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Pakistan, China agree to implement 40 projects

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    Pakistan, China agree to implement 40 projects

    Pakistan, China agree to implement 40 projects

    By Our Correspondent

    ISLAMABAD, Nov 1 : Under the 15th S&T Cooperation Protocol signed on Wednesday, Pakistan
    and China agreed to implement 40 projects in the field of biotechnology, agricultural sciences,
    standards and quality control, fisheries, water resources etc.

    The protocol was signed in a meeting of Pakistan-China Joint Ministerial Committee on S&T
    Co-operation, a press release said.

    The Pakistan delegation was led by Secretary Science and Technology Division, Javed Masud. The
    Chinese side was led by Mr Yuan Shunguang, director general, international relations, ministry of
    science and technology. Chinese ambassador to Pakistan Lu Shulin was also present on the occasion.

    Talking to the delegation, Javed Masud informed the delegation that Minister for Science and
    Technology Prof Atta-ur-Rahman had suggested that Pakistan and China should establish a joint
    revolving fund on the pattern of Pak-Kazakhstan co-operation.

    Javed requested China to help Pakistan in minimising post harvest problems, preparation of vaccines,
    production of low energy consuming bulks and renewable energy sector.

    A number of big projects, built with the help of China, in Pakistan included Heavy Mechanical
    Complex, Heavy Electrical Complex, Heavy Rebuild Factory and Chashma Nuclear Power Plant.
    Javed said due to financial difficulties, some research projects included in the 14th Protocol could not
    be implemented.

    Some 280 projects of economic importance are undergoing a process of peer review at the moment
    and the S&T Division intends to launch about 30-40 commercially viable projects in the near future.

    Shunguang, expressed satisfaction over the pace of implementation of projects between the two
    countries. He said Pakistan could benefit from anti-desertification and agricultural technology
    developed by China.

    Chinese ambassador in Islamabad Lu Shulin, on the occasion, said developing countries, which were
    facing numerous problems due to globalization of economy, should benefit from each other's

    This is very good for pakistan and its internal economy.
    We need the FDI really badly and our close ally i helping out.
    So Mr.Gosh can stuff it.
    Should i e-mail the artcile to him?

    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!

    This is excellent news! And 40 projects! China and Pakistan are moving towards a relationship based on increasing ecomomic and political integration that benefits Pakistan particularly.

    China will overtake the USA in 2015 and biecome the largest economy in the world, and Paksiatan will benefit immensly by having a close economic relationship with the economic GIANT.


      Great news indeed. CM Mr. Gosh had a point to an extend at least, there is no American investment since oct last year. However our own ppl and rest of the world needs to see these steps. Perhaps a letter to the BR is more appropriate. Anyway, China like other countries won’t keep investing in Pak, especially if Pak looses it’s political influence in the region, in which case we’ll be useless for China as well as for other countries. We need to improve our infrastructure and we need to improve our reputation. Also new markets should and are being explored, so in future we need to focus on multiple markets and promote our business then letting every gama majha re-direct us.

      Mr. Gosh is right in saying that our lobby should be stronger in USA, especially since we give’em so much importance in our politics etc.

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