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    So the so-called "Monitoring" authority has allowed Karachi Electric Supply Corporation (KESC) to raise its tariff 13 paisa per unit. So called monitoring authorities merely are very protection and "regularisation" of misdeeds of organisations and not for "welfare" or fair treatment as is wrongly thought that these are for protection of common people or common cosumers. All such monitoring authorities may that be Napra, may that he telephone authority or stock exchange security commission, actual practical work of all of them wether it may be rule of socialisim, may it be Ziaul Haq's islamic rule, may that be heavy mandated or may that he rule who arrive "for protection of common man".

    Napra has allowed 13 paisa per unit on the plea that if not allowed financial hungry KESC will not be able to function. Before me is DAWN 24.5.1998 report filed by its staff reporter Sabiuddin Ghausi headliened "Rs. 4bn bills written off by KESC". The report says a placed source in KESC confided "there may have been a few legitimate complaints of excess billing but in a large number of case it was done for other Lucractive Considerations. For example, as the report quoted through insiders confinding, a bill of Rs. 90,000 was reduced to merely Rs. 500. On what consideration? It is everyone's guess.

    Some 3/4 years back a Director of WAPDA Lahore prepared a Note saying under the modus ope***** of "adjustment" of excessive billings a lot of "dealings" are going on. I do not remember exact wording but it implied that something was going on and on some "considerations" bills were being revised. The Director was immedimately transferred from the seat as a "Ghaddar".

    A few years back a retired person was very upset due to excessive local calls on his telephone bills. He approached the ombudsman from where a usual acknowledgment came. But before matter could proceed one day the old man told me his problem is solved. How? I enquired. I was surprised impatient subscriber went to Accounts Department and on some "consideration" he got his bill revised ie., ajudsted in name of "test calls".

    Right from Zulfiqar Bhutto to date every ruler wished to eliminate poverty. A very right cartoon appeared that when poor will not remain alive there would of course not remain any poverty. This wish or phenomena has accelerated with much speed since first rule of Nawaz Sharif till today.

    [email protected]

    7 November 2000