we are sitting on an oil and gas bonanza and people like Dr Wasim Piracha have mentioned ways we can untap that potential. This can only be done through action by the government, investment by foreign companies, improvement in our infrastructure and labour force.

            We must not lose hope.


              Like most Pakistanis, you want to UNTAP that potential.


                Ah Dhir is back.
                And yes we have alot of potential but not enough money to explore it all.
                A couple of days ago, the GOP give 3 licenses for exploration.
                Good for us.
                We already produce 25% of our own oil needs.
                If we can boost that to atleast 75%, we would save a lot of money for buying oil.

                CROIRE A L'INCROYABLE
                You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


                  i'm not saying that there isn't potential, but implying that pakistan has expceptional amounts, in my mind is very misleading, and to me seem like somethign politicians say to make ppl feel good about their country.

                  i mean, almost every county has potential.

                  its the fact that these resources are largely untapped should be the focus.


                    those bloody ullu kay pathay irani....they dont let us drill......they say their oul pressure goes down..........Dunno if thats even possible.....I have seen wells in blochistan which have been drilled and then sealed due to pak-iran politics....will post pictures soon...


                      As far as Oil goes India and Pakistan are standing in each other's way.
                      For example there is oil in the Gujarat border, which will never be explored because of security issues.
                      Same way, Pakistan won't let India get it's oil from Iran.
                      I read today India and Iran are considering under sea pipe line avoiding Pakistani land


                        Andhra what is your source for the Indo-Iranian story - has such a proposal been made by the Iranians or the Indians?


                          Well, i want the source Andhra.
                          Also do you know that the under water pipeline would be around 10 times more expenisve.
                          Also since when do Iran and India have such technology to do such stuff???
                          The Gurjarat thing i don't know about.
                          But the Iranis are screwing us in the oil dept, but i really don't care as most of our oil reserves are very far from the border.
                          So we can get the oil easily and we are already exploring more areas.
                          The only way the Indians can get a CHEAP, RELIABLE, EFFICIENT AND EFFECTIVE pipe line is through pakistan.
                          Why can't you indians accept that.
                          Don't forget the source of that article.

                          CROIRE A L'INCROYABLE
                          You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


                            Very good points CM - the Indians have very limited options now Bangladesh has said no to a pipeline to India. In fact India only has ONE option - Pakistan and dreamers like Andhra can hope for undersea pipelines but they can't get away from the only true feasible option i.e. a pipeline through Pakistan.

                            P.S. CM I have mailed you with an 'urgent' request...


                              I read this on an Indian web site.I think it is rediff.
                              It is just a proposal as yet.
                              I am aware under sea pipeline will cost much more.
                              But laying the pipeline through Pakistan is being Penny wise and pound foolish.

                              Whenever there is trouble between the countries some doped loony is going to blow up that pipeline and Pakistan is going to say it gave only moral, political and diplomatic support to them