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kashmiris and biharis pak double standards

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    Dear brothers and sisters,
    The 1971 events are tragic for muslim Ummah. All of that happen because all of us pakistanis as well as our muslim brothers from bangladesh went overtly nationalistic an evil that we need to get rid off. Nationalism is evil in Islam and is an alien concept. If our Bangladeshi muslim brothers are asking us for the appology then we should show humility and appologize to them. As Allah like act of humility within his slaves, like us. I am ready to appoligize to our muslim brothers in bangladesh on behalf of our elders if it satisfies them and will help them and us in uniting as part of one Ummah. Let brothers in bangladesh think about their part and mistakes and seek the truth not for pakistani muslims but for the cause of Allah, and then come to terms of unity with love in their hearts with not only muslims in pakistan but for the love of being part of one Ummah.


      >>If we don't learn from our past, we're doomed to repeat it and the existing and the future generations will continue to suffer.


      I think we have already learned from the past. It's just that most people don't want to keep harping on the past. After all, it was a long time ago. Most people today don't even know what it was all about.

      Can you imagine Musharraf making the comments that Bhutto did? I think the ethnic hatred in our society is grossly exagerrated by vested interests. In fact some of those shouting most loudly about it are the worst culprits! I read an open letter published in the Jang by MQM's Altaf Hussain, and as usual, he was quick to single out Punjabis. What are we supposed to do call for a seperate Punjab?

      Each issue needs to be assessed on it's own merits. This thread was about Bangladesh and Biharis and I've said my piece on that. If you feel that some other ethnic group is suffering in Pakistan, then open a new thread and I'll discuss it there.


        then what are you waiting for get the biharis back at the earliest