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Prosecution out of hand?

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    Prosecution out of hand?

    Perhaps this is one of the few things I do not disagree with regarding the current government, even though its about the prosecutors in the Nawaz Sharif trial. But I do believe the prosecutors are being egged on by the government in some way.
    I'd say Nawaz Sharif and most of his cohorts will be languishing in jail for the rest of their lives, so why go for overkill and demand a death penalty. It sounded odd to me even back in April, when soon after the verdict was announced, the defence team filed their appeal for dismissal of the verdict, and the prosecution filed their appeal for its dismissal as well, demanding a death penalty instead of the life sentence that was handed out. Why beat a dead horse? Why not just take ur money while ur ahead and walk away. It would only help the country recover a bit faster from the Nawaz era. Then why cant the current government just let go of it all, now that they have as good a decision as they could have hoped for. I dont think they could ever expect a death sentence to be handed down to Nawaz Sharif......because after a military takeover, I doubt it that Gen Musharraf will risk complete alienation from the world, as compared to the partial alienation that we have now. Its about time they put this matter to rest and concentrated on the more important issues at hand.

    I agree that we have better things to concentrate on, lekin we can’t leave NS like that either, he’ll keep playing from jail. Personally it wouldn’t bother me if he was sentenced to death, he was ruler of our country hence responsible for the good and bad things happened in his time. Had it been to me, I would’ve him punished for killing ppl’s hopes, being the main cause of ppl’s depression and frustration, and for being traitor. A bit over emotional reaction, but he should be held responsible. This case however has gone gak gak. I’ve stopped following it, if they return Pak’s money, all of it, he should be putted in jail as they’re gonna do anyway, along with other regular prisoners, same treatment no VIP stuff at all, and no politics from jail. Lekin he should at no time be able to challenge the verdict, during or after CE’s time, never, else hang him.

    As for CE’s alienation in the world, I don’t think that should be an issue, as a normal human being whatever CE’s relations are with whatever country should not be an important matter, especially in this case. They should go for maximum penalty; this should be an example for our nation.


      Akif if we look at the actual law then then the government is perfectly justified in asking for the death penalty. Nawaz Sharif ans his cohorts put the lives of 200 people in danger - thats not exactly a light thing to do?

      I have heard detailed accounts of the day itself from friends and family in Karachi. They remember hearing on the Kashmiri language news at around 5 pm that Musharraf had been dismissed , and then the rumours began circulating that Musharraf was arriving at Karachi airport. Little did they realise that Musharraf (being a "Mohajir") would end up the leader of Pakistan in a couple of hours.

      But from our house in Karachi we can see the runway of Quaid-e-Azam airport in Karachi, and our family and friends remember those few hours so clearly - they could see the fire engines blocking the runway to stop the plane landing, and then the runway lights being turned off - people thought it was loadshedding. By about 7 pm it was being announced that NS had been dismissed - there was instantanoius firing and celebration everywhere!

      But people in Karachi are disgusted by the fact that NS was prepared to commit an act of mass murder to retain power - and it is widely believed in Karachi that had the plane crashed and people died, Nawaz Sharif was going to cry crocodile tears and mourn the loss of " a brave COAS and 200 Shaheeds".

      As for foreign reaction - frankly who cares! Why is NS's life more precious to them than the hundreds that are executed every year in the USA over crimes of capital murder etc?

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        Well my attitude was similar to yours, Saba and Malik, until a few days ago. I dont have any soft spot for Sharif whatsoever, and those who know me, know that I'd die defending Pak army. But a couple of things. Yes, his act of hijacking the aircraft was henious.....but now its over. Now hes languishing in jail. About his role from within the jail cell, sooner or later it will die out. And besides, even if he is hanged, who can guarantee that the next in line to him wont act the same way? After all its still the same party, and it still has a majority Sharif supporters in it. They will continue to follow in his footsteps and continue his ill-fated legacy. Thats the way its always been in Pakistan.
        My view of this issue is that Gen. Musarraf has a lot of public support....perhaps the most public support a military ruler can ever get from the public. He should not risk losing that support by going for overkill in this case, because believe it or not, if this this goes to the death penalty phase, Musharraf will lose a lot of his following from amongst the public. I think he has done some great things since he came into power, and should work at stabilizing his image in the eyes of the public, so our citizens can have a clearer picture of what kind of a person they need to vote into power the next time democracy rolls around. If the mindset of the public isnt changed, we will still have villagers and illiterate people making up for 99% of the voters, and they will still vote for someone whos last name is Sharif, or Bhutto. They dont know better. They need to be taught that. And i think Musharraf should use some diplomacy in order to teach the public the art of voting in an election.
        As for international support, like it or not, we need it. Maybe not for everything, but for certain things, we definitely need plenty of international support. Not just for money, cause im personally against that, but for issues like Kashmir, and our perennial rivalry with India. Its very likely that these two countries wont go to another war anytime soon, cause neither can afford one. So most of our battles will be fought in conference rooms and negotiating tables, and we cant win those without international support, even if we are right.


          The execution of Bhutto scarred the Pakistani military, hence Pakitani, image forever. They can't afford to execute another leader of a "democratically" elected gov't and risk further isolation from the world. Sharif effectively made sure that Benazir wouldn;t return to Pakistani politics and now its Army's turn make sure that Nawazzuu ans his posse don't make a come back. If they succeed in doing so, I will cheer them on.

          I think executing Nawazu would be the biggest blunder of this gov't. It will win sympathy for the PML and bring about the same support which landed BB to ministership in the 90's.