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Atta secures IT projects from China, Japan

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    Atta secures IT projects from China, Japan

    The News:
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    Atta secures IT projects from China, Japan

    ISLAMABAD: During his recent visit to China and Japan, Minister for Science and Technology Prof Dr Atta-ur-Rahman has been able to secure 43 major projects from China and a good number of hi-tech, business projects from Japan as well.

    These projects will be undertaken in Pakistan, China and Japan, simultaneously, in the field of information technology (IT), energy, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, genomics, bio-technology, chemical engineering, industrial micro-electronics in two years, the minister told newsmen at a briefing on Tuesday.

    China, he said, will help Pakistan in extending telephone facilities to remote areas through Wireless Local Loop (WLL) project. He said the equipment would be provided to villages free of cost, however, the price of the equipment will be recovered from the revenue generated from it. He said that under the rural telephone programme for every 500-people community telephone service would be provided.

    Within the next eight weeks another major project to provide high speed Internet access will also be launched with Chinese cooperation under which optic fibre rings will be laid around Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad to connect these cities to an information superhighway. This project would be completed in eight months, he said.

    Atta said details were being worked out with China for making low priced and high quality computer equipment in Pakistan. A Chinese electronics giant Huawei has gifted a 10,000-line switch to the people of Pakistan and offered its help for developing a high speed Internet backbone in the country. The minister accompanied by the representatives of five software companies visited Japan and China from October 28 to November 6 and attended the Asia Pacific Telecommunication Summit in Japan. The minister said Pakistan would hire 50 teachers from Japan for various public sector IT universities.

    Tokyo Institute of Information and Engineering Technology will send a directory of professors in IT sectors working in various institutions of Pakistan. He said Hitachi Corporation is working on a plan to establish an IT company in Pakistan and Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) will provide space free of cost for business incubators for Pakistan software exports in the prime business area of Japan. He said six Pakistani companies would be engaged on a rotational basis over a period of two years to conduct their business from this office space.

    The Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), he said, is willing to provide training to 100 Pakistani engineers. The project will start next year. He said Komatsu Japan will expand its operational base in Pakistan and plans to give training to more software engineers.

    In China, a MoU was signed with Huawei Technologies. Great Wall Corporation China will establish computer assembling and manufacture facility in Pakistan. Pakistan will also be used as platform for export of computers to Middle East and other countries. The Chinese telecom company ZTE has offered to help Pakistan in the establishment of an IT university in Pakistan.


    Very very good for pakistan to have investment coming in from China and Japan.
    Esp. in IT, which is supposed to be India's main form of expertise.
    If all the FDI comes in quickly and put to good use, we might be sending alot more skilled workers into Europe and the US.
    Hey one day we might be strong competion for India.
    Here is to wishful thinking.

    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!

    Yeah read about it earlier...

    Great news, and a great initiative for a growing IT industry!!


      Very good news for Pakistan's and a great boost for Pakistan naiscent IT sector. It is also great news for increased regional cooperation but rather than wishing to take on India in the IT sector shouldn't we pool our resources together and make Asia the IT centre of the world?

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