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CE takes on the feudals ?

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    CE takes on the feudals ?

    Finally, the CE has started to make tentative moves to check the influence of the high and mighty feudals, who continue to be one of the major problems in Pakistan's developement. The CE should go further and outlaw feudalism, wadera's, and tribals...!

    CE orders check on feudals' influence in LB polls

    By Raja Zulfikar

    ISLAMABAD: Chief Executive General Pervaiz Musharraf directed the provincial governors, especially that of the Punjab, to keep a close eye on feudal lords who are planning to prevent emergence of a new leadership in the upcoming elections, official sources told The News on Sunday.

    "I have been informed that certain bigwigs with a considerable political influence are in cahoots with schemes to keep away new and young leadership from coming up in the local bodies elections and this trend must be curbed," an official quoted General Pervez Musharraf as directing the governors.

    The chief executive said the basic purpose of the Devolution Plan and subsequent local bodies elections was to give a fair chance to the new leadership to emerge and deliver the nation from corrupt politicians. "But the feudal lords are busy with all their might to pressure the likely candidates of the December elections into running away from the field and leave it open for their sponsored men. This must not be allowed at any cost," General Musharraf said.

    Informed sources said part of this complaint was addressed to the chief executive by head of the Pakistan Awami Tehrik (PAT) Tahirul Qadri who met General Musharraf recently and brought to his notice certain specific instances.

    He, according to sources, told the chief executive that not only money was being used for the purpose but powerful people were hurling open threats at those who were planning to contest the elections, beginning in December this year. The chief executive, who discussed the instances to this effect with the governors, also said whoever defied the orders of the influential people was being threatened with dire consequences.

    "In some cases, false and fabricated cases have been instituted against the would be contestants of the December 2000 elections, which is not only unlawful but just not acceptable," the chief executive reportedly said.

    He said most of such complaints had emerged in the Punjab and he directed the governor that he should make sure that this does not happen in future.

    "Hold all such people accountable for this kind of victimisation and if the charges are true, set the government machinery into motion against them even if you have to arrest such people," the chief executive directed the governor, but advised that all legalities must first be fulfilled and no action be taken unless the law permits.

    With the CE's track record, i am ready for him to bail anytime before november.
    Plus what do you think of this these two idiots jabbar and the other leaving.
    The west, like the economists which has taken a very anti-pakistan tone, sees it as the CE losing control.
    I personally see it as getting rid of the filth.
    What about you???

    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


      Jabbar was removed from the realities in Pakistan and should have gone long ago - the only reason he survived as long is because he is a personal friend of the CE, and a Mohajir from Karachi like the CE.

      As for Jamote, the ag minister - a nobody who was out of his depth when it came to his portfolio. Anyway he has been replaced an influential Sindhi from interior Sindh.

      Who cares about the Western press - ask them who these two people are , and you won't get an accurate answer - they are removed from the actual realities of Pakistan. I personally think the CE should get rid of a few more people, and bring more good women like Maleeha Lodhi - would be good as Foreign Minister? He should create a separate portfolio for Defence Minister and appoint his predecessor the great General Karamat Jehanjir - ex-COAS as Defence Minister.

      As for the feudals - his local government plan is a massive step to reducing their power, and if he successfully overcomes their opposition and implements the plan in full, then he will he finally broken the back of feudalism in Pakistan!


        As FM??
        Mailik don't ever say that to any one.
        I KNOW what i am talking about me.
        Lodhi is a hypocrit.
        She hated the military govt in the beginning, but when it was her good friend the CE, she was all praises.
        Yes she does have experienced but i see her position as more of a move of a good friend to a good place.
        There are lot of good career officiers who are better than her, and would not piss off the pakistanis in NY and DC as much as her.
        She is getting a bad rap there.

        Sattar as FM is a good choice.

        As for the west we have to care as they need to invest heavily for our economy to come up and out of the rubble.
        As for the general i have no idea.

        Where is that list you presented of all the people in power??
        Could you post that under a different title and then we can discuss who is good and who is not, and who should replace who etc.

        You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


          CM Maleeeha was only a possibility I mentioned, I'm sure there are many more capable people of filling the Foreign minister slot.

          Anyway, I think that we should discusss Musharraff's team and what they have achieved - I am going to post an updated list in the thread called "Military Raj - Results and Teamwork"


            moving there as i speak.

            You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!