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Why we are supporting sikhs???

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    Why we are supporting sikhs???

    Sikhs, they had killed milliions of muslim and east punjab

    how are we supporting em?

    i personally don't like to spend time with themm......just their believes cringe me...

    Yesterday is history,
    Tommorow is a mystery,
    Today is a gift,
    That's why we call it PRESENT!



      Strong words. At least you're honest and upfront.

      I have nothing against muslims, and they also in turn killed thousands of Sikhs.

      You people must remember, the partitioning caused riots on BOTH sides of the fence. I don't blame muslims for that, nor should muslims blame Sikhs for that. You can blame that to the UK, Gandhi, and all the other idiotic 'leaders' of the time, who thought that throwing in a LINE right dead centre between two metropolitan cities of variety of faiths.. Such as Lahore, and Amritsar would obviously cause some kind of major problems considering Lahore was once a major Sikh city, as well as Amritsar (done on purpose by the British to get this affect, to make India's people divide itself).

      Sad that you blame Sikhs for something that was not caused by them to begin with.



        "khan bahader" another Hindu masquerdaing as as a Muslim

        You're such a bad impersanator that you can't even spell Bahadur properly!


          I hate sikhs becuze maharaja ranjeet ordered Muslims not to lock their dooors at nite, I dont want to disclosed why muslims don't lock the door,,,,
          Kashmir was purchased by sikh and he killed thousand of kashmiris


            lol at khan....isn't annoying punjabis??



              Maharaja Ranjit Singh..

              Wow, for a man who was in power for less than 30 years, he has done so much to destroy the islamic society? I can't comment on what he did or not, since my knowledge on Ranjit singh is not extensive. But what I can say is, he is responsible for my ancestors conversion, and from my family history none of them were ever forced, my great great grandfather's brothers are still muslim, only he decided to go his own way (in Afghanistan) most definitely, which we are to thank him for.

              How many Islamic leaders ran India? MANY, and many of them did heineous crimes against the populous, including their own muslims. I believe it was Akbar, who actually attempted to create his OWN religion, since he was power thirsty.

              If you're blaming the Sikh society because of one Maharaja Ranjit Singh, then I can name over one hundred muslim leaders to blame who committed attrocities against Sikhs also, and label all Muslims as their faithful.

              But I won't. Since, I don't blame a whole society for one person's leadership. In fact, I think Maharaja Ranjit Singh was an excellent leader, we know from our own history taht Afghanistan ( eastern), kabul side was a much better place when he was there, after Muslims, and before the British's short term annex. Since, like Sikhism, you don't have to convert your religion to really believe in Sikhism, nor does it require you to change any of your regular habits to become a Sikh.. Sikhism tells you to call God by whatever name you please, to worship him as one, to believe him in your way, as long as you do it right, and righteously.. But to keep in mind of equality, humanity, and all arounds you who are not the same.. Ranjit Singh enforced this, if he didn't.. and decided to become a franctic leasder, I'm sure, thre would be alot more afghan sikhs now.

              anyhow.. it's just sad to see your hatred of Sikhs are based upon one man, who we don't have sufficient proof did anything you claim.



                Why are we supporting sikhs??
                Question since when has the PAKISTAN govt OFFICIALLY supported the Sikhs, not ever i believe, us during the 1984 uprising, but not after that.
                I believe any people who have a decent right to self determination should get a great deal of support.
                However Muslims wanting a seperate country within the US is not self-determination.
                Aceh wanting independence is a move we all should support.
                For those who are don't know what Aceh is, it is an Indonesian Island, which during Suharto's rule was under military rule for 25 years, and the people were massacred on the scale of kosovo.
                However Irain Jaya has no right to self-determination - another indonesian example.
                Like the Kashmiris have a right to self determination and so do the sikhs.
                I do support their cause, even if the pakistan govt doesn't.
                And what happened in the past DOES NOT MATTER!!!
                IF it did, Germany would still be a hell hole, and China would never be pakistans friend.
                Think People Think!!!

                CROIRE A L'INCROYABLE
                You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!



                  Right of self deternimation

                  Are you willing to give this right to Pathans, Sindhis or Baluchis ?

                  Rullers of Pakistan whether elected or dictators always like to poke their nose in to the India's internal matter to stay on power.

         Pakistan failed to protect rights of her own people such as Ahamedis and talks about Sikhs and Kashmiris

                  You ask all the Pakistani's whether they want to join disturbed military dictatorship or Free Democratic India and yoy will see that 90 % will vote to join India

                  Don't forget recent conferance in London (U.K.)


                    >> You ask all the Pakistani's whether they want to join disturbed military dictatorship or Free Democratic India and yoy will see that 90 % will vote to join India<<

                    Iím all for this voting, can we pleeeeease start from Kashmir? Would my vote count btw?


                      Imposter, When have the PEOPLE of Sind, Balochistan or NFWP wanted Independence???
                      Now we are not discussing Indian newspaper crap.
                      Or so called leaders of the people.
                      When have the people of these 3 provinces gone out in open revolt???

                      Like india doesn't interfere in pakistani internal matters???
                      Boy you live in one big dream world.
                      Also Pakistan has to to see what India is doing to protect itself.

                      Yes we don't protect the Ahmadies.
                      It is true and we - all the people on this forum accept that this happens.
                      As for the Kashmiri people, that is a seperate issue.
                      They are being subjugated against their will and being massacred like lambs.

                      90% want to join india???
                      That is hilarious, i need a good laugh.
                      Now it is time for you to go back to that insane asylum you ran away from!!!

                      What recent conference in London??

                      Sabah Baji
                      I agree, lets start with Kashmir, and then Sikkim, Assam, Tamil Nadu, The Khalistan Area, and then Pakistan.
                      Also e-mailed you now, and i really need the reply quickly.

                      CROIRE A L'INCROYABLE
                      You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


                        Let India worry about the dozen or so separtist movements it has across India and let us worry out any "separatist" movements we have in Pakistan?

                        The Sikhs are a proud people and their history has shown that they don't necassarily need anyone's help to assert their rights. If India pushes them further then I'm sure the Sikhs will be able to fight for their Khalistan and win on their own?


                          Mailik you never do any work do you?
                          Yes Mr.imposter is doing a very bad job of acting pakistani.
                          Very Very bad job.
                          If the BJP and RSS push to many buttons.
                          Big Bang all over again!!

                          CROIRE A L'INCROYABLE
                          You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


                            great,,,,, but as we know our government supports SIKHs in eastern punjab,