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Pakistan and COMMUNISM???

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    Pakistan and COMMUNISM???

    If we were to induce TEMPORARY COMMUNISM (a new idea for some of us), I beleive that it would help the country regain its economic downfall. Yes we would have less work incentive, but EVERYONE WOULD BE EMPLOYED!!!
    Yes, the properties will be seized, but that would eliminate the haram land rich people own becuase of haram incomes. Yes people in equal grades (0f income) would be paid same, but that would help ELIMINATE Beggers. lastly, as stated above, it would be TEMPORARY and not PURE communism. I think we would be better off if we did induce it, because the british constitution we're following at the moment is really beginning to deteriorate. What do you think?

    Hi, and welcome

    Could you please back your comments with some facts and examples? How many countries in the region are communist today? From where did they start and their current position, plus why do we need a new ideology? Hmmm in short please elaborate.


      The only officially communist countries in the world are China, Vietnam, Laos, North Korea, Cuba and West Bengal - and most of them have ditched communist principles in favour of free market capitlaism. So whats the use of flogging a dead horse?


        Yes, there have been minor rebellions in China, Vietnam, Laos, and etc. But currently, when talking economical positions, we do rank much lower than China. Its not a matter of beating the dead horse, its giving something new a try because the british constitution we currently follow under the name of "THE ISLAMIC republic of pak." is really not helping much.



          I agree with you X-Communist.

          Communism is IDEAL for helping countries with economic developments problems.

          When everyone is considered equally from an economic point of view, it helps considerably!

          For all of those who don't know Communism, or know Communism (from the Americans), are are just some basic answers to common questions.

          1. In Communism, everyone DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THE SAME. In fact, Communism encourages you to do what you're the best at doing. You'll see why, in my next explanations.

          2. In Communism, everyone is a contributing factor to society. Therefore, everyone has work and is working. In Ideal communism, poverty DOESN'T EXIST, and actually is ILLEGAL (in a Marxist view). To NOT to work is to NOT to contribute to society.

          3. In Communism, all EDUCATION IS FREE, including University. Communism feels people are best at their own qualities. Therefore, to get into a University is quite hard, since now EVERYONE regardless of wealth has equal oppurtunity to higher education. This in turn means, cut-off ranges in University are very high, because everyone can apply, but due to demand, cut-offs are made high.. This is also to insure the best of the best in academia get in, next reason explains why.

          4. To be a contributing factor in Communism, you have to be good at what you do, and you're respected equally of it. If you're good as a farmer, you'll most likely work as s farmer. If you're good at math, or academia, most likely you'll become an Engineer or Doctor.

          Now in Communism. There is no economic distinction between a Farmer or a Doctor perse.

          Consider this example. Many people would say a Doctor is more important than a farmer, because he cures illness, and saves lives. And would think all a farmer does is harvest crops.

          Now, think of this. How does a Doctor live, how would a Doctor eat? If it weren't for the farmer, a Doctor would have no FOOD, thus he wouldn't be alive, and in fact a farmer saves a Doctor's life by providing food with his skill of growing and harvesting. The analogy is made that, all of positions of employment are related and are dependant of each other. There for economically there is no distinction, so all positions are respected equally. In Communism, a DOCTOR is not considered higher than a farmer. And in Ideal communism, the title Doctor is not even given to a doctor, everyone can be simply referred to as Mr/Mrs, etc.

          5. Not everyone is paid the same wage. People, always think that you have no independance or liberty in Communism. Communism pays you for what you work for. You're wage rate won't be neccesarily different, but if you put in more hours, you will make more money of course.

          6. Not everyone owns the same things, or look all the same, because they possess or share the same property. This is not true, you are paid. But it's upto you, on what YOU DECIDE to buy. Hence, one person may find it better to buy a nice big home with his money, while the other prefers to drive an exotic sports car.

          7. Communism, property in essence of public property and is owned by the people. (similar to 'democracy')

          8. Communism isn't ran be ONE PERSON. This is the BIGGEST mistake anyone can make. Communism is a derivative of Community, in the governments of Communism, (In Marx), it's ran by a board of people. There is NO ONE figure who makes decisions. However, in extra-affairs, one person is used to represent. But he NEVER makes any decision without consulting the board (the community). Cuba is a prime example. Many people just see FIDEL CASTRO as the leader, yet they're wrong. Fidel Castro is a representative of Cuba, but he's just another member of the board in the government, and he has no authority over other members.

          9. Freedom of SPEECH IS ALLOWED in Communism. Communism is twisted by the Americans to show you it's evil, and all untrue things. Communism itself is created on the basis of Community, and when a community disagrees with something, it is always considered. What happens in China, isn't an example of Ideal communism, but demonstrations China of the magnitude of violence is just as illegal as any protest in America. Tyanamin Square is a perfect example. No one would be killed, if molotov cocktails weren't thrown at police, simple as that. You throw molotov cocktails at the american riot/swat police. You can believe me, in matter of seconds you will have more than a dozen bullets in your body.

          Why Does America Not Like Communism?

          For the obvious reasons. America is a captalist country. It's economy depends on the exploitation of the workforce.

          Simple example is, you can't make money off something, if you don't put some sort of interest or tax on it. Therefore you exploit the product for more than it's worth.
          In Captalism, workers are exploited and money is made more off them than what is given to them. Capitalism works on exploits of people.

          Now why should Americans hate communism?

          Simple fact is, the ones that want you to hate Communism, are the rich, upper-class and people of high-power in Capitalist society. Their lifestyle is impossible if they're unable to exploit people. Therefore, since they're rich enough to control the media, they will convey to you what a bad system Communism is. It's only bad because it takes money out of their pockets!!

          Why would anyone ever think of Communism if it was bad for it's people? And how could it be installed in such large countries if noone liked it?!

          Russia and China are prime examples.

          USSR was a major, and leading nation before 1989 (before it fell to the twisted hands of democracy). It was the prime threat to Americans, and it was leading in Science, Astronomy, Aviation, Medecine and Military.

          Why? Simply, because it was well-done communistic society. Everyone contributed to the whole, when this happens, the country works together to solve a problem. Not, pay another person in the country to solve it, who pays another guy *less* to solve it.

          When, Communism was thrown out of Russia by the Americans and by smaller "Democratic" groups.

          This is where USSR completely if you will, DIED.

          All of their major programs, dismantled. Smaller countries being split from USSR, and a major increase in poverty.

          Look at Russia now. It's a weak country, and is struggling in poverty. Should anyone be thankful that it's now 'democratic and free'? Many Russians want to go back to Communism.

          Bottom line is. Communism is misunderstood. I can't explain the whole manifest of Karl Marx, or Lenin. But, Communism is simply designed for hard-working people, and really would be ideal for religions such as Islam as well.