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Pakistan: For Sale

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    Pakistan: For Sale

    I think Pakistan should be given on lease to America for 50 years and only then we will be able to stand up on our feet.

    koi yeh kaisay batai kay woh tanha kiyooN hai.

    And where did you get that "bright" idea Fred Flintstone? Lets remember that the Phillipines was ruled by the USA for 48 years between 1898 and 1946 and it is worse of economically than Pakistan, even India!


      I agree with Malik73, and also remember that when US became a nation over two hundred years ago, the government wasn't stable and therefore the nation wasn't either. It took quite a long time to develop a strong nation, and Pakistan hasn't been in existance for that long period of time. Insha-Allah, Pakistan will improve, but you have to give it time. If not anything else, we have the freedom.
      Save Pakistan.


        The Philippines was “Sold” to Americans (together with Cuba and Puerto Rico) by Spaniards after Spain lost the War to the US. US never ruled Philippines, but "illegally" occupied it for a few years. During their illegal occupation they tried to institute American system of Governance that prevails there today. Philippines is not a Basket Case like Pakistan is. It has a much better economic and political climate than any country of the Indian subcontinent.

        Why lease Pakistan to the Americans? How about leasing it to Indians for a few years. Much better idea than having Americans rule us (Americans rule us anyway, and have done it since the creation of Pakistan. Give someone else a chance).


          Sehar makes some good points. Why do we (and the west) expect countries like Pakistan and India to be perfectly ruled democracies with sound economies when it took the likes of th USA nearly 100 years after independence to be a stable nation. A look at the history of the USA demonstrates that it became a stable and well-governed nation only after it had rid itself of slavery, gone through a terribly divisive civil war, settled the west, kicked out the remaining colonial powers from the America's and then asserted its world status - this took some 120 years!

          NYA - the USA did not "buy" the Phillipines from Spain it won it in a war. And it ruled as an overseas colony through a Washington-appointed Governor until 1946 - for 48 years. And yes there was an independence movement which the USA brutally put down in the early years!

          After 1946 the USA indirectly ruled the Phillipines through corrupt dicators like Marcos - who was given sanctuary in the USA after his people overthrew him. In 1990 an anti-American crowd of 1 million forced the USA to close its Subic bay naval base.And compared to the likes of its neighbours Muslim Malaysia and its a terrible basketcase!

          So 50 years of direct rule over the Phillipines, followed by 50 years of indirect US rule have brought made this country the poverty blackspot of south east asia and made the Fillipino's hate the Americans.

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            No no, lets just get rid of Pakistanis and have americans or chinese come and work there

            A nation decides its own destiny, we blame the powers in Pakistan as well as Powers that be of the world as well as International Consipracies..etc etc etc.

            The fact is that if people decide to take their destiny in their own hands and stop looking outside for some saviors we will be much better off.

            People have the power and the responsibility. If every person made a commitment to do his/her best and to take a few people along with him/her in these efforts the country will be a much better place.

            If everyone took 50% of the time spend complaining and invested that in actual actions, things will be much different. We have scapegoats for everything..

            "Oh the english left us a bad system" well damn it, its been 50+ years, change the god forsaken system then.

            "Foriegn Powers control us"..well if they control us, its because we let them...

            self pity, apathy, and scape goats only go so far..
            The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


              The Philippines was illegally ceded to the United States at the Treaty of Paris for US$20 million, together with Cuba and Puerto Rico. It was not a direct rule in a sense of more conventional rule (in colonial sense). US occupied Philippines firstly for economic (control over natural resources) and secondarily to establish a presence in the region. You wana call it a colony, call it one. The Filipino-American war (that lasted for 10 years, and resulted in killing over half a million Filipinos) is referred also by Historians as the “first Vietnam”.


                Very true and very impressive knowledge NYA but the fcat is that US-rule of whatever kind meant little benefit for the the Phillipines and only led to perpetual Filipino hatred of the Americans.

                But jeez half a million Fillipino's killed by the Americans - thats genocidal!


                  Reverting to the topic of the thread.
                  Pakistan could ask US for the same kinda deal they have with Puerto Rico.

                  Puertoricans can freely work anywhere in the US unlike Desis who have to go through immigration.

                  But still they don't have some taxes because they are not represented in American Legislative bodies.There can be no taxation without representation.

                  Some deal of this sort would have been workable with US in 1980s when that war was on.

                  To sum it up Pakistan missed the bus again


                    What else could I've asked for. Dont u feel shame when u talk about selling your mother land.

                    We need visionaries. We need to give people a new ideology. Pakistan has potential to become Asian Tiger in ten years. And for those who have this scarcastic smile on their face, think again, it is not that difficult.

                    We have been made good critic. And we dont think about solutions; we only cry. Our old generation has failed, they been failing for last 50 years. Its our responsibilites to make ways for our youth and teens, so that they have grip on their future and grasp the better future for Pakistan.

                    I hope this forum can help us all in identifying problems and their solutions in the best possible way. We have plenty of time (whole ten years) but we need to start now. ROME wasn't built in a day.

                    TAke care u all; God Bless Pakisan.


                      This is what going to happen if you sell pakistan to America :

                      - There will be more KFCs, More Burger King,
                      More Pizza Huts
                      - We'll have Wodka, Wine, and all sort of beers and alcohol
                      - We are going to have more Nike's, Rebock (sp), More American garments, more video games, more garments, more American mini vans, cars.
                      - Few big and expensive American schools for American kids, and high hops.
                      - There will be no poors, and middle class people. However there will be ULTRA POOR,
                      and few RICH people.
                      - There will be less mosques and more night clubs.
                      - More Tax and more IMF loans.
                      - and above all another death Islamic state.


                        Knowing that how Unlce Sam betrayed Pakistan during crucial times, still people want to get in to the 'ass' of Uncle Sam. Good Luck.
                        Why not estabilish a damocracy in Pakistan and let it live for ever without the interference by the 'ass kissers' of Uncle Sam.



                          First thing you have said that makes sense (to me) in a long time Farid.
                          Khan_Sahib, why don't you go to the states so much and leave us alone.

                          CROIRE A L'INCROYABLE
                          You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


                            What if America refuses to restore our soveriegnity, the same we they refuse to deliver our F-16s?


                              Wow still Pakistan is independent!!!!!!!!!
                              I thought Pakistan is allready sold to American since start of cold war!!!!!!!!!