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    Qaid's Message

    Yesterday I was reading an article on the life of Qaid. His famous quote "unity faith discipline" was something I went through after a long while. I went back to the quote again and thought about it.

    Three words, yet they give such an important message to our the people of Pakistan. I thought and I thought

    I Thought how unfortunate we Pakistanis are. We had great leaders like the Qaid who work day and night for our nation to get us an independent state, leaders like Iqbal and Liaqat Ali Khan and the list goes on. But unfortunately Pakistanis still dont get the avail and learn from what these great people thought.

    The "Ghaflat ki neend" Iqbal wanted the Muslims to wake up from. We are still in a deep trance and we refuse to wake up. Islam teaches us all the good things, but its unfortunate to see that all the non Muslims have the adapted to our qualities and prospered. While Pakistan is just by name the land of the Pak and Pure and in the real life we are in a worst postion than we started 53 years ago.

    We blame the government, we blame the system, we blame the West, we blame the Mullahs, we blame the Indians. Why dont we look in ourselves before we point fingers at others.

    I dont know after those three simple words, I feel disappointment, I feel anger. But I am not going to say anything to anyone, except for my Pakistani brothers and sisters its time to wake up! Our enemies are looking at us and laughing at us. We need to set aside our difference and gather as one and fight enemies under the green flag. We have many hurdles and many enemies both internat and external. And that can only be done with three of Qaid's words:-

    Unity Faith discipline

    Think about it........


    It is time for us to unite. It is high time to make amends. This nation was blessed with everything one could ever dream of, but one thing we never got was a good leader, ever since Jinnah!!
    Corruption is so high. Our very own souls are corrupt. A traffic police officer would sell his iman for 20 rupees.
    I believe that our country is in a worst state ever. Even worse than when we started in 1947. Foriegn nations are predicting that Pakistan may cease to exist within a decade or so. Every one is worried about himself and his family, but very few are worried about our country. Parents send their children abroad to study so that they would settle over there and would not have to deal or experince the crises which our country is facing.
    Mujhe batao ke agar mulk hi na raha to hum kis pehchaan se zinda rehain ge.
    People nowadays mock and criticize Jinnah for creating Pakistan. They believe thay would have been better of with India. Height if illiteracy. They cannot estimate the value of freedom. I think they should ask the Kashmiris, Palestinians, the Chechniyans what freedom exactly means. Freedom is the biggest gift God has given to us.

    This nation was built on the teachings of Islam because the muslims of the subcontinent needed a seperate homeland to live, in which they could live by the teachings of Quran. I think it is time we should remodel ourselves and start working towards the prosperity of Pakistan.


      Good one!