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IMRAN KHAN - Is he our next Messiah?

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    IMRAN KHAN - Is he our next Messiah?

    Pakistan always had an problem - Lack of sincere leadership. What is a quality of good leader? In my opinion, probably the simplest, but the most essential criteria are that they should be:

    1. Patriotic
    2. Select the right person for the right job

    Imran Khan was always the better choice, no doubt. After the sound thrashing he got in the last election, many ppl wrote him off, but many suggested that he came in too early without proper preparation. Will next time be different?

    Look at how Bhutto set up PPP in late 1960's. He toured the whole of interior Sindh, befriended the local powerbrokers, converted them, created a mass-hysteria for his catchy slogan (Roti-Kapra-Makan) and swept to power. That he neglected his promises and misused his extraordinary intelligence, is stuff for the history books.

    If Imran Khan has to succeed in electoral politics, then is this the way he should follow?

    Is he the man for the job?

    Is he our next Messiah?

    What do you say?

    Leaders also need these two very essential qualisties:

    1 They should be among the righteous and be guided by Allah (sw).

    2) They should be good leaders, and those who are able to stand up for them selves, those who dont easily submit to pressure.

    THe basic quality is the first one, if you've got that, you've got it all.

    Is Imran a good Muslim? Only Allah knows best.

    Does he promote islam a lot? No



      You are right prince x (I guess our guppie faces are making us think alike) first get every one entering politics to read (and understand) the Quran then and only then they will be able to rule the country justly!! And as far as I think Imran is not the man!!


        You idiot, these are not the only qualification.
        Heck these shouldn't be the qualification.
        This is what qualification should be.

        Education: MA level or higher. Must speak more than 1 language and it can't be a provinicial one.
        Merit: Honest and Scruplous.
        Religion: Between Allah and him and NOBODY ELSE!!!!!!!!
        Respect of the people.
        Working for the good of the country.
        NOT A FUNDO!!!

        You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


          Hey CM the vital stats you list are all MINE! I speak English, French, Urdu and Punjabi and can learn Sindhi from my wife!


            Again you miss the obvious.
            I said Honest and Scurplous sher-e-pakistan not corrupt and gun running!!!!

            You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


              This Pakistani Sher is a very hard-working and scrupulous sort... as for guns well that just adds to my appeal?


                Why can't the guy be "Fundo"?? While you're at it, define "Fundo" cause I think no two people will term it the same.


                  Well I suppose he shouldn't encourage mobs and all that?


                    pakistanis will always suspect imran khan
                    because he married jewish women


                      Many ppl in this forum expressed great hopes from Imran Khan in another thread some time back. Is his support base still intact?

                      rvikz brings an important point.

                      Is she a jew? (I know, I know...but mebbe she is also a 'Liberal Jew' -> Read the last para )
                      Does it matter if IK has married a jew woman?
                      If it doesn't matter to you, more importantly, does it matter to the ppl of Pakistan (the actual voters)?
                      Was it a factor which caused IK to lose the last elections so terribly?

                      Still looking for a complete answer.

                      And yes..."how do you define, 'fundo'"? What is a "fundamental muslim" after all. I thought either you are a muslim or you are not.

                      Now it seems, you are either a 'Fundamental Muslim' (a.k. practising muslim), or you are a 'Liberal Muslim' (a.k.a. born-in-a-muslim-household-but-don't-really-give-a-s**t) or you are a non-muslim. Is this true?


                        Jemima's father was Jewish and her mother is Catholic, but she herself was a Christian before marriage. Now of course she is a Muslim, but it doesn't matter one bit to most people - its just the political ambitious fundo's and even the so-called liberals like BB and NS that made a big deal about it, beacuse they saw Imran as a rival. But to most people Jemima's 1/4 Jewish heritage is not an issue at all.


                          Politics in Pakistan is about having connections with the different local leaders, that is specially the case in the rural areas. Its all a game about "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours". What IK needs to do is to find some sort of agreement with the local leaders in Punjab. Then he should be looking at the larger cities in the rest of the country, as most of the rural areas in other places are run by corrupt landlords. (not that this is not the case in Punjab, in particularly with the Chaudris of Gujrat ), however the case is much worse in Sindh, and Balochistan. Sindh has always been a strong hold of PPP, so maybe there´s a chance of making alliances with what is left of PPP.

                          [This message has been edited by Ramis (edited October 17, 2000).]


                            Malik jee.... good point. After all Jemima embraced Islam, didn't she? BTW, IMO in jewish families, the religion is taken after the mother, so if Jemima's mother was Christian, then Jemima was NEVER a jew, right or wrong?

                            Do you think the voting public also understands this? Or will this be a liability for IK even in the next election?


                              So Ramis, in your opinion, IK should pick a leaf from Bhutto's book and organize his party properly (as explained above in the first post). Do you think if he does that, will he be doing something without which he stands no chance in electoral politics, or after doing this (making deals with power brokers) IK will lose his superior integrity and will go the same way as BB or NS?

                              Also, some ppl think, IK should never plunge into electoral politics, instead should just strike a deal with powers-that-be and ride in the power corridors (a la Moin Qureshi). Is that an option? Or will he go downhill from there?

                              Bigger question: Is IK the right person to lead this nation and this country which has enormous problems? DOes he has the capability to turn the tide around?