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Hadhrat Umar (Khalifa-tul Rasool-sa) -VS- Pervez Musharraf (CE Pakistan)

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    Hadhrat Umar (Khalifa-tul Rasool-sa) -VS- Pervez Musharraf (CE Pakistan)

    I received this email letter yesterday,
    someone send it to CE to express his
    sentiments about the recent incidence in
    Sialkot, where 6 people were killed by a
    sniper in a local mosque.

    ---- Begin Original Message ----

    << An Open Letter to General Pervez Musharraf, Chief Executive,
    Government of Pakistan.

    Dear Mr. Musharraf,

    Today, I would like to relate to you a story that I heard from my grandmother during my childhood. I was so impressed with the story that it has been imprinted on my mind since and I have never forgotten it.

    >> Perhaps you also know that Hadhrat Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) was very well known for his bravery. However, the same man when given the responsibility to rule the faithful became very humbled. He had a habit of going about in the dark in his kingdom to know about his people first hand.

    One night he was on his usual trip to find out about the condition of his people that he heard the cry of a few children. He went to inquire about the matter that he saw a lady cooking something in a pot with some children sitting around the fire. Umar asked the woman what is it that she is doing.

    She explained that she had no food and in order to give an impression to the
    kids that food be ready soon, she had put some stones in the water in the pot and put it on the fire. Children hoping for the food will soon fall asleep and then she will throw away the stones.

    This deeply distressed Hadhrat Umar (ra). He hurriedly went back to the state stores(Baitul Maal) picked up a big bag of flour and some other food to deliver to the woman. His servant immediately offered to carry the food. Hadhrat Umar (ra) turned and asked will you carry my burdens on the day of judgement? It is my responsibility and I will have to deal with it. The moral of the story was the higher up you are in the government, the bigger are your responsibilities and everyone will have to carry their burdens on the Day of

    >> Mr. Musharraf, on one hand there were those Muslim rulers who cared about the well being of their people so much that they went sleepless and wandered in the streets at night to make sure everyone was fed and safe. On the other hand there are rulers like you who have not been able to express even a word of sorrow at the brutal murder of innocent worshipers in Sialkot. Have you
    found someone to carry your burdens on the Day of Judgement or have you completely lost faith in it? And yet it is Ahmadies whom the constitution by which you rule Pakistan declares non-Muslims through the amendment of 1974.

    Mr. Musharraf, if you have an iota of fear of the Last Day left in your mind, I shall strongly urge you to do something to protect the lives of innocent law abiding citizens. Bring the people responsible for the Sialkot
    incident to Justice and work towards a humane constitution for Pakistan. Towards a constitution that gives equal rights to everyone and is based on the fundamental Islamic principles of freedom of expression and freedom of religion. I hope that you can gather the strength to do justice against the wishes of the Mullah elements of Pakistan. I pray that Allah help you and
    strengthen you for meeting your obligations.

    Yours truly,
    Dr. Ahmad

    ---- End Original Message ----

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